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Title: Direct observation of charge order and an orbital glass state in multiferroic LuFe₂O₄
Authors: Mulders, A. M.
Lawrence, S. M.
Staub, U.
Garcia-Fernandez, M.
Scagnoli, V.
Mazzoli, C.
Pomjakushina, E.
Conder, K.
Wang, Y.
Subjects: Composite micromechanics
Chemical shift
Dielectric polarisation
Lutetium compounds
Magnetic anisotropy
Magnetic structure
Magnetoelectric effects
Vitreous state
X-ray diffraction
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2009
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical review letters, 14 Aug. 2009, v. 103, no. 7, 077602, p. 1-4.
Abstract: Geometrical frustration of the Fe ions in LuFe₂O₄ leads to intricate charge and magnetic order and a strong magnetoelectric coupling. Using resonant x-ray diffraction at the Fe K edge, the anomalous scattering factors of both Fe sites are deduced from the (h/3   k/3   l/2) reflections. The chemical shift between the two types of Fe ions equals 4.0(1) eV corresponding to full charge separation into Fe²⁺ and Fe³⁺. The polarization and azimuthal angle dependence of the superlattice reflections demonstrate the absence of differences in anisotropic scattering revealing random orientations of the Fe²⁺ orbitals characteristic of an orbital glass state.
Description: DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.103.077602
Rights: Physical Review Letters © 2009 The American Physical Society. The Journal's web site is located at http://prl.aps.org/
Type: Journal/Magazine Article
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10397/4866
ISSN: 0031-9007 (print)
1079-7114 (online)
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