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Title: Enhancement of photocatalytic oxidation of humic acid in Tio₂suspensions by increasing cation strength
Authors: Li, Xiang-zhong
Fan, C. M.
Sun, Y. P.
Subjects: Photocatalytic oxidation
Humic acid
Issue Date: Jul-2002
Publisher: Pergamon (Elsevier)
Citation: Chemosphere, July 2002, v. 48, no. 4, p. 453-460.
Abstract: This study aimed at improving the photocatalytic (PC) oxidation of humic acids (HA) in TiO₂suspensions by adding cationic ion such as calcium or magnesium. A set of tests was first conducted in the dark to study the adsorption of HA onto TiO₂in suspensions at different pH and calcium concentrations. The experiment demonstrated that the adsorption of HA onto the TiO₂particles was either pH-dependent or calcium strength-dependent due to electrostatic interaction and calcium ion bridging. The photodegradation of HA in the presence of UV irradiation was investigated as a function of pH and the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions. The results showed that the adsorption behavior between HA and TiO₂played a very important role during the PC oxidation process. The PC oxidation could be enhanced at neutral pH by increasing the cation strength. The kinetics of HA PC degradation in TiO₂suspensions with different initial concentrations was also studied using the Langmuir–Hinshelwood model.
Description: DOI: 10.1016/S0045-6535(02)00135-2
Rights: Chemosphere © 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. The journal web site is located at http://www.sciencedirect.com.
Type: Journal/Magazine Article
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10397/2435
ISSN: 0045-6535
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