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May-1999Vitamin C : prospective functional markers for defining optimal nutritional statusBenzie, Iris F. F.
Oct-2009A comparison between electromyography-driven robot and passive motion device on wrist rehabilitation for chronic strokeHu, Xiaoling; Tong, Kai-yu Raymond; Song, Rong; Zheng, X. J.; Leung, Woon-fong Wallace
Apr-2012Study of potential cardioprotective effects of Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi) : results of a controlled human intervention trialChu, Tanya T. W.; Benzie, Iris F. F.; Lam, Christopher W. K.; Fok, Benny S. P.; Lee, Kenneth K. C.; Tomlinson, Brian
Jan-2011Genoprotective effects of green tea (Camellia sinensis) in human subjects : results of a controlled supplementation trialHan, K. C.; Wong, W. C.; Benzie, Iris F. F.
1-May-2013Enhanced IL-6/IL-6R signaling promotes growth and malignant properties in EBV-infected premalignant and cancerous nasopharyngeal epithelial cellsZhang, Guitao; Tsang, Chi Man; Deng, Wen; Yip, Yim Ling; Lui, Vivian Wai-Yan; Wong, Sze Chuen Cesar; Cheung, Annie-Lai-Man; Hau, Pok Man; Zeng, Musheng; Lung, Maria Li; Chen, Honglin; Lo, Kwok Wai; Takada, Kenzo; Tsai, Sau Wah
2009Pain controlling and cytokine-regulating effects of lyprinol, a lipid extract of perna canaliculus, in a rat adjuvant-induced arthritis modelLee, Chi-Ho; Lum, Hon-kei; Ng, Curtise Kin-Cheung; McKay, Janice; Butt, Yoki Kwok-Chu; Wong, Man-Sau; Lo, Samuel C. L.
2009Antibacterial properties of nanosilver PLLA fibrous membranesLi, Lin; Li, Yi; Li, Jiashen; Yao, Lei; Mak, Arthur F. T.; Ko, Frank; Qin, Ling
Jan-1998Development of a simple approach to modify the supporting properties of seating ham for pressure reliefKang, Tommy E. T.; Mak, Arthur F. T.
Aug-1994Biomechanical assessment of below-knee residual limb tissueMak, Arthur F. T.; Liu, George H. W.; Lee, S. Y.
2012Is it important to position foot in subtalar joint neutral position during non–weight-bearing molding for foot orthoses?Lee, Winson C. C.; Lee, Christina K. L.; Leung, Aaron K. L.; Hutchins, Stephen W.
2011Techniques to measure rigidity of ankle-foot orthosis : a reviewKobayashi, Toshiki; Leung, Aaron, K. L.; Hutchins, Stephen W.
2010Feasibility of controlling prosthetic hand using sonomyography signal in real time : preliminary studyShi, Jun; Chang, Qian; Zheng, Yong-Ping
Jul-2004Ambulatory activity in men with diabetes : relationship between self-reported and real-world performance-based measuresSmith, Douglas G.; Domholdt, Elizabeth; Coleman, Kim L.; Del Aguila, Michael A.; Boone, David Alan
Nov-2004Effectiveness of insoles on plantar pressure redistributionTsung, Bonnie Yuk San; Zhang, Ming; Mak, Arthur F. T.; Wong, Margaret Wan Nar
Nov-2004Finite-element analysis to determine effect of monolimb flexibility on structural strength and interaction between residual limb and prosthetic socketLee, Winson C. C.; Zhang, Ming; Boone, David Alan; Contoyannis, Bill
Jul-2004Quantification of prosthetic outcomes : elastomeric gel liner with locking pin suspension versus polyethylene foam liner with neoprene sleeve suspensionColeman, Kim L.; Boone, David A.; Laing, Linda S.; Mathews, David E.; Smith, Douglas G.
Nov-2003Quantitative comparison of plantar foot shapes under different weight-bearing conditionsTsung, Bonnie Yuk San; Zhang, Ming; Fan, Yu Bo; Boone, David Alan
Jan-2001Significance of non-level walking on transtibial prosthesis fitting with particular reference to the effects of anterior-posterior alignmentSin, S. W.; Chow, Daniel H. K.; Cheng, C. Y.
May-2000Quantitative analysis of the effects of audio biofeedback on weight-bearing characteristics of persons with transtibial amputation during early prosthetic ambulationChow, Daniel H. K.; Cheng, Chris T. K.
8-Nov-2013Clinical significance of frizzled homolog 3 protein in colorectal cancer patientsWong, Sze Chuen Cesar; He, Catherine Wan; Chan, Charles Ming Lok; Chan, Amanda Kit Ching; Wong, Heong Ting; Cheung, Moon Tong; Luk, Lewis Lai Yin; Au, Thomas Chi Chuen; Chiu, Man Kin; Ma, Brigette Buig Yue; Chan, Anthony Tak Cheung
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 111
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