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Title: 英语对香港书面汉语句法的影响──语言接触引起的语言变化
Authors: Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Chu, Chi-yu (朱志瑜)
Subjects: Language contact
Word order
Shift in word function
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: 上海外國語大學
Source: 外国语(上海外国语学院学报) = Journal of foreign languages, 1999, no. 4, p. 2-11.
Abstract: 香港是语言多元化的社会。英语在香港一直享有“强势语言”的地位。在英语的影响下,香港书面汉语发生了显著的变异,除了“语码混用”外,还借用了不少英语词汇,改变了某些句法结构。一种很突出的变异现象是词汇的转类,即形容词或名词作动词,名词或动词作形容词,不及物动词作及物动词,非谓形容词作一般形容词,等等。造成这种变异的原因是多重的。从语言内部来说,英语语序对汉语语序的影响和干扰是重要原因,而翻译是造成这种变异的主要途径。
Hongkong is a multi-lingual society. English has been the "prestige norm" in Hongkong.Obvious deviations have been observed in Hongkong written Chinese, which, apart from code-mixing,has borrowed a considerable number of English words and seen some changes in syntax. A particularly remarkable deviation is the shift in word function, that is, adjectives or nouns function as verbs, nouns or verbs function as adjectives, transitive, intransitive verbs, and so on. The causes for this deviation are multiple. Linguistically speaking, the influence and interference by English word order is one of the most important causes. Translation facilitates such deviation.
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