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27-Jan-2015Conceptual issues regarding the development of underground railway laser scanning systemsHung, Raymond; King, Bruce Anthony; Chen, Wu
Jan-2011An improved geometric lunar figure from Chang’E-1 and SELENE laser altimetryIz, H. Bâki; Shum, C. K.; Chen, Y. Q.; Dai, C. L.
2012Modeling regional sea level rise using local tide gauge dataIz, H. Bâki; Berry, L.; Koch, M.
2005Steep-slope monitoring : GPS multiple-antenna system at Xiaowan damHe, Xiufeng; Sang, Wengang; Chen, Yong-qi; Ding, Xiaoli
2014Vector regression introducedMok, Tik; Iz, H. Bâki
2011Empirical modeling and impact of transient effects on the mean sea level trend estimates from the global tide gauge dataIz, H. Bâki; Ng, H. M.
2011A service-oriented architecture for proactive geospatial information servicesLi, Haifeng; Wu, Bo
2012Polyaxial figures of the Moon from the lunar reconnaissance orbiter laser altimetry and multi-mission synthesis of the lunar shapeIz, H. Bâki; Shum, C. K.; Dai, C. L.
2013Examining the satellite-detected urban land use spatial patterns using multidimensional fractal dimension indicesWu, Hao; Sun, Yurong; Shi, Wenzhong; Chen, Xiaoling; Fu, Dongjie
2004Application and evaluation of a GPS multi-antenna system for dam deformation monitoringHe, Xiufeng; Yang, Guang; Ding, Xiaoli; Chen, Yong-qi
2006基于局部方差的多分辨率图像分割方法 = Multi-resolution image segmentation method based on local varianceIan, Yan (田巖); Xie, Yu-bo (謝玉波); Shi, Wenzhong (史文中); Peng, Fu-yuan (彭復員); Liu, Jian (柳健)
2008基于多层协作机制的人员疏散模拟研究 = Multi-level collaboration-based simulation of crowd evacuationTang, Fangqin (唐方勤); Shi, Wenzhong (史文中); Ren, Aizhu (任愛珠)
2005用GIS与虚拟现实技术模拟火灾过程——应用和展望 = Simulation of fire process using GIS and virtual reality technologies : application and development expectationZou, Liang (鄒亮); Shi, Wenzhong (史文中); Ren, Ai-zhu (任愛珠)
2005基于不同大小窗口的移动曲面拟合法探测不规则DEM粗差的一种方法 = A method based fitting of moving quadric surface with variable windows for detecting gross errors in irregular DEMYang, Xiao-yun (楊曉云); Gu, Li-ya (顧利亞); Cen, Min-Yi (岑敏儀); Li, Zhilin (李志林)
2006论合作Li, Zhilin (李志林)
2004Study on the dynamics of algal bloom and its influence factors in Tolo Harbour, Hong KongLi, Yok-sheung; Chen, X.; Wai, Wing-hong Onyx; King, Bruce Anthony
2006矢量GIS平面随机线元等概率密度误差模型的概率算法 = Probability algorithm for equivalent probability density error model to 2D random linear segment in GISTang, Zhong’an (汤仲安); Shi, Wenzhong (史文中)
2002浅析公路景观设计与评价 = A brief talk on the highway landscape design and assessmentShi, Wenzhong (史文中); He, Zhi-yong (賀志勇); Zhang, Xiao-ning (張肖寧)
2007基于概率的地图实体匹配方法 = A probabilistic theory-based matching methodTong, Xiaohua (童小華); Deng, Su-Su (鄧愫愫); Shi, Wenzhong (史文中)
2007多尺度道路网的距离匹配算法研究 = A distance-based matching algorithm for multi-scale road networksChen, Yu-Min (陳玉敏); Gong, Jian-Ya (龔健雅); Shi, Wenzhong (史文中)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 195
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