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15-Dec-2013One-way optical tunneling induced by nonreciprocal dispersion of Tamm states in magnetophotonic crystalsDong, Hui Yuan; Wang, Jin; Fung, Kin Hung
Aug-2005Observation of the structure of iridescent surface layer on chalcopyriteBaba-Kishi, K. Z.; Lee, Man Kit; Tai, C. W.
Sep-2014Microfluidic reactors for visible-light photocatalytic water purification assisted with thermolysisWang, Ning; Tan, Furui; Wan, Li; Wu, Mengchun; Zhang, Xuming
Jun-2012The effectiveness of DustBubbles on dust control in the process of concrete drillingFan, Shichao; Wong, Yuen-wah; Shen, Li-yin; Lu, Weisheng; Wang, Tao; Yu, Ann T. W.; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.
29-Jul-2014High performance relaxor-based ferroelectric single crystals for ultrasonic transducer applicationsChen, Yan; Lam, Kwok-Ho; Zhou, Dan; Yue, Qingwen; Yu, Yanxiong; Wu, Jinchuan; Qiu, Weibao; Sun, Lei; Zhang, Chao; Luo, Haosu; Chan, Helen L. W.; Dai, Jiyan
1-May-2013Directional single-mode emission from coupled whispering gallery resonators realized by using ZnS microbeltsZhu, Hai; Yu, S. F.; Wang, Qi Jie; Shan, Chong Xin; Su, S. C.
15-Jul-2013Investigation of interface states in single-negative metamaterial layered structures based on the phase propertiesZheng, Jian; Chen, Yihang; Chen, Zefeng; Wang, Xinggang; Han, Peng; Yong, Zehui; Wang, Yu; Leung, C. W.; Soukoulis, Costas M.
22-Apr-2013Super-resolution image transfer by a vortex-like metamaterialDong, Hui Yuan; Wang, Jin; Fung, Kin Hung; Cui, Tie Jun
29-Jul-2013Ultra-broadband infrared luminescence of Bi-doped thin-films for integrated opticsXu, Beibei; Hao, J. H.; Zhou, Shifeng; Qiu, Jianrong
11-Mar-2013UV-curable liquid-core fiber lenses with controllable focal lengthBai, Gongxun; Tsang, Yuen Hong; Jim, K. L.; Zhang, Xuming
1-Jun-2013Compact broadband amplified spontaneous emission in Tm³⁺-doped tungsten tellurite glass double-cladding single-mode fiberKuan, Pei-Wen; Li, Kefeng; Zhang, Guang; Wang, Xin; Zhang, Lei; Bai, Gongxun; Tsang, Yuen Hong; Hu, Lili
Aug-2006Effect of Al addition on the electronic structure of Hafnia by spatially resolved electron energy loss spectroscopyLi, Quan; Dai, Jiyan; Gong, Xingao
Aug-2005Radiation damage by Ar⁺ ion-milling in ferroelectric oxidesBaba-Kishi, K. Z.; Tai, C. W.
Oct-2013Crossover to surface flow in supercooled unentangled polymer filmsLam, Chi-hang; Tsui, Ophelia K. C.
14-Oct-2011Dielectric relaxations of high-k poly(butylene succinate) based all-organic nanocomposite films for capacitor applicationsYu, Li; Ke, Shanming; Zhang, Yihe; Shen, Bo; Zhang, Anzhen; Huang, Haitao
Jun-2010Further analysis of energy-based indentation relationship among Young’s modulus, nominal hardness, and indentation workMa, Dejun; Ong, C. W.
Jun-2009Sputtering pressure dependence of hydrogen-sensing effect of palladium filmsOng, C. W.; Tang, Yu Ming
Jun-2009Room-temperature hydrogen-induced resistivity response of Pd/Mg–Ni filmsTang, Yu Ming; Ong, C. W.
May-2009Orientation relationships between TiB (B27), B2, and Ti₃Al phasesChen, C. L.; Lu, W.; He, L. L.; Ye, H. Q.
Sep-2008Electronic structure and chemical bonding of α - and β-Ta₄AlC₃ phases : full-potential calculationLu, Wei; Deng, Xiaohui; Wang, Hai; Huang, Haitao; He, Lianlong
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 475
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