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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2002A tabu method to find the Pareto solutions of multiobjective optimal design problems in electromagneticsHo, Siu-lau; Yang, Shiyou; Ni, Guangzheng; Wong, Ho-ching Chris
23-Feb-2012Tacrine-6-ferulic acid, a novel multifunctional dimer, inhibits amyloid-β-mediated alzheimer’s disease-associated pathogenesis in vitro and in vivoPi, Rongbiao; Mao, Xuexuan; Chao, Xiaojuan; Cheng, Zhiyi; Liu, Mengfei; Duan, Xiaolu; Ye, Mingzhong; Chen, Xiaohong; Mei, Zhengrong; Liu, Peiqing; Li, Wenming; Han, Yifan
2006Tapped inductor for switched-mode power convertersCheng, K. W. Eric
Mar-2010TaxoFolk : a hybrid taxonomy–folksonomy classification for enhanced knowledge navigationKiu, Ching-Chieh; Tsui, Eric
2002TCPD based pulse monitoring and analyzingWang, Kuanquan; Xu, Lisheng; Zhang, David D.; Shi, Cheng
Feb-2004Teaching abstract concepts in contemporary nursing through spiritualityChan, Engle Angela; Chung, Yuet-foon
2001Tear volume and tear film stability in relation to soft contact lens wear in Hong Kong-ChineseChui, Wan-sang
Dec-1997A technique for extracting physiological parameters and the required input function simultaneously from PET image measurements : theory and simulation studyFeng, D. David; Wong, Koon-pong; Wu, Chi-ming; Siu, Wan-chi
2004A technique for lossy compression of error-diffused halftonesCheung, Sin-ming; Chan, Yuk-hee
Oct-2006A technique for producing scalable color-quantized images with error diffusionFung, Yik-hing; Chan, Yuk-hee
2005Techniques and algorithms for video transcodingFung, Kai-tat
2003Techniques for image enhancement and robust video communicationsChan, Chi-lun
2006Techniques for improving block error rate of LDPC decodersZheng, X.; Lau, Francis Chung-ming; Tse, C. K. Michael; Wong, Siu-chung
Nov-2000Techniques for input ripple current cancellation : classification and implementationPoon, N. K.; Liu, Joe C. P.; Tse, C. K. Michael; Pong, Bryan M. H.
2001Techniques for low bit-rate video codingWong, Kwok-wai
2003Techniques for reducing distortion in input and output terminals of switching power suppliesPoon, Ngai-kit Franki
2002Techniques for reducing the computation effort of matching pursuitsCheung, Kin-pong
1999Techniques for task scheduling in practical parallel and distributed systemChan, Wai-yip
2011Techniques to measure rigidity of ankle-foot orthosis : a reviewKobayashi, Toshiki; Leung, Aaron, K. L.; Hutchins, Stephen W.
2005Technological development of Hong Kong textile and clothing industry : a 'technometric' approachHo, Kai-chiu
2006Technological support system for macro-control of Shenzhen real estate marketHuang, Fulai
2012Technologically new products and value creation : an event study and the moderating effect of knowledge characteristicsLiu, Xiaojin
Aug-2005Telemetry system driven by radiation power for use in gravitational wave detectorsZhao, Yi; Zhao, Chunnong; Ju, Li; Small, Michael; Blair, David G.
2005Telephone-based proactive smoking cessation intervention for parents of young children : a randomized controlled trialMak, Yim-wah
Oct-2013Tellurite glass as a solid-state mid-infrared laser host materialRichards, Billy D. O.; Jha, Animesh; Jose, Gin; Teddy-Fernandez, Toney; Binks, David; Tsang, Yuen
Jan-2008Telomerase-associated apoptotic events by mushroom Ganoderma lucidum on premalignant human urothelial cellsYuen, John W. M.; Gohel, Mayur Danny Indulal; Au, Doris Wai-Ting
10-Jan-2011Temperature and electric field dependence of the dielectric property and domain evolution in [001]-oriented 0.34Pb(In[sub ½]Nb[sub ½])O₃–0.25Pb(Mg[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔])O₃–0.41PbTiO₃ single crystalChen, Yong; Lam, K. H.; Zhou, Dan; Gao, X. S.; Dai, Jiyan; Luo, Haosu; Chan, Helen L. W.
2012Temperature and safety profiles of needle-warming techniques in acupuncture and moxibustionGao, X. Y.; Chong, C. Y.; Zhang, S. P.; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Zhu, B.
2004Temperature dependence of dislocation dynamics during nano-indentation in metalsRathinam, Murugavel
2006Temperature dependence of magnetic properties of a polymer bonded magnetic materialWu, Wei-tai; Wong, Yuen-wah; Cheng, K. W. Eric
1-Dec-2007Temperature dependence of magnetoresistivity of cobalt-polytetrafluoroethylene granular composite filmsKwong, Ho-yin Anthony; Wong, Yuen-wah; Wong, Kin-hung
15-Sep-2002Temperature dependence of the complex effective piezoelectric coefficient of ferroelectric 0-3 compositesWong, Chung-kwan; Poon, Ying-ming; Shin, Franklin G.
2014Temperature effect on the evolution of hydrides in zirconiumHao, Mingjun
May-2012Temperature effect on vibration properties of civil structures : a literature review and case studiesXia, Yong; Chen, Bo; Weng, Shun; Ni, Y. Q.; Xu, Y. L.
Sep-2010Temperature for a dynamic spin ensembleMa, Pui-wai; Dudarev, S. L.; Semenov, A. A.; Woo, Chung-ho
May-1999Temperature independent strain measurement with a fiber grating tapered cavity sensorDu, Wei-chong; Tao, Xiaoming; Tam, Hwa-yaw
2012Temperature projection in Hong Kong using remote sensing and dynamic modellingTo, Pui Hang
15-Oct-2006Temperature sensitivity of a two-mode photonic crystal fiber interferometric sensorJu, Jian; Wang, Zhi; Jin, Wei; Demokan, Suleyman
14-Sep-2010Temperature-compensated fibre optic strain gaugeTam, Hwa-yaw; Ho, Siu-lau; Liu, Shun Yee Michael; Lee, Kang Kuen; Lee, Tony Kar Yun; Hon, Chun Cheong; Chan, Hing Keung; Tam, Aiken Yiu Ming
9-Oct-2012Temperature-compensated fibre optic strain gaugeTam, Hwa-yaw; Ho, Siu-lau; Liu, Shun Yee Michael; Lee, Kang Kuen; Lee, Tony Kar Yun; Hon, Chun Cheong; Chan, Hing Keung; Tam, Aiken Yiu Ming
1-Jan-2010Temperature-controlled transformation in fiber types of fluid-filled photonic crystal fibers and applicationsWang, Yiping; Tan, Xiaoling; Ying, Diqing; Hoo, Y. L.; Liu, Shujing
Nov-2004Temperature-insensitive interferometer using a highly birefringent photonic crystal fiber loop mirrorZhao, Chun-liu; Yang, Xiufeng; Lu, Chao; Jin, Wei; Demokan, Suleyman
1-Feb-2013Temperature-insensitive refractive index sensing by use of micro Fabry–Pérot cavity based on simplified hollow-core photonic crystal fiberWang, Ying; Wang, Dongning; Liao, Changrui; Hu, Tianyi; Guo, Jiangtao; Wei, Huifeng
9-Apr-2007Temperature-insensitive strain sensor with polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fibre based Sagnac InterferometerDong, Xinyong; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Shum, Ping
12-Jul-2011Temperature-regulating fiber and a method of making the sameHu, Jinlian; Meng, Qinghao
18-Apr-2012The Temporal Experience of Pleasure Scale (TEPS) : exploration and confirmation of factor structure in a healthy Chinese sampleChan, Raymond C. K.; Shi, Yan-fang; Lai, Man-kin; Wang, Yu-na; Wang, Ya; Kring, Ann M.
1-Jun-2009Temporal thermal response of Type II–IR fiber Bragg gratingsLiao, Changrui; Wang, Dongning; Li, Yuhua; Sun, Tong; Grattan, Kenneth T. V.
2012Temporarily coherent point SAR interferometryZhang, Lei
2003Tensile drawing behavior of rotor spun yarnJiang, Xiuying Debbie
Oct-2003Tensile strength of zinc oxide films measured by a microbridge methodOng, C. W.; Zong, D. G.; Aravind, M.; Choy, Chung-loong; Lu, D. R.
2006The tensor eigenvalue methods for the positive definiteness identification problemWang, Fei
20-May-2013Terahertz plasmonics in ferroelectric-gated grapheneJin, Dafei; Kumar, Anshuman; Fung, Kin Hung; Xu, Jun; Fang, Nicholas X.
2007Terminology extraction using contextual informationJi, Luning
2003Test methodologies for analogue cores of system-on-chipKo, Koon-yuen
3-Jun-2009Testing box for measuring anti-pulling force of soil nailing mechanical property = 用于测量土钉力学性能的抗拔力测试箱Yin, J. H. (殷建華)
17-Oct-2006Testing for correlation structures in short-term variabilities with long-term trends of multivariate time seriesNakamura, Tomomichi; Hirata, Yoshito; Small, Michael
15-Aug-2006Testing for nonlinearity in irregular fluctuations with long-term trendsNakamura, Tomomichi; Small, Michael; Hirata, Yoshito
18-Nov-2005Testing for nonlinearity in time series without the Fourier transformNakamura, Tomomichi; Luo, Xiaodong; Small, Michael
2003Testing multimedia software using Hybrid Control Flowgraph-Petri Net approachCheng, Ka-fai
2014Testing serial correlation in partially linear additive modelsYang, Jin
6-Jan-2014Testing the psychometric properties of a Chinese version of the level of expressed emotion scaleChien, Wai-Tong; Chan, Zenobia C.Y.; Chan, Sally Wai-Chi
5-Aug-2003Textile fabric testingLi, Yi; Hu, Jun Yan; Lubos, Hes
3-Feb-2010Textile possessing function of managing moisture = 一种具有水分管理功能的织物Fan, Jintu (范金土); Szeto, Yu-cheung (司徒譽祥)
29-Mar-2006Textile surface analysis method and its system = 织物表面分析方法及其系统Hu, Jinlian (胡金蓮); Xin, Binjie (辛斌杰); Guo, Yueyang (郭月洋); Yan, Haojing (嚴灝景); Newton, Edward (紐德華)
8-Jan-2013Textiles with chitosan core-shell particlesXin, John Haozhong; Li, Pei Pauline; Ye, Weijun
24-Jul-2012Textiles with chitosan core-shell particlesXin, John Haozhong; Li, Pei Pauline; Ye, Weijun
2012Texton encoding based texture classification and its applications to hand-back skin texture analysisXie, Jin
2006Texture discrimination by local morphological multifractal signaturesXia, Yong; Zhao, Rongchun; Zhang, Yanning; Feng, D. David; Sun, Jian
Oct-2005Texture-based palmprint retrieval using a layered search scheme for personal identificationLi, Wenxin; You, Jane; Zhang, David D.
2000Textures of sheet in AA3003 aluminum alloy under biaxial stretchingWen, X. Y.; Lee, W. B.
2008The theme park experience : its nature, antecedents and consequencesLo, Shuk-ting Doris
2003Theoretical and experimental studies on dynamic impact on brittle solidsWu, Shengzhi
Jul-2012Theoretical model for slender FRP-confined circular RC columnsJiang, T.; Teng, Jin-guang
1-Mar-2009Theoretical prediction on the structural, electronic, and polarization properties of tetragonal Bi₂ZnTiO₆Wang, Hai; Huang, Haitao; Lu, Wei; Chan, Helen L. W.; Wang, Biao; Woo, Chung-ho
2004Theoretical simulations of debris flow and their applications to hazard mapping using GISLo, Kwok-hung
1999Theoretical stress analyses for rock spheres and cylinders under the point load strength testWei, Xuexia
2006Theoretical studies on domain structures in ferroelectricsTsang, Chun-ho
2004Theoretical studies on potassium cation-ligand interactionWong, Hoi-shan
14-Jul-2011Theoretical study of Cl ‾ RG (rare gas) complexes and transport of Cl‾ through RG (RG = He-Rn)Withers, Carolyn D.; Wright, Timothy G.; Viehland, Larry A.; Grossman, Leonid; Kirkpatrick, Charles C.; Lee, Edmond P. F.