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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2010Valence fluctuation and electron–phonon coupling in La₆₈₋ₓCeₓAl₁₀Cu₂₀Co₂(x = 0, 34, and 68) metallic glassesTang, M. B.; Wang, J. Q.; Wang, W. H.; Xia, L.; Chan, Kang-cheung; Zhao, J. T.
May-2014Valence-changing phenomena and stance marking in Chinese : on the development of 共 in Classical Chinese and Southern MinWong, Tak-sum; Yap, Foong Ha; Chen, Weirong
May-2013Valence-reducing phenomena concerning GIVE and TAKE in ChineseYap, Foong Ha; Chen, Weirong; Wong, Tak-sum
Oct-2012Valence-reducing phenomena in ChineseWong, Tak-sum; Yap, Foong Ha; Chen, Weirong
Jan-2010A validated HPLC method with dual wavelength detection for chlorogenic acid with an internal standard in plasma and its application in pharmacokinetic studies in ratsWan, Chun-wai; Lee, Yee-ki; Kwok, Ching-yee; Chan, Robbie Yat-kan; Yu, Peter H.; Chan, Shun-wan
2009Validated solutions of saddle point linear systemsKimura, Takuma; Chen, Xiaojun
2003Validating a unit-based learning progress report as an alternative method of progress assessment for distance learners in higher educationNiu, Jian
Sep-2012Validation and reliability of the Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly in Chinese populationNgai, Shirley P. C.; Cheung, Roy T. H.; Lam, Priscillia L.; Chiu, Joseph K. W.; Fung, Eric Y. H.
2012Validation of a novel traditional Chinese medicine pulse diagnostic model using an artificial neural networkTang, Anson Chui Yan; Chung, Joanne; Wong, Thomas K. S.
1999Validation of functional needs assessment (Chinese version) for people with chronic schizophreniaLaw, Kwok-man
1999Validation of Miller Assessment for Preschoolers (Cantonese version)Poon, Magdalene Yan-che
Jan-2011Validation of the beliefs against volunteering scale among Chinese adolescents in Hong KongLaw, Ben M. F.; Shek, Daniel T. L.
Jul-2011Validation of the Chinese parental expectation on child’s future scaleLeung, Janet T. Y.; Shek, Daniel T. L.
Jul-2011Validation of the Chinese parental sacrifice for child’s education scaleLeung, Janet T. Y.; Shek, Daniel T. L.
Mar-2011Validation of the cultural influence on helping scale among Chinese adolescentsLaw, Ben M. F.; Shek, Daniel T. L.
Apr-2006A value approach to project briefingYu, Ann T. W.; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.; Kelly, John; Hunter, Kirsty
2011Value chain flexibility with RFID : a case study of the octopus cardLam, Tak Ming
2012Value management : recent developments and way forwardShen, Geoffrey Q. P.; Yu, Ann T. W.
2007A value management framework for systematic identification and precise representation of client requirements in the briefing processYu, Tit-wan Ann
Dec-2012Value management in Malaysia : past, present and futureMohamad Ramly, Zuhaili; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.
Dec-2012Value(s) and management : there's value everywhere!De Hemmer, Olaf
2012Vancomycin intermediate-resistant Staphylococcus aureus : characterization of resistance development, detection and treatment strategiesDoddangoudar, Vijaya Chandranna
15-Jan-2011Vanishing critical thickness in asymmetric ferroelectric tunnel junctions : first principle simulationsCai, Meng-Qiu; Zheng, Yue; Ma, Pui-wai; Woo, Chung-ho
12-Oct-2006Variability of organic and elemental carbon, water soluble organic carbon, and isotopes in Hong KongHo, K. F.; Lee, Shun-cheng; Cao, J. J.; Li, Yok-sheung; Chow, J. C.; Watson, J. G.; Fung, K.
2006Variable gain intelligent control of Multi-motor Synchronization systemChe, Yanbo; Sha, Lin; Cheng, K. W. Eric
1-Dec-2004Variable illuminator for detecting and regulating photoelectric controller = 用于检测调校光电控制器的可变照明装置To, Wah Tong Daniel (陶華棟)
2006A variable node-to-node-link neural network and its application to hand-written recognitionLing, S. H.; Leung, Frank H. F.; Lam, H. K.
May-1997Variable temporal-length 3-D discrete cosine transform codingChan, Yui-lam; Siu, Wan-chi
2005A variable-parameter neural network trained by improved genetic algorithm and its applicationLing, S. H.; Lam, H. K.; Leung, Frank H. F.
Jul-2003Variation and merger of the rising tones in Hong Kong CantoneseBauer, Robert S.; Cheung, Kwan-hin; Cheung, Pak-Man
2005The variation of dynamic footprint parameters with different gait patternsLaw, Yat-chau
Jan-2011Variation of structural vibration characteristics versus non-uniform temperature distributionXia, Yong; Xu, Y. L.; Wei, Ze-Long; Zhu, Hong-Ping; Zhou, Xiao-Qing
2014Vector regression introducedMok, Tik; Iz, H. Bâki
2013Vehicle queue effect on the characteristics of air flow, and exhaust scalar dispersion and distribution fields in the vehicle wakeHuang, Jiefeng
2009Vehicular emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from a tunnel study in Hong KongHo, K. F.; Lee, Shun-cheng; Ho, W. K.; Blake, D. R.; Cheng, Y.; Li, Y. S.; Ho, Steven Sai Hang; Kung, K.; Louise, P. K. K.; Park, D.
2001Vehicular emissions and fuel consumption at urban traffic signal controlled junctionsTong, Hing-yan
8-Jul-2006Vehicular fuel composition and atmospheric emissions in South China : Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, and ZhuhaiTsai, Wai-yan; Chan, L. Y.; Blake, D. R.; Chu, Kam-Wah
2001Vehicular load on bridge deckZhu, Xinqun
2010Ventilation control and ventilation performance of multi-zone air conditioning systemsSun, Zhongwei
Jun-2011Verification of a cable element for cable parametric vibration of one-cable-beam system subject to harmonic excitation and random excitationXia, Yong; Wu, Qing-xiong; Xu, Y. L.; Fujino, Yozo; Zhou, Xiao-qing
1999The vernacularization of standard Baihuawen during the period of 1917-1955Cheng, Lai-ming
Oct-2011Versatile computer-controlled system for characterization of gas sensing materialsZhao, M.; Huang, J. X.; Wong, Man-hon; Tang, Y. M.; Ong, C. W.
21-Aug-2007Vertical micro-injection machineYung, K. L.
3-Jun-2009Vertical miniature injection machine = 立式微型注塑机Yung, K. L. (容啟亮)
18-Feb-2009Vertical miniature plastic jetting-moulding machine = 立式微型注塑机Yung, K. L. (容啟亮)
Dec-2004Vertical profile and origin of wintertime tropospheric ozone over China during the PEACE‐A periodChan, C. Y.; Zheng, X. D.; Chan, L. Y.; Cui, H.; Ginn, E. W. L.; Leung, Y. K.; Lam, H. M.; Zheng, Y. G.; Qin, Y.; Zhao, C. S.; Wang, Tao; Blake, D. R.; Li, Yok-sheung
2000A very low bit-rate video coding algorithm by focusing on moving regionsWong, Kwok-wai; Lam, Kin-man Kenneth; Siu, Wan-chi
1-Sep-2013Very sensitive fiber Bragg grating accelerometer using transverse forces with an easy over-range protection and low cross axial sensitivityLi, Kuo; Chan, Tommy H. T.; Yau, Man Hong; Nguyen, Theanh; Thambiratnam, David P.; Tam, Hwa-yaw
2006Vibration and damage monitoring in advanced composites using multiplexed fibre bragg grating (FBG) sensorsLing, Hang-yin
5-Sep-2012Vibration control by exploiting nonlinear influence in the frequency domainJing, X. J.
2004Vibration control of stay cables using semi-active magneto-rheological (MR) dampersDuan, Yuanfeng
1998Vibration control of structures with viscoelastic dampersTan, Xiaoming
2002Vibration-based condition assessments of cables in cable-supported bridgesZheng, Gang
2004Vibration-based damage detection of tall building structuresZhou, Xiantong
2004Vibration-based structural assessment with damage-detection-oriented modelsWu, Di
Mar-2010Vibrational resonance in neuron populationsDeng, Bin; Wang, Jiang; Wei, Xile; Tsang, Kai-ming; Chan, Wai-lok
2013Vibroacoustic analysis and design of cavity-backed microperforated panel absorbers for environmental noise abatementYang, Cheng
2006Vibrotactile imagery : neural correlates of older adults and patients suffered from strokeChow, Wai-sum Kari
2012Video object detection and parameterizationYam, Kin Yi
2012Video-based pattern recognition by spatio-temporal modeling via multi-modality co-learningZheng, Haomian
Jun-2012A videogrammetric technique for measuring the vibration displacement of stay cablesZhou, Xiaoqing; Xia, Yong; Wei, Ze-Long; Wu, Qingxiong
Dec-2008Viewpoint on “A note on unrelated parallel machine scheduling with time-dependent processing times”Li, Chung-Lun
2008Viewpoint switching in multiview videos using SP-framesLai, Ki-kit; Chan, Yui-lam; Fu, Chang-hong; Siu, Wan-chi
Nov-2006VIRTEL – Teaching hospitality with a virtual hotel e-simulationPenfold, Paul; Kong, Wai Fan; Lee, Wai Keung Alpha
1999Virtual 3D sculpturingWong, Pui-yee Janis
Apr-2009Virtual education : teaching media studies in second lifeHerold, David K.
2006Virtual garment sewingMa, Liang
2002Virtual laboratory development for teaching power electronicsCheng, K. W. Eric; Chan, C. L.; Cheung, C. Norbert; Sutanto, Danny
Aug-2007A virtual prototyping system for simulating construction processesHuang, Ting; Kong, C. W. Stephen; Guo, Hongling; Baldwin, Andrew; Li, Heng
2009Virtual prototyping technologies enhanced construction planningHuang, Ting
13-Dec-2010A virtual psychiatric ward for orientating patients admitted for the first timeLau, Wai-Chi; Choi, Kup-Sze; Chung, Wai-Yee
2005Virtual reality training for stroke rehabilitationLam, Yat-san
2012A virtual reality-based vocational training system (VRVTS) for people with schizophrenia in vocational rehabilitationTsang, Mei-yi
Apr-2011Virtual sensors for active noise control in acoustic-structural coupled enclosures using structural sensing : part II—optimization of structural sensor placementHalim, D.; Cheng, L.; Su, Zhongqing
Nov-2009A virtual training simulator for learning cataract surgery with phacoemulsificationChoi, Kup-Sze; Soo, Sophia; Chung, Fu-lai Korris
2007A virtual warehouse system for production logisticsFung, Sui-hei
Feb-2009Visible-induced photocatalytic reactivity of polymer-sensitized titania nanotube filmsLiang, Hai-chao; Li, Xiang-zhong
2002Visual functions before and after LASIKChan, Wing-wo Jay
Jun-2014Visual metaphors and the construction of political identities : an analysis of the 2012 Hong Kong Legislative Council ElectionYap, Foong Ha; Chan, Ariel Shuk-ling
2009Visualization and classification of the heart sounds of patients with pulmonary hypertensionChen, Jinghan