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2004常规仪器与全球定位仪相结合的全自动化遥控边坡监测系统 = Integration of conventional instruments and GPS for remote automatic monitoring of slopesYin, J. H. (殷建華); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Yang, Yuwen (楊育文); Liu, Zhiqiang (劉志強); Huang, Dingfa (黃丁發); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇)
2008香港GPS基准站坐标序列特征分析 = Characteristics of daily position time series from the Hong Kong GPS fiducial networkYuan, Lin-Guo (袁林果); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Chen, Wu (陳武); Kwok, Simon (郭志和); Chan, Siu-Bun (陳少彬); Chau, Kam-tim (周錦添)
Mar-2011Improved harmony search methods to replace variational principle in geotechnical problemsCheng, Y. M.; Li, L.; Fang, S. S.
Mar-2012Modified Kastner formula for cylindrical cavity contraction in Mohr-Coulomb medium for circular tunnel in isotropic mediumCheng, Y. M.
17-Dec-2012Asian dust storm observed at a rural mountain site in southern China : chemical evolution and heterogeneous photochemistryNie, Wei; Wang, Tao; Xue, Likun; Ding, A. J.; Wang, XinFeng; Gao, Xiaomei; Xu, Z.; Yu, Y. C.; Yuan, C.; Zhou, Z. S.; Gao, R.; Liu, X. H.; Wang, Y.; Fan, S. J.; Poon, S.; Zhang, Qingzhu; Wang, Wenxing
11-Mar-2011Summer and winter variations of dicarboxylic acids, fatty acids and benzoic acid in PM₂.₅ in Pearl Delta River Region, ChinaHo, K. F.; Ho, S. S. H.; Lee, Shun-cheng; Kawamura, K.; Zou, S. C.; Cao, J. J.; Xu, H. M.
2-Sep-2013Sources and photochemistry of volatile organic compounds in the remote atmosphere of western China : results from the Mt. Waliguan ObservatoryXue, Likun; Wang, Tao; Guo, Hai; Blake, D. R.; Tang, J.; Zhang, X. C.; Saunders, S. M.; Wang, W. X.
28-Aug-2008Source characteristics of volatile organic compounds during high ozone episodes in Hong Kong, Southern ChinaZhang, J.; Wang, Tao; Chameides, W. L.; Cardelino, C.; Blake, D. R.; Streets, D. G.
20-Jan-2007Ozone production and hydrocarbon reactivity in Hong Kong, Southern ChinaZhang, J.; Wang, Tao; Chameides, W. L.; Cardelino, C.; Kwok, J.; Blake, D. R.; Ding, Aijun; So, K. L.
22-Aug-2013Overview of the Mount Tai Experiment (MTX2006) in central East China in June 2006 : studies of significant regional air pollutionKanaya, Y.; Akimoto, H.; Wang, Z. F.; Pochanart, P.; Kawamura, K.; Liu, Y.; Li, J.; Komazaki, Y.; Irie, H.; Pan, X. L.; Taketani, F.; Yamaji, K.; Tanimoto, H.; Inomata, S.; Kato, S.; Suthawaree, J.; Okuzawa, K.; Wang, G.; Aggarwal, S. G.; Fu, P. Q.; Wang, Tao; Gao, Jian; Wang, Y.; Zhuang, G.
30-Oct-2012Observation of aerosol size distribution and new particle formation at a mountain site in subtropical Hong KongGao, Hai; Wang, Dawei; Cheung, K.; Ling, Z. H.; Chan, C. K.; Yao, X. H.
18-Dec-2008Mass concentrations of black carbon measured by four instruments in the middle of Central East China in June 2006Kanaya, Y.; Komazaki, Y.; Pochanart, P.; Liu, Y.; Akimoto, H.; Gao, Jian; Wang, Tao; Wang, Z.
19-May-2008Long-term trend of surface ozone at a regional background station in eastern China 1991–2006 : enhanced variabilityXu, X.; Lin, W.; Wang, Tao; Yan, P.; Tang, J.; Meng, Z.; Wang, Y.
31-Oct-2013Intense atmospheric pollution modifies weather : a case of mixed biomass burning with fossil fuel combustion pollution in eastern ChinaDing, A. J.; Fu, C. B.; Yang, X. Q.; Sun, J. N.; Petäjä, T.; Kerminen, V. M.; Wang, Tao; Xie, Y.; Herrmann, E.; Zheng, L. F.; Nie, W.; Liu, Q.; Wei, X. L.; Kulmala, M.
7-May-2008Global modeling of secondary organic aerosol formation from aromatic hydrocarbons : high- vs. low-yield pathwaysHenze, D. K.; Seinfeld, J. H.; Ng, N. L.; Kroll, J. H.; Fu, T. M.; Jacob, D. J.; Heald, C. L.
12-Oct-2006Variability of organic and elemental carbon, water soluble organic carbon, and isotopes in Hong KongHo, K. F.; Lee, Shun-cheng; Cao, J. J.; Li, Yok-sheung; Chow, J. C.; Watson, J. G.; Fung, K.
8-Jul-2006Vehicular fuel composition and atmospheric emissions in South China : Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, and ZhuhaiTsai, Wai-yan; Chan, L. Y.; Blake, D. R.; Chu, Kam-Wah
22-Nov-2005Characterization and source apportionment of atmospheric organic and elemental carbon during fall and winter of 2003 in Xi'an, ChinaCao, J. J.; Wu, F.; Chow, J. C.; Lee, Shun-cheng; Li, Y.; Chen, S. W.; An, Z. S.; Fung, K. K.; Watson, J. G.; Zhu, C. S.; Liu, S. X.
14-Mar-2012Carbonaceous aerosols in China : top-down constraints on primary sources and estimation of secondary contributionFu, T. M.; Cao, J. J.; Zhang, X. Y.; Lee, Shun-cheng; Zhang, Q.; Han, Y. M.; Qu, W. J.; Han, Z.; Zhang, R.; Wang, Y. X.; Chen, D.; Henze, D. K.
3-May-2007A study on the relationship between mass concentrations, chemistry and number size distribution of urban fine aerosols in Milan, Barcelona and LondonRodríguez, S.; Dingenen, R. Van; Putaud, J. P.; Dell'Acqua, A.; Pey, J.; Querol, X.; Alastuey, A.; Chenery, S.; Ho, K. F.; Harrison, R.; Tardivo, R.; Scarnato, B.; Gemelli, V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 287
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