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Title: 动—名结构歧义的产生与消除 = The ambiguity of V-N constructions and their disambiguation
Authors: Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Subjects: V-N construction
Semantic influence
Prosodic influence
Pragmatic influence
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: 北京語言大學
Source: 语言教学与研究 = Language teaching and linguistic studies, 2005, no. 3, p. 1-8.
Abstract: 由动词性成分和名词性成分组成的动—名结构可以表示动—宾关系,也可以表示定—中关系,所以不少动—名结构具有歧义。但具有特定句法地位的动词性成分和名词性成分组合时不会产生歧义。有歧义的动—名结构受到语义、韵律、语用或其他因素的影响也可能失去部分意义,不再具有歧义。这些因素在消除动—名结构歧义时只有相对的影响力。
A Chinese V-N construction may represent either a verb-complement relation or an attributive-head relation and is sometimes ambiguous. However, certain verbal elements and nominal elements with specific syntactic status can only form a V-N construction with a specific syntactic status. Such a V-N construction is therefore not ambiguous. An ambiguous V-N construction may lose part of its meaning due to the influence of semantic, prosodic or pragmatic factors and become unambiguous but none of them plays a role as decisive as that of syntax.
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ISSN: 0257-9448
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