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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Dec-2001X-ray diffraction and Raman scattering study of SrBi₂Ta₂O[sub 9] ceramics and thin films with Bi₃TiNbO[sub 9] additionZhu, J. S.; Qin, H. X.; Bao, Z. H.; Wang, Yening; Cai, W. Y.; Chen, P. P.; Lu, W.; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong
1-Apr-2004X-ray photoemission spectroscopy of nonmetallic materials : electronic structures of boron and BᵪOᵧOng, C. W.; Huang, Haitao; Zheng, B.; Kwok, R. W. M.; Hui, Y. Y.; Lau, W. M.
15-Feb-1991X-ray, ultraviolet, and synchrotron radiation excited inner-valence photoelectron spectra of CH₄Göthe, M. Carlsson; Wannberg, B.; Karlsson, L.; Svensson, S.; Baltzer, P.; Chau, Foo-tim; Adam, M-Y
2007An XML-based model-driven framework for geodata exchangeXu, Zhu
2004Xstream : a framework for efficient streaming of XML documents over wireless environmentWong, Yu-chun Eugene
22-Jun-2001The X˜²B₁, ²B₂, ²A₁, and ²A₂ states of oxygen difluoride cation (F₂ O⁺) : high-level ab initio calculations and simulation of the ultraviolet photoelectron spectrum of F₂OWang, Dechao; Chau, Foo-tim; Mok, Daniel K. W.; Lee, Edmond P. F.; Beeching, Levi; Ogden, J. Steven; Dyke, John M.
22-May-2007Yarn snarling testing apparatus and methodMurrells, Charlotte; Wong, Ka-kee; Tao, Xiaoming; Xu, Bingang
2007Yearning for zaan or home : gender, development and home in Zhuang women's narratives on migration in a Southwest Chinese villageXiang, Rong
2006//↗You need to be RUTHless // : entertaining cross-cultural differencesCheng, Winnie; Warren, Martin
1-Nov-2011ZnO nanorod/GaN light-emitting diodes : the origin of yellow and violet emission bands under reverse and forward biasChen, Xin Yi; Ng, Alan M. C.; Fang, Fang; Ng, Yip Hang; Djurišić, A. B.; Tam, Hoi Lam; Cheah, K. W.; Gwo, Shangjr; Chan, Wai Kin; Fong, Wai-keung Patrick; Lui, Hsian Fei; Surya, Charles
16-Dec-2010ZnO random laser diode arrays for stable single-mode operation at high powerLiang, H. K.; Yu, S. F.; Yang, H. Y.
2-Apr-2007ZnO-based film bulk acoustic resonator for high sensitivity biosensor applicationsYan, Z.; Zhou, X. Y.; Pang, Geoffrey Kin-hung; Zhang, T.; Liu, W. L.; Cheng, J. G.; Song, Z. T.; Feng, S. L.; Lai, L. H.; Chen, J. Z.; Wang, Y.
13-Jun-2012Zoom lens system = 变焦透镜系统To, Sandy (杜雪); Cheung, Chi-fai Benny (張志輝); Lee, W. B. (李榮彬); Jiang, Jinbo (蔣金波); Wang, Wenkui (王文奎)
2014丁译《万国公法》研究 = A Study on the translation of Elements of international law by W.A.P. MartinYang, Zhuo (杨焯)
2009上海偏差青少年边缘化的社会互动过程研究—以青少年社区服刑人员为例 = A study on the social interactive process of the marginalization of juvenile delinquents in Shanghai : taking the juveniles under community corrections as an exampleFei, Meiping (费梅苹)
Sep-2007上海话疑问成分“(口伐)”的语义及句法地位 = The semantic and syntactic roles of the interrogative particle va(口伐) in the Shanghai dialectShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2011与“依法”、“守法/约”概念相关的套语词及其翻译研究Li, Kexing (李克興)
2007专业限制与文化识盲 : 农村社会工作实践中的文化问题 = Professional trap and cultural illiteracy : a reflection on rural social work practice in Southwest ChinaGu, Xuebin (古學斌); Zhang, Heqing (張和清); Yang, Xicong (楊錫聰)
2012中国社会的人际信任 : 概念、影响因素和形成机制 = Interpersonal trust in Chinese society : fabric, factors and mechanismGe, Zhongming (葛忠明)
2012中國社會工作實習督導模式的發展 : 以山東濟南為例 = Development of a supervision model of social work practicum in Mainland China : with Jinan Shandong as an exampleZhang, Hongying ( 張洪英)
2012中國社會工作專業化的發展過程研究 : 國家、社會與學術的多元互動 (1978-2006) = A study of the professionalization process of social work in the Chinese mainland : interaction of the state, the society and the academic community (1978-2006)Wang, Ying (王嬰)
Jun-2010中文版柯恩-曼斯菲尔德激越情绪行为量表的研制 = The Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory:development of a Chinese versionLai, Kam-yuk Claudia (賴錦玉)
Mar-2010中文词汇网络:跨语言知识处理基础架构的设计理念与实践 = Chinese wordnet : design, implementation, and application of an infrastructure for cross-lingual knowledge processingHuang, Chu-ren (黄居仁); Hsieh, Shu-Kai (谢舒凯); Hong, Jia-Fei (洪嘉馡); Chen, Yun-Zhu (陈韵竹); Su, I-Li (苏依莉); Chen, Yong-Xiang (陈永祥); Huang, Sheng-Wei (黄胜伟)
2009中醫食療對中國杭州社區中年高血壓陰虛體質患者作用的研究 = The effect of Chinese food therapy on community dwelling middle-aged hypertensive Patients with yin deficiency in Hangzhou, ChinaShen, Cuizhen (沈翠珍)
2010临床评估桂蜡热敷穴位对糖尿病周围神经病变患者的效果 = A clinical evaluation of the effects of a hot wax with cortex cinnamon acupoint compress on patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN)Chen, Peiyi (陈佩仪)
Oct-2008乳腺癌患者首次手术后抑郁与应对方式社会支持相关性研究 = The correlation between the first postoperative depression of breast cancer patients and the coping styles or social supportsZeng, Yan-li (曾艳丽); Dai, Ya-li (代亚丽); Wong, Kar-yan Alice (黄嘉恩)
2010云端的服务协作动态构造技术研究综述 = A survey of dynamic construction technologies for service cooperation above the cloudsLiu, Shaohua (劉紹華); Ma, Tiejun (馬鐵軍); Jing, X. J. (景興建)
May-2007交易型领导、变革型领导与家长式领导行为的比较研究 = Comparative study of transactional, transformational leadership, and paternalistic leadership behaviors and leadership mechanismWu, Min (吳敏); Huang, X. (黃旭); Xu, Jiuping (徐玖平); Yan, Hong (閻洪); Shi, Kan (時勘)
Oct-2006从护理工作量探讨急诊室护理人力的配备 = To study the arrangement of emergency room staff according the practical nursing working quantityZhang, Hong-xia (張紅霞); Lai, Kam-yuk Claudia (賴錦玉); Chen, Su-wen (陳素文); Hu, Li Jun (胡利君); Zheng, Bi-xia (鄭碧霞); Zhang, Bi Ying (張碧影); Zhang, Ming Yao (張明耀)
Nov-2010从汤沈之争看冯梦龙的戏曲改编Ngai, Sing-bik Cindy (魏城璧)
Feb-2009体词谓语句与词类的划分 = On sentences with substantive predicate and the classification of wordsShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Apr-2011促进学习评估中的反馈的效能及其提升策略 = The effectiveness of feedback in assessment for learning and strategies for improvementZhu, Xinhua (祝新華)
Jun-2004《全宋文》所收碑銘之宋初內臣史料初考 = A preliminary study of the source materials of the early Northern Sung eunuchs from the stone inscriptions compiled in the Complete Sung ProseHo, Koon-wan (何冠環)
2006关于“有标记”的歧解Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Nov-2011关于有声思维法口译研究 = Think-aloud protocols and interpreting research : a critical reviewLi, Dechao (李德超); Wang, Weiwei (王巍巍)
2011农业资本主义,抑或新殖民主义?——中国对赞比亚的农业投资Yan, Hairong (嚴海蓉); Sautman, Barry (沙伯力)
Dec-2012冷水机组故障诊断新模型 = New reference models for fault detection and diagnose in water chillersZheng, Chao-yu (鄭超瑜); Xiao, Fu (肖賦); Chen, Wu (陳武)
2011初次触法男性少年犯耻感反应研究 = A study on the response to sense of shame of first male juvenile offendersYu, Ning (俞宁)
Oct-2012創新性就業指標與全方位就業發展 : 全球金融危機後的新思維 = Overcoming post-financial employment crisis : new indicators and holistic thinking in employment developmentIp, Fu-keung (葉富強); Lee, Bih-Hearn (李碧涵); Lin, Alice (林昭禎); Pei, Kimco (裴晉國)
2005动—名结构歧义的产生与消除 = The ambiguity of V-N constructions and their disambiguationShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Feb-2006动词后数量短语的句法地位 = On the syntactic status of the post-verbal numeral phrasesShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Aug-2005动词的“指称”功能和“陈述”功能 = On referential and asserting properties of verbal elementShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Jan-2010北宋內臣藍繼宗事蹟考 = A study of Lan Jizong, a senior eunuch in early Northern Song DynastyHo, Koon-wan (何冠環)
1-Nov-2008北宋内臣蓝元震事迹考Ho, Koon-wan (何冠環)
2007北宋外戚將門陳州苑丘符氏考論 = A study of the history of the Fu Clan, an eminent family of military officers and imperial relatives from Chenzhou Prefecture in the Northern Song DynastyHo, Koon-wan (何冠環)
Aug-2007区分名词与动词的标准、方法及后果 = The criteria, method and result of the classification between noun and verbShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2013口译过程的两阶段解读——以一般语言理解和产出为参照 = General v. interpretation-specific language comprehension and production : a two-stage account of the interpreting processDong, Yangping (董燕萍); Wang, Binhua (王斌華)
2007另類聲音的呈現 : 流浪兒童的生活經驗敘述對政策及服務的啟示一一以中國武漢某流浪兒童工讀學校為個案研究 = Let the children speak : case study of lived experience in a reform school in Wuhan and its implication to policy on street childrenLi, Xiaofeng (李曉鳳)
Feb-2012可再生能源分布式发电能量管理的复杂性研究 = Complex characteristics of energy management system for distributed renewable energy generationZeng, Jun (曾君); Liu, Junfeng (劉俊峰); Wu, Li-qun (吳麗群); Wu, Jie (吳捷); Ngan, H. W. (顏漢榮)
2011同形词意义差别的来源——香港书面汉语和标准汉语中的同形词 = The genesis of homographic expressions—the case of homographs in Hong Kong written Chinese and standard ChineseShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩); Liu, Yi (劉藝); Chen, Changshu (陳長書)
Jul-2007向心结构与离心结构新探 = Endocentric construction and exocentric constructionShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2005吸烟的成本和代价 : 社会成本与对财政预算的影响计算方式的比较Tsui, Ming-sum (徐明心); Chu, Chi-keung (朱志強)
2010《哈姆雷特》汉译的辞格研究 = A study of rhetorical device transaltions of HamletXie, Guixia (谢桂霞)
1997国外汉语语言学研究现状——《汉语语言学的新视野》评介Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
Jun-2008基于主成分分析法的空调系统传感器自动故障诊断 = Automatic commissioning of AHU sensors using principle component analysisXiao, Fu (肖賦); Wang, Shengwei (王盛衛); Xu, Xin-hua (徐新華); Ge, Gao-ming (葛高明)
25-Nov-2009基于智能体仿真的无功市场力分析 = Analyses on market power in reactive electricity markets employing the agent-based simulationZhang, Fuqiang (張富强); Wen, Fushuan (文福拴); Ngan, H. W. (顏漢榮); Yu, C. W. (余志偉); Chung, Chi Yung (鍾志勇); Wong, Kit Po (黄杰波)
2012多維度下的抑鬱青少的親子關係研究 = A multi-dimensional study on parent-child relationships of depressed adolescentsGao, Wanhong (高萬紅)
2001天生我才或璞玉待琢?論「天才」與資優教育 = Gifted education : creating genius or impeding human growth?Shae, Wan-chaw (佘雲楚); Yeung, Ka Ching (楊家正)
Jul-2012宋初內臣名將秦翰事蹟考 = On the military career of QinHan, a senior eunuch in the early Northern Song DynastyHo, Koon-wan (何冠環)
Dec-2008宋太宗朝外戚名將李繼隆(950-1005) = The military career of Li Jilong, the most distinguished member of the Empress Clan during the reign of Emperor Song TaizongHo, Koon-wan (何冠環)
Mar-2003宋太祖的从龙功臣李处耘 (920—966)Ho, Koon-wan (何冠環)
2003宋遼唐河、徐河之戰新考 = Reappraisal of the Battle of Tang 唐 River (988) and the Battle of Xu 徐 River (989) between Song 宋 and Liao 遼Ho, Koon-wan (何冠環)
Sep-2005完句条件与指称特征的允准 = Conditions on the completeness of sentences and the licensing of referential featuresHu, Jianhua (胡建華); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2010小农挑战全球资本主义 -- 评"粮食主权人民论坛"Yan, Hairong (嚴海蓉)
25-Aug-2009市场环境下计及无功源停运的年度无功购买策略 = Annual procurement of reactive power capacity considering outage of VAR sources in an electricity market environmentZhang, Fuqiang (張富强); Wen, Fushuan (文福拴); Ngan, H. W. (顏漢榮); Yu, C. W. (余志偉); Chung, Chi Yung (鍾志勇); Wong, Kit Po (黄杰波)
Sep-2009形容词与名词的语义组合模型研究 = A semantic construction model between adjectives and nouns in ChineseZhao, Chunli (趙春利); Shi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2007從學校到實務世界 : 一個社工實務教師的故事 = Connecting school and practice world : a social work practice teacher's storyLiu, Hsiao Chun (劉曉春)
2009心桥无止 : 甘肃省天水市大滩村无止桥建设与实践 = A spiritual bridge with love : Wu Zhi Qiao, Datan Village, Tianshui, GansuYang, Lu (楊路); Chan, Cheung Michael (陳翔); Ng, Edward (吳恩融)
1998慾海方舟還是引火自焚? — 論福柯與性教育Shae, Wan-chaw (佘雲楚); Li, Man Chiu (李文照)
Dec-2010控股权性质、债务税盾与上市公司股权融资偏好 = Nature of controlling interest, tax shield of debts and equity financing preference in ChinaZhu, Kai (朱凯); Yu, Wayne (俞偉峰)
2009政府与非政府组织互动关系的研究—以上海四个非政府组织为个案 = Interaction between government and non-governmental organizations : case study for four non-governmental organizations in Shanghai, PRCFan, Minglin (范明林)
2009政治理想与现实冲突 : 女领导干部生命故事研究 = Conflict between political idea and reality : the life story of female leadership in PRCYang, Jing (杨静)
2010文化與發展 : 雲南少數民族手工藝變遷的個案研究 = Culture and development : a case study of the transformation of handicrafts in Yunnan ProvinceHu, Ling (胡凌)
Dec-2011新世代行動主義之全球化Ip, Fu-keung (葉富強); Lee, Bih-Hearn (李碧涵); Li, Yuan Yu (李元裕)
May-1998新移民與香港人身份 : 社會哲學的反思Shae, Wan-chaw (佘雲楚)
Mar-2009无定代词与独立 "的" 字结构 = Indefinite pronouns and independent DE constructionShi, Dingxu Tim (石定栩)
2013明代史家陈建的学术生平及其《皇明通纪》研究述评 = Chen Jian’s academic life and a review on the study of HUANGMING TONGJIZhuang, Xingliang (莊興亮)
2001林紓翻譯的眞眞假假 : 西方及非洲的形象 = Lin Shu the translator : his truth and his lies : the images of the West and AfricaLo, Wai-tsin (羅蔚芊)
2010林译狄更斯小说研究 = A study of lin Shu's translation of Dickens' novelsXing, Jie (邢杰)
2005構建新的認同 : 市場轉型期國有企業的勞動控制 : 對一個國有企業的個案研究 = Manufacturing new consent : labor control in a socialist firm in market transitionMi, Xiaoxiong (宓小雄)