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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Ubiquitous intelligent object : modeling and applicationsWang, Miaomiao; Cao, Jiannong; Siebert, Joanna Izabela; Raychoudhury, Vaskar; Li, Jing
8-Jun-2009 Ultra-short distributed Bragg reflector fiber laser for sensing applicationsZhang, Yang; Guan, Bai-ou; Tam, Hwa-yaw
1-Jun-2003 Ultrashort soliton generation through higher-order soliton compression in a nonlinear optical loop mirror constructed from dispersion-decreasing fiberWai, Ping-kong Alexander; Cao, Wen-hua
2005 Ultrasonic assessment of post-radiotherapy fibrosisHuang, Yanping
2007 Ultrasonic characterization of transient and inhomogeneous swelling behavior and progressive degeneration of articular cartilageWang, Qing
Jan-2005 Ultrasonic hydrophone based on distributed Bragg reflector fiber laserGuan, Bai-ou; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Lau, Sien Ting; Chan, Helen L. W.
7-Sep-2002 An ultrasonic measurement for in vitro depth-dependent equilibrium strains of articular cartilage in compressionZheng, Yong-Ping; Mak, Arthur F. T.; Lau, K. P.; Qin, L.
Sep-2005 Ultrasonic measurement of depth-dependent transient behaviors of articular cartilage under compressionZheng, Yong-Ping; Niu, Haijun; Mak, Arthur F. T.; Huang, Yan-Ping
28-May-2008 Ultrasonic particle trapping in microfluidic devices using soft lithographyGuo, Shishang; Zhao, Libo; Zhang, K.; Lam, Kwok-ho; Lau, Sien Ting; Zhao, Xingzhong; Wang, Yu; Chan, Helen L. W.; Chen, Y.; Baigl, D.
20-Feb-2001 Ultrasonic transducerChan, Helen L. W.; Or, Derek Siu-wing; Cheng, Kei-chun; Choy, Chung-loong
11-Sep-2001 Ultrasonic transducerChan, Helen L. W.; Or, Derek Siu-wing; Choy, Chung-loong
2009 Ultrasonic transducer equipped with a magnetoelectric sensor for weld quality monitoringCheung, Kwok-fung
24-Aug-2005 Ultrasonic transducer = 超声换能器Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華); Or, Derek Siu-wing (柯少榮); Cheng, Kei-chun (鄭基駿); Choy, Chung-loong (蔡忠龍)
Sep-2009 Ultrasound Biomicroscopy Imaging for Monitoring Progressive Trypsin Digestion and Inhibition in Articular CartilageWang, Qing; Zheng, Yong-Ping
Oct-2004 Ultrasound elastomicroscopy using water beam indentation : preliminary studyLu, Min-Hua; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Huang, Qing-Hua
22-Dec-2006 Ultrasound elastomicroscopy using water jet and osmosis loading : potentials for assessment for articular cartilageZheng, Yong-Ping; Lu, Min-Hua; Wang, Qing
2012 Ultrasound evaluation of salivary and thyroid glands in patients treated with external beam radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinomaCheng, Chi Him
Sep-1996 An ultrasound indentation system for biomechanical properties assessment of soft tissues in-vivoZheng, Yong-Ping; Mak, Arthur F. T.
22-Dec-2006 Ultrasound palpation sensor for tissue thickness and elasticity measurement - assessment of transverse carpal ligamentZheng, Yong-Ping; Li, Z. M.; Choi, Pong-chi; Lu, Min-Hua; Chen, Xin; Huang, Qing-Hua
17-Apr-2007 Ultrasound sensor and ultrasound measurement deviceTam, Hwa-yaw; Chan, Helen L. W.; Guan, Bai-ou
2012 Ultra-stable oligonucleotide-nanoparticle conjugates prepared by silica reinforcement method : properties and applications for colorimetric DNA detectionWong, Kwun Fung Jacky
12-Nov-2008 Ultraviolet detecting apparatus = 一种紫外线检测装置Surya, Charles (徐星全); Fong, Wai-keung Patrick (方偉強)
30-Dec-2008 Ultraviolet detectorSurya, Charles; Fong, Wai-keung Patrick
27-Jun-2011 Ultraviolet electroluminescence from two-dimensional ZnO nanomesh/GaN heterojunction light emitting diodesYe, Jing; Zhao, Yu; Tang, Libin; Chen, Li-Miao; Luk, C. M.; Yu, S. F.; Lee, S. T.; Lau, S. P.
1-Nov-2009 Ultraviolet laser action in ferromagnetic Zn₁₋ₓFeₓO nanoneedlesYang, H. Y.; Yu, S. F.; Lau, S. P.; Herng, T. S.; Tanemura, M.
14-Jun-2004 The unbounded single machine parallel batch scheduling problem with family jobs and release dates to minimize makespanYuan, J. J.; Liu, Zhaohui; Ng, Chi-to Daniel; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
2011 Uncovering road network structure through complex network analysisZhang, Hong
Dec-2010 Understanding China's grain procurement policy from a perspective of optimizationShea, Y. P. Esther
2009 Understanding consumer purchasing behaviour regarding luxury fashion-related goods in ChinaGao, Ling
Sep-2010 Understanding consumer-to-consumer interactions in virtual communities : the salience of reciprocityChan, Kimmy Wa; Li, Stella Yiyan
2010 Understanding convention attendees' satisfaction and return intentionWang, Xiaoshi
15-Nov-2012 Understanding the formation of ultrafine spinel CoFe₂O₄ nanoplatelets and their magnetic propertiesLiu, Wenchao; Chan, Yuk-kwan; Cai, Jinzhu; Leung, C. W.; Mak, Chee-leung; Wong, Kin-hung; Zhang, Fengming; Wu, Xiaoshan; Qi, X. D.
22-Sep-2009 Underwire assembly for brassiere, brassiere using the same, and process for producing and wearing the brassiereYu, Winnie; Fan, Jintu; Zheng, Rong
25-Sep-2012 Unexpected neuronal protection of SU5416 against 1- methyl-4-phenylpyridinium ion-induced toxicity via inhibiting neuronal nitric oxide synthaseCui, Wei; Zhang, Zaijun; Li, Wenming; Mak, Shinghung; Hu, Shengquan; Zhang, Huan; Yuan, Shuai; Rong, Jianhui; Choi, Tony Chunglit; Lee, Simon M.Y.; Han, Yifan
17-Jan-2011 Uniaxial strain-modulated conductivity in manganite superlattice (LaMnO₃/SrMnO₃)Cao, Dan; Cai, Meng-Qiu; Hu, Wang-Yu; Peng, Jun; Zheng, Yue; Huang, Haitao
May-2012 Unidirectional motion of a water nanodroplet subjected to a surface energy gradientKou, Jianlong; Mei, Maofei; Lu, Hangjun; Wu, Fengmin; Fan, Jintu
15-Jun-2008 Unification of bulk and interface electroresistive switching in oxide systemsRuotolo, Antonio; Leung, C. W.; Lam, C. Y.; Cheng, Wang-fai; Wong, Kin-hung
Aug-2004 Unified analysis of switched-capacitor resonant convertersYeung, Yiu Pun Benny; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Ho, Siu-lau; Law, Ka-kuen; Sutanto, Danny
2002 A unified approach for steel and composite beams with web openingsKo, Chi-hang
Aug-2006 A unified approach to the design of PWM-based sliding-mode voltage controllers for basic DC-DC converters in continuous conduction modeTan, Siew-chong; Lai, Y. M.; Tse, C. K. Michael
2005 Unified feature analysis in multiple compressed domainsAu, Ka-man
Oct-2009 Unified framework for detecting phase synchronization in coupled time seriesSun, Junfeng; Small, Michael
2003 United States direct investment in the Chinese power generation sector : an industry-level case studyKan, Man-ping Lena
1-Feb-2006 Universal time relaxation behavior of the exchange bias in ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic bilayersDho, Joonghoe; Leung, Dennis Chi-wah; Blamire, M. G.
2008 University restructuring in East Asia : trends, challenges and prospectsChan, David; Lo, Yat Wai William
2011 Unsteady flow dynamics and acoustics of two-outlet centrifugal fan designWong, I. Y. W.; Leung, R. C. K.; Law, A. K. Y.
2005 An unsteady three-dimensional eutrophication model in Tolo harbour, Hong KongChau, Kwok-wing
2006 Unsupervised discriminant projection analysis for feature extractionYang, Jian; Zhang, David D.; Jin, Zhong; Yang, Jing-yu
27-Jul-2011 Unsupervised fuzzy pattern discovery in gene expression dataWu, Gene P. K.; Chan, Keith C. C.; Wong, Andrew K. C.
2011 Unsupervised pattern discovery for sequence and mixed attribute databasesWu, Pak-kit
6-Jun-2011 Upconversion luminescence of an insulator involving a band to band multiphoton excitation processWang, Jiwei; Hao, J. H.; Tanner, Peter A.
17-Jan-2012 UPDG: Utilities package for data analysis of Pooled DNA GWASHo, Daniel W. H.; Yap, Keng-hung Maurice; Yip, Shea-ping
2009 Upgrading of reinforced concrete beam-column joints and columns by passive dampersChung, Sau-kwai Tracy
Jul-2006 Urban environmental geochemistry of trace metalsWong, Coby Sze-chung; Li, Xiangdong; Thornton, Iain
2012 Urinary factors affecting renal stone diseasePoon, Ngork Wah
2-Mar-2010 Urine 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2′-deoxyguanosine (8-oxodG), a specific marker of oxidative stress, using direct, isocratic LC–MS/MS: Method evaluation and application in study of biological variation in healthy adultsLee, Kam-fai; Chung, Wai-yuen; Benzie, Iris F. F.
2006 Usability metrics for application on mobile phoneJo, Chun-wah
30-Apr-2010 Usability of a virtual reality environment simulating an automated teller machine for assessing and training persons with acquired brain injuryFong, Nai-kuen Kenneth; Chow, Kathy Y. Y.; Chan, Bianca C. H.; Lam, Kino C. K.; Lee, Jeff C. K.; Li, Teresa H. Y.; Yan, Elaine W. H.; Wong, Asta T. Y.
2010 Usefulness of pro forma accounting information mandated in IPO prospectuses : its association with IPO pricing and subsequent firm performanceChen, Wei
May-2008 The use of chelating agents in the remediation of metal-contaminated soils: a reviewLeštan, Domen; Luo, Chunling; Li, Xiangdong
1997 The use of diagnostic ultrasound in assessment of the reproductive status of the bottlenose dolphin, tursiops aduncas, in capacity & applications in management of a controlled breeding programmeBrook, Fiona M.
2005 The use of examination on auricular acupuncture zones as health screening testWan, Wan Sharon
2006 Use of intelligent system techniques for storage and retrieval of biometrics data with application to personal identificationCheung, King-hong
Dec-2009 The use of interdisciplinary seminars for the development of caring dispositions in nursing and social work studentsChan, Engle Angela; Mok, Esther; Ho, Po-ying Amy; Hui, Jenny Man-chun
2004 Use of knowledge intensive CAD in small electrical family appliance industryLaw, Man-chung
2009 Use of MERIS data to detect the impact of flood inundation on land cover changes in the Lake Chad BasinIbrahim, Asma Turadu
2005 The use of metallic effects in the innovative design of textile fabricsJiang, Shouqiang
2006 Use of recycled construction and demolition wastes as aggregates in pre-cast block worksLam, Chi-sing
2006 The use of recycled vehicle tyre on road paving in Hong KongWong, Cheuk-ching
Oct-2004 The use of Vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) in the phytoremediation of soils contaminated with heavy metalsChen, Yahua; Shen, Zhenguo; Li, Xiangdong
2012 The use of virtual reality for visualizing construction safety management processChan, King Chun Greg
12-Aug-2008 User interface containing acoustic sensing modulesHu, Catherine; Tung, Kinsun Kin Sun; Lau, Lawrence Ming Tat
2009 Using a real time integrated communication system to monitor the progress and quality of construction worksLeung, Sze-wing
Jan-2006 Using genetic algorithm and TOPSIS for Xinanjiang model calibration with a single procedureCheng, Chuntian; Zhao, Ming-yan; Chau, Kwok-wing; Wu, Xinyu
2010 Using integer programming for airport service planning in staff schedulingIp, W. H.; Chung, Nick; Ho, To-sum
2002 Using mathematical models to predict and control the dimensional properties of plain knitted wool fabricsChen, Qihong
Feb-2010 Using students’ weekly diaries to evaluate positive youth development programs : are findings based on multiple studies consistent?Shek, Daniel T. L.
2002 Using texture analysis on biometric technology for personal identificationKong, Wai-kin Adams
Sep-2008 Using the IKEA model and virtual prototyping technology to improve construction process managementLi, Heng; Guo, Hongling; Skibniewski, Miroslaw J.; Skitmore, Martin
2012 Using the K-nearest neighbor algorithm for the classification of lymph node metastasis in gastric cancerLi, Chao; Zhang, Shuheng; Zhang, Huan; Pang, Lifang; Lam, Kin-man Kenneth; Hui, Chun; Zhang, Su
Showing results 5923 to 6002 of 6319
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