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Title: “N₁+A+D+N₂”的分类与解释 = Classification and interpretation of "N₁+A+D+N₂" in Chinese
Authors: Zhao, Chunli (趙春利)
Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Subjects: Semantic orientation
Semantic relation
Highlight restrictin
Semantic ambiguity
Issue Date: May-2009
Publisher: 科學出版社
Source: 语言科学 = Linguistic Sciences, May 2009, v. 8, no. 3, p. 304-316.
Abstract: 文章首先界定了"N₁+A+D+N₂"格式的讨论范围,提出了A的语义指向类别,并用"指示代词或数量词插入法"从形式上验证A语义指向的规律性。其次,根据N₁与N₂的语义关系及其句法结构差异,对格式的类别进行了细致的描写和说明,在语义前指上提出了属体关系、构体关系、喻体关系、逻辑关系四类;在语义后指上提出了领事限定、处所限定和时间限定三类;在语义歧指上提出了同位交叉关系。最后对A的语义前指和后指从双向凸显和双层限制两个角度给予了认知解释。
This paper firstly defines the object "N₁+A+D+N₂" and puts forward three kinds of semantic orientations of A(adjective)which can be validated by inserting demonstrative pronouns and quantifiers.Secondly,the different types of this format will be discussed according to semantic relations and syntactic structure between N₁ and N₂.When A orients to N₁,there are property-carrier,part-whole,comparant-compared and object-logic between N₁ and N₂.When A orients to N₂,there are genitive-restrict,place-restrict, time-restrict between N₁ and N₂. Finally, the rules of A's semantic orientations will be explained by bi-directional highlight and double-layer restriction form cognitive point of view.
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ISSN: 1671-9484
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