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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Conceptions of physical child abuse in China : listening to children and their parents on parental child battering in BeijingQiao, Dongping
Jun-2011A conceptual critique of parenting research in Hong KongFok, Hung-kit; Shek, Daniel T. L.
2010Conceptual embroidery for fashion in a Chinese contextZhang, Yingchun
17-Jun-2012A conceptual model for submarine feature description and generalisation in nautical chart productionYan, Jingya; Guilbert, Eric; Saux, Eric
2002A conceptual model of intimate apparel design : an application to bra designChan, Yin-ching Cherie
2005A conceptual model of success for design and build projects in the public sector of Hong KongLam, Wai-ming
Oct-2012A conceptual review of research on the pathological use of computers, video games, and the internetSim, Boon Wee Timothy; Gentile, Douglas A.; Bricolo, Francesco; Serpelloni, Giovanni; Gulamoydeen, Farah
2001Conceptual understandings and their application to a problem assessment task : implications for nursing curriculum designWong, Wai-lin Marian
25-Jun-2009A concept–relationship acquisition and inference approach for hierarchical taxonomy construction from tagsTsui, Eric; Wang, Wai Ming; Cheung, Chi-fai Benny; Lau, Sau-mui Adela
Sep-2007Concgramming : a computer driven approach to learning the phraseology of EnglishGreaves, Chris; Warren, Martin
2007Concgramming : a corpus-driven approach to learning the phraseology of discipline-specific textsCheng, Winnie
13-Apr-2011Concrete paving brick capable of purifying air and method for manufacturing the same = 可净化空气的混凝土铺路砖及其制造方法Poon, C. S. (潘智生); Kou, Shicong (寇世聰)
2010A concurrency integrity model for distributed product data managementChan, Edmond Cheuk-kit
2-Oct-2009Concurrent observations of air pollutants at two sites in the Pearl River Delta and the implication of regional transportGuo, Hai; Jiang, F.; Cheng, H. R.; Simpson, I. J.; Wang, X. M.; Ding, A. J.; Wang, T. J.; Saunders, S. M.; Wang, Tao; Lam, S. H. M.; Blake, D. R.; Zhang, Y. L.; Xie, M.
7-May-2013Concurrent operational modes and enhanced current sensitivity in heterostructure of magnetoelectric ring and piezoelectric transformerZhang, Shengyao; Leung, Chung Ming; Kuang, Wei; Or, Derek Siu-wing; Ho, Siu-lau
Jan-2008Condition assessment of shear connectors in slab-girder bridges via vibration measurementsXia, Yong; Hao, Hong; Deeks, Andrew J.; Zhu, Xinqun
1999Conditional heteroscedastic autoregressive moving average models with seasonal patternsLau, Suk-ting
2012Conditional inactivation of Pten with EGFR overexpression in Schwann cells models sporadic MPNSTKeng, Wee-Keong Vincent; Watson, Adrienne L.; Rahrmann, Eric P.; Li, Hua; Tschida, Barbara R.; Moriarity, Branden S.; Choi, Kwangmin; Rizvi, Tilat A.; Collins, Margaret H.; Wallace, Margaret R.; Ratner, Nancy; Largaespada, David A.
2008Conditional spaces and infinite possibilities : Hong Kong lesbians and urban spatialitiesTang, Tse-shang Denise
8-Jan-2013Conditioning agent and a method for making hair having a shape memory effectHu, Jinlian; Zhu, Yong; Chen, Shaojun; Luo, Hongsheng; Lu, Jing
May-2012Conditions for the emergence of unaccusative ‘give’ in Sinitic languages : evidence from Hui’an (Southern Min)Chen, Weirong; Yap, Foong Ha
14-Aug-2013Conductive fabric manufacturing method and fabric manufactured by same = 导电织物制造方法及其制造的织物Li, Yi (李翼); Zheng, Zijian (鄭子劍); Liu, Xuqing (劉旭慶); Hu, Junyan (胡軍岩)
2005Conductivity and interfacial charge induced phenomena in ferroelectric films and compositesWong, Chung-kwan
Apr-2010Confidence intervals for tourism demand elasticitySong, Haiyan; Kim, Jae H.; Yang, Shu
Nov-2012Configuring quality management and marketing implementation and the performance implications for industrial marketersLai, Kee-hung Mike; Yeung, Andy C. L.; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
2011Confinement effects on flows past an in-duct rectangular bluff body with semi-circular leading edgeYu, K. F.; Leung, R. C. K.; Lu, Z. B.; Cheng, L.; Chan, H. Y. H.
2010Confinement of rectangular reinforced concrete column with non-seismic detailingChung, Yuk-ming Wilson
2009Conformal cooling channels design for rapid plastic injection mouldAu, Kin-man
2005Connected k-hop clustering in ad hoc networksYang, Shuhui; Wu, Jie; Cao, Jiannong
Sep-2005Connecting border collision with saddle-node bifurcation in switched dynamical systemsMa, Yue; Tse, C. K. Michael; Kousaka, Takuji; Kawakami, Hiroshi
2004The conservation of native fagaceae using mycorrhizal techniquesSo, Kwok-yin
Nov-2003A constant-power battery charger with inherent soft switching and power factor correctionPoon, N. K.; Pong, Bryan M. H.; Tse, C. K. Michael
2008Constrained one-bit transform for retinex based motion estimation for sequences with brightness variationsCheung, Hoi-Kok; Siu, Wan-chi; Feng, D. David; Wang, Zhiyong
2011Constraint programming based column generation heuristics for a ship routing and berthing time assignment problemPang, Anthony; Li, Chung-Lun
1-Mar-2012Constructal design for pedestrian movement in living spaces : evacuation configurationsLui, Che-heng Gigi; Fong, Nai-kong; Lorente, Sylvie Jeanne; Bejan, Adrian; Chow, Wan-Ki
21-Jan-2013Constructal design of pedestrian evacuation from an areaLui, Che-heng Gigi; Fong, Nai-kong; Lorente, S.; Bejan, A.; Chow, Wan-Ki
Jan-2011Constructing an index for brand equity : a hospital exampleWang, Yu-Che; Hsu, Kuei-Chu; Hsu, Sheng-Hsun; Hsieh, J.J. Po-an
2000Constructing bilingual norms for bilingual program assessment : a study of bilingual writing performance of Cantonese-speaking students in Hong Kong (China) and Anglophone students in Montréal (Canada)Kwok, Sui-yee Carol
Aug-2007Constructing PCA baseline algorithms to reevaluate ICA-based face-recognition performanceYang, Jian; Zhang, David D.; Yang, Jing-yu
Apr-2009Constructing reliable parametric images using enhanced GLLS for dynamic SPECTWen, Lingfeng; Eberl, Stefan; Fulham, Michael J.; Feng, D. David; Bai, Jing
1999Constructing women's disadvantaged position in the labor market : with reference to the employees retraining scheme in Hong KongLui, Ka-wai
Feb-2006Construction and demolition waste management in Hong KongHao, Jane; Shen, Li-yin; Devapriya, K. A. K.; Fan Wong, Chi-ning Linda
2008Construction industry development and government policyChan, Wing-tung Patrick
2012Construction knowledge mining and application of generalized fuzzy network in construction decision managementZhou, Yuguang
2004The construction of 'participation' in the China-development workTsang, Yuk-lan
2009Construction of adenoviruses and retroviruses of recombinant iron metabolism genes and their application in the studies on iron metabolismGe, Xiaohu
2002Construction of circular oligodeoxyribonucleotides on the structural basis of i-motifLiu, Dongsheng
2000The construction of collective identity : a study of the housing protests in Hong KongLeung, Chi-yuen
2005The construction of equal opportunity and gender equality in the workplaceSuen, Sui-wan Teresa
2006Construction of optimal data aggregation trees for wireless sensor networksLi, Deying; Cao, Jiannong; Liu, Ming; Zheng, Yuan
2013Construction of stiffness and flexibility for substructure-based model updatingWeng, Shun; Zhu, Hong-Ping; Xia, Yong; Ye, Ling; Hu, Xian-Yan
Jul-2006Construction safety involving working at height for residential building repair and maintenance : final report of the CII-HK research projectChan, Albert P. C.; Wong, Francis K. W.; Yam, Chi-ho Michael; Chan, Daniel W. M.; Kwok, W. K. Albert; Chan, Edwin H. W.; Yiu, C. Y.; Lam, W. M. Edmond; Cheung, Esther
2009Construction, operation and control of a laboratory-scale MicrogridChe, Yanbo; Yang, Zhangang; Cheng, K. W. Eric
2014Construing experience in tourism discourse : a corpus-based study of transitivity systemChen, Jiansheng
2010Consumers' attitude towards mobile advertisingWong, Man-ting Mandy
Jan-2014Consuming information systems : an economic model of user satisfactionSun, Heshan; Fang, Yulin; Hsieh, J.J. Po-an
Jul-2010Consumption of dried fruit of Crataegus pinnatifida (hawthorn) suppresses high-cholesterol diet-induced hypercholesterolemia in ratsKwok, Ching-yee; Wong, Candy Ngai-yan; Yau, Mabel; Yu, Peter H.; Au, Alice Lai Shan; Poon, Christina Chui-Wa; Seto, Sai-Wang; Lam, Tsz-Yan; Kwan, Yiu-Wa; Chan, Shun-wan
May-2012Consumption of pornographic materials among early adolescents in Hong Kong : profiles and psychosocial correlatesShek, Daniel T. L.; Ma, Cecilia M. S.
2012Consumption of pornographic materials among Hong Kong early adolescents : a replicationShek, Daniel T. L.; Ma, Cecilia M. S.
2012Contact force sensor based on microfiber Bragg gratingChung, Kit Man; Liu, Zhengyong; Lu, Chao; Tam, Hwa-yaw
2008Container port productivity comparison cross countryKong, Xiangzheng
2002Content-based and temporal-scalable video codingHo, Kai-hong
2013Content-sensitive salient region modelling with applicationsLiang, Zhen
Jan-2010Context-based adaptive image resolution upconversionShi, Guangming; Dong, Weisheng; Wu, Xiaolin; Zhang, Lei
Jul-2003Contextual algorithm for color quantizationYu, M. P.; Lo, K. C.
2000Contingency control strategies for modern power system under a heterogeneous simulation environmentChu, Kar-kit Gary
27-May-2013The contingent effect of personal IT innovativeness and IT self-efficacy on innovative use of complex ITWang, Wei; Li, Xixi; Hsieh, J.J. Po-an
Nov-2010Continuous monitoring of electromyography (EMG), mechanomyography (MMG), sonomyography (SMG) and torque output during ramp and step isometric contractionsGuo, Jing-Yi; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Xie, Hong-Bo; Chen, Xin
Mar-2008Continuous monitoring of sonomyography, electromyography and torque generated by normal upper arm muscles during isometric contraction : sonomyography assessment for arm musclesShi, Jun; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Huang, Qing-Hua; Chen, Xin
15-Apr-2005Continuous wavelength-tunable optical short-pulse generation by use of two Fabry-Perot laser diodes in a mutual injection-seeding schemeWang, Dongning; Fang, Xiaohui; Jin, Wei
26-May-2010Continuously adjustable reactive power compensator with low cost = 低成本且连续可调的无功功率补偿器Tsang, Kai-ming (曾啟明); Chan, Wai-lok (陳偉樂)
2008ContinuStreaming : achieving high playback continuity of gossip-based peer-to-peer streamingLi, Zhenhua; Cao, Jiannong; Chen, Guihai
Nov-2005Contract Strategy for Design Management in the Design and Build SystemChan, Edwin H. W.; Yu, Ann T. W.
16-Nov-2007Contraction stability and transverse stability of synchronization in complex networksLi, Kezan; Small, Michael; Fu, Xinchu
2009Contractor's competitiveness and competitive strategy in Hong KongTan, Yongtao
2003Contractor's environmental performance assessment system (C-EPAS)Wu, Dehua
2001Contralateral & ipsilateral cane usage by patients with osteoarthritic kneeChan, Grace
2010The contribution of early medieval China (AD 220-589) to the travel culture of landscape appreciationYan, Libo
2005The contribution of working memory, conceptual knowledge and calculation principles to the individual and group differences in arithmetic competency of elementary school childrenWong, Yau-kai
Jul-2009Contributions of thermal expansion of monuments and nearby bedrock to observed GPS height changesYan, Haoming; Chen, Wu; Zhu, Yaozhong; Zhang, Weimin; Zhong, Min