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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003 An adaptive partial distortion search for block motion estimationChan, Yui-lam; Siu, Wan-chi
2006 Adaptive passivity-based control of extended-period quasi-resonant convertersHo, Ho-fai James; Cheng, K. W. Eric
2013 An adaptive prediction-correction method for solving large-scale nonlinear systems of monotone equations with applicationsYu, Gaohang; Niu, Shanzhou; Ma, Jianhua; Song, Yisheng
2013 Adaptive radiation therapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma using megavoltage computed tomography in helical tomotherapyFung, Wing Ki
Nov-2006 Adaptive segmentation of textured images by using the coupled Markov random field modelXia, Yong; Feng, D. David; Zhao, Rongchun
2004 An adaptive sliding mode controller for buck converter in continuous conduction modeTan, Siew-chong; Lai, Y. M.; Tse, C. K. Michael; Cheung, Martin Kin-ho
22-Dec-2006 An adaptive squared-distance-weighted interpolation for volume reconstruction in 3D freehand ultrasoundHuang, Qing-Hua; Zheng, Yong-Ping
2011 Adaptive traffic light control in wireless sensor network-based Intelligent Transportation SystemZhou, Binbin
2008 Adaptive wavelet and multiwavelet denoisingMa, Chun-yat
Mar-1999 Adding learning to cellular genetic algorithms for training recurrent neural networksKu, Kim-wing C.; Mak, Man-wai; Siu, Wan-chi
18-Dec-2006 Additional dc magnetic field response of magnetostrictive/piezoelectric magnetoelectric laminates by Lorentz force effectJia, Yanmin; Tang, Yanxue; Zhao, Xiangyong; Luo, Haosu; Or, Derek Siu-wing; Chan, Helen L. W.
Mar-2010 Adolescent gamblingDerevensky, Jeffrey L.; Shek, Daniel T. L.; Merrick, Joav
30-Sep-2008 Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis - to operate or not? A debate articleWeiss, H. R.; Bess, Shay; Wong, Man Sang; Patel, Vikas; Goodall, Deborah; Burger, Evalina
2006 Adopting SP/SI-frames in dual-bitstream video streaming with VCR supportIp, Tak-piu; Chan, Yui-lam; Siu, Wan-chi
2002 Adoption and adaptation of digital photogrammetry in a Hong Kong survey practiceHo, Chi-ho Eddie
2013 Adoption of a personal learning environment & network (PLE&N) to support peer- based lifelong learningTsui, Miriam L. N.; Tsui, Eric; See-To, Eric W. K.
2008 Adoption of business continuity planning processes in IT service managementWan, Stewart H. C.; Chan, Yuk-hee
Dec-2006 Adoption of internet banking : an empirical study in Hong KongCheng, T. C. Edwin; Lam, David Y. C.; Yeung, Andy C. L.
2012 Adoption of web-based self-service technology : a case of airline online check-in systemsLee, Yee Sum Louisa
2003 The adoption of web-based training (WBT) by Hong Kong organizations : a development and test of an integrated modelChan, Chi-hong Simon
2011 Advanced bitstream switching techniques for H.264 video streaming and multi-view videoLai, Ki-kit
2001 Advanced chemical oxidation treatment of dye wastewater and remediation of chlorinated aromatic dyes (CADs) polluted soil by surfactant micellar/UV systemMa, Chi-wai
2008 An advanced controller for hybrid stepper motor with novel damping techniqueTsui, Wang-hay Kenneth
2003 Advanced control of SPWM DC/AC invertersSun, Xiao
2004 Advanced diagnostics and inspection of common foundation elements in Hong Kong using ultrasonic non-destructive testing and evaluation techniquesChan, Wan-yin Fiona
2008 Advanced digital VCR for compressed videosFu, Chang-hong
1-Apr-2011 An advanced double-layer combined windings transverse flux system for thin strip induction heatingWang, Youhua; Wang, Junhua; Pang, Lingling; Ho, Siu-lau; Fu, Weinong
2012 Advanced fibre Bragg grating and microfibre Bragg grating fabrication techniquesChung, Kit Man
2011 Advanced models for transit network design and operation under uncertaintiesZhang, Yuqing
2007 Advanced nonlinear finite element investigation into structural behaviour of composite beamsWang, Juan Aaron
2006 Advanced passenger information system : modelling and optimizationYang, Liu
2002 Advanced RAKE receivers for W-CDMATantikovit, Sukvasant
2006 Advanced techniques for Chinese chunk segmentation and the similarity measure of Chinese sentencesWang, Rongbo
2004 Advanced transducer technologies for electrical connections in microelectronic packagingLi, Hing-leung
1999 Advances in functional imaging with emission computer tomographyLau, Chi-hoi
2001 Advances on stochastic traffic assignment model for driver information system applicationsChan, King-sun
2008 Advertising discourses and social changes in China : an investigation of the changing advertising discourses in Yangcheng Evening News and Nanfang Daily from 1980 to 2002Feng, Jieyun
2012 Aeroacoustics of merging flows at duct junctionsLam, Chi Yan Garret
Feb-2013 Aeroacoustics of T-junction merging flowLam, G. C. Y.; Leung, R. C. K.; Tang, Shiu-keung
2002 Aerodynamic and vibroacoustic noise of small axial-flow fans : analysis and controlChong, Tat-lung
10-Sep-2009 African perspectives on China-Africa linksSautman, Barry; Yan, Hairong
2013 Ageing effect on visual semantic versus associative semantic encodingTang, Kin Chung
2007 An agent-based framework to support collaborative product designWang, Jianxun
2002 Agent framework for software quality assurancePoon, Connie
Sep-2012 Aggregating skip bigrams into key phrase-based vector space model for web person disambiguationXu, Jian; Lu, Qin; Liu, Zhengzhong
2003 Ag(I) cationization mass spectrometry : substituent effects in cation-pi interactionsWong, Yuen-pik
17-Sep-2007 Aging-induced double ferroelectric hysteresis loops in BiFeO₃multiferroic ceramicYuan, G. L.; Yang, Y.; Or, Derek Siu-wing
2011 Agrarian change in an east Chinese villageJiang, Hongda
2004 AI-based teaching package for open channel flow on InternetChau, Kwok-wing; Sze, Yiuhung
2005 Air cleaning concrete paving blocks made from recycled construction and demolition wasteCheung, Esther
16-Aug-2010 Air quality during the 2008 Beijing Olympics : secondary pollutants and regional impactWang, Tao; Nie, Wei; Gao, Jian; Xue, Likun; Gao, Xiaomei; Wang, XinFeng; Qiu, J.; Poon, Steven C. N.; Meinardi, Simone; Blake, Donald Ray; Wang, Shulan; Ding, Aijun; Chai, Fahe; Zhang, Qingzhu; Wang, Wenxing
2007 Ai-Times : a parallel web news retrieval systemLuo, Weidong
2005 Algal bloom prediction with particle swarm optimization algorithmChau, Kwok-wing
2008 AlGaN/GaN based HEMT structures and applicationsJha, Shrawan Kumar
1991 Algorithm for p[sup m]-length discrete cosine transformChan, Yuk-hee; Siu, Wan-chi
2006 Algorithmic development of an optimal path computation model based on topographic map featuresTang, Yuet-fong Mandy
2013 Algorithms and applications of semidefinite space tensor conic convex programXu, Yi
1998 Algorithms and processor structures for motion picture compressionHui, Wai-lam
2013 Algorithms for wireless sensor network localization based on received signal strength indicationWei, Bing
2012 Aligning measures of impulsivity with underlying constructsCheung, On Chu
22-Apr-2001 Alkali metal cation-ligand affinities: basis set superposition correction for the Gaussian protocolsSiu, F. M.; Ma, N. L.; Tsang, Chun-wai
2013 Alleviating poverty via tourism : a case of tourism cooperative in YunnanYang, Xiaotao
Jul-2011 “All I can do for my child” – development of the Chinese parental sacrifice for child’s education scaleLeung, Janet T. Y.; Shek, Daniel T. L.
Mar-2009 Allocation and source attribution of lead and cadmium in maize (Zea mays L.) impacted by smelting emissionsBi, Xiangyang; Feng, Xinbin; Yang, Yuangen; Li, Xiangdong; Shin, Grace P. Y.; Li, Feili; Qiu, Guangle; Li, Guanghui; Liu, Taoze; Fu, Zhiyou
15-Jun-2005 All-optical add-drop node for optical packet-switched networksWai, Ping-kong Alexander; Xu, Lixin; Lui, Luen-fu Kevin; Chan, L. Y.; Lee, C. C.; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Demokan, Suleyman
Apr-2003 All-optical bit-error monitoring system using cascaded inverted wavelength converter and optical NOR gateChan, L. Y.; Qureshi, Khurram Karim; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander; Moses, B.; Lui, Luen-fu Kevin; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Demokan, Suleyman
23-May-2011 All-optical fiber anemometer based on laser heated fiber Bragg gratingsGao, Shaorui; Zhang, A. Ping; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Cho, L. H.; Lu, Chao
9-Mar-2010 All-optical header processing and packet switchingWai, Ping-kong Alexander; Xu, Lixin; Chan, Lai Yin Simon; Lui, Luen-fu Kevin; Tam, Hwa-yaw
2007 All-optical packet switching with all-optical header processing using fabry-perot laser diodeLui, Luen-fu
2005 All-optical shutter and polarizer using Fabry Pérot laser diodeMoses, Beulah
2009 All-oxide giant-magnetoresistive devicesChan, Yuk-kwan
1-May-2009 All wavelengths and directions hybrid-guidance photonic crystal fiber and its property of Bragg grating resonanceZhang, Huijia; Li, Shuguang; Leung, Dennis Chi-wah; Chan, Helen L. W.
2009 Alone we fail: an approach to universal print deliverabilityO'Connor, Steve
21-May-2008 Altered osmotic swelling behavior of proteoglycan-depleted bovine articular cartilage using high frequency ultrasoundWang, Q.; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Leung, Gina; Lam, Wai Ling; Guo, Xia; Lu, H. B.; Qin, L.; Mak, Arthur F. T.
2013 An alternate approach for fit test in identifying respiratory protection by N95 respiratorOr, Pui Lai
22-Sep-2008 Alternative drag coefficient in the wake of an isolated bluff bodyAlam, Md. Mahbub; Zhou, Yu
2004 Alternative energy resource from electric transportationSutanto, Danny
2005 Alternative energy technologies – a review of current applications and meritsChung, T. S.
2012 Alternative screening method for potential airborne disease : using severe acute respiratory syndrome data as an exampleTai, Ling Yin Winnie
1998 Alternatives for nickel as barrier coating for intermetallic migrationChow, Kam-moon
Showing results 81 to 160 of 6319
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