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Title: 动词后数量短语的句法地位 = On the syntactic status of the post-verbal numeral phrases
Authors: Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Subjects: Post-verbal numeral phrases
Bi-structure sentence
Issue Date: Feb-2006
Publisher: 湖北教育出版社
Source: 汉语学报  = Chinese linguistics, Feb. 2006, no. 1, p. 51-58, 95.
Abstract: 本文讨论动词后数量短语的句法地位,重点是所谓的准宾语或时量补语。从这种数量短语与状语、情态动词、否定成分以及宾语的关系出发,并考虑到递归的亩能性。将其句法地位分析成谓语,前面的成分构成主语小句。
This paper is an attempt to resolve the syntactic status of post-verbal numeral phrases, especially those appearing after the object. It is argued that this type of numeral phrase should be treated as predicate, which takes a clause as the subject. Such an analysis provides a straightforward explanation for the interaction between the numeral phrase and adverbial, modal, negation as well as object. It also accounts for the recrusive nature of these numeral phrases.
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ISSN: 1672-9501
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