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Title: Reduced ferroelectric coercivity in multiferroic Bi[sub 0.825]Nd[sub 0.175]FeO₃ thin film
Authors: Yuan, G. L.
Or, Derek Siu-wing
Chan, Helen L. W.
Liu, Zhiguo
Subjects: Bismuth compounds
Neodymium compounds
Ferromagnetic materials
Ferroelectric thin films
Coercive force
Pulsed laser deposition
Vacancies (crystal)
Dielectric losses
Dielectric polarisation
Electric domain walls
Weak ferromagnetism
Raman spectra
Magnetoelectric effects
Magnetic impurities
Issue Date: 17-Jan-2007
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Source: Journal of applied physics, 17 Jan. 2007, v. 101, 024106, p. 1-4
Abstract: Bi[sub 0.825]Nd[sub 0.175]FeO₃ (BNFO) thin film is grown on Pt/TiO₂/SiO₂/Si substrate by pulsed laser deposition, and its multiferroic properties are compared with those of BiFeO₃(BFO) thin film. With limited Fe[sup 2+] ions and its twinborn oxygen vacancies, both samples show low dielectric losses of <0.026 at 100 Hz and high maximum ferroelectric polarizations of ~34 µC/cm². The ferroelectric coercive field of BNFO is reduced by ~40%, reaching a low value of 235 kV/cm, compared to that of BFO due to the increased ratio of 180° and curved ferroelectric domains to total ferroelectric domains and better nucleation of the ferroelectric domains at the BNFO/Pt interface. The Raman scattering spectra confirm that the ferroelectric polarizations of both samples originate in the stereochemical activity of the Bi lone electron pair. Weak ferromagnetism is observed in both samples as a result of the limited amount of Fe[sup 2+] ions and γ-Fe₂O₃ impurity.
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ISSN: 0021-8979
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