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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2006 Color demosaicing using variance of color differencesChung, King-hong; Chan, Yuk-hee
Apr-2011 Color demosaicking by local directional interpolation and nonlocal adaptive thresholdingZhang, Lei; Wu, Xiaolin; Buades, Antoni; Li, Xin
2003 Color image quantization & halftoning based on human visual perceptionYu, Mei-ping Lily.
Oct-2006 Colorimetric characterization of scanner by measures of perceptual color errorShen, Hui-liang; Mou, Tong-sheng; Xin, John Haozhong
Mar-2003 Color quantization of compressed video sequencesCheung, Wan-fung; Chan, Yuk-hee
Sep-2007 Color reproduction from noisy CFA data of single sensor digital camerasZhang, Lei; Wu, Xiaolin; Zhang, David D.
14-May-2013 Color-tunable upconversion luminescence of Yb ³⁺, Er³⁺, and Tm³⁺ tri-doped ferroelectric BaTiO₃ materialsZhang, Yang; Hao, J. H.
2007 Color tuning characterization and modeling of textile displays made from polymeric optical fibresMan, Wai-kei Vicky
2012 Colour matching system for colour approval of multi-component apparelLau, Lai Ngo
2003 Colour measurement correction model for improving inter-instrumental agreementChung, Yiu-sing
2002 Colour quantization of compressed video sequences based on the estimation of cumulative colour histogramCheung, Wan-fung; Chan, Yuk-hee
2010 Colour retinal image segmentation for computer-aided fundus diagnosisLi, Qin
2011 Co-marketing alliance for international brandsXiao, Zuhui
2004 Combination of extracorporeal shock wave therapy and low intensity ultrasound for inducing healing of non-union in a rabbit modelHui, Chi-cheung
2004 Combination of polar edge detection and active contour model for automated tongue segmentationZuo, Wangmeng; Wang, Kuanquan; Zhang, David D.; Zhang, Hongzhi
1998 Combination of sliding mode controller and PI controller using fuzzy logic controllerWong, L. K.; Leung, Frank H. F.; Tam, Peter K. S.
2008 Combined electromyography (EMG)-driven system with functional electrical stimulation (FES) for poststroke rehabilitationLi, R.; Hu, Xiaoling; Tong, Kai-yu Raymond
Jul-2000 A combined finite element-domain elimination method for minimizing torque ripples in inverter-fed AC motor drive systemsHo, Siu-lau; Yang, Shiyou; Zhou, Ping; Wong, Ho-ching Chris; Rahman, M. A.
5-Nov-2008 Combined LED lamp cap = 组合式LED灯头To, Sandy (杜雪); Jiang, Jinbo (蔣金波); Lee, W. B. (李榮彬); Cheung, Chi-fai Benny (張志輝); Wang, Wenkui (王文奎)
30-Jan-2008 Combined minitype multi-sense training apparatus = 组合式小型多种感觉训练器械Tam, Sing Fai (譚聲輝)
7-Feb-2005 Combined mutual pulse injection-seeding and active mode locking system for wavelength tunable optical short pulse generationFang, Xiaohui; Wang, Dongning; Jin, Wei; Ho, Hoi-lut; Tong, Fu-wa
9-Jan-2008 Combined skewer roasting furnace = 一种组合串烧炉Lo, Chun-yan (盧俊胤)
May-2003 A combined wavelet-element free Galerkin method for numerical calculations of electromagnetic fieldsYang, Shiyou; Ni, Guangzheng; Cardoso, J. R.; Ho, Siu-lau; Machado, José Márcio
Apr-2006 A combined wavelet-FE method for transient electromagnetic-field computationsYang, Shiyou; Ho, Siu-lau; Ni, P. H.; Ni, Guangzheng
Nov-2002 Combining a fuzzy optimal model with a genetic algorithm to solve multi-objective rainfall–runoff model calibrationCheng, Chuntian; Ou, Chunping; Chau, Kwok-wing
2006 Comfort and mechanical function of compression stockingsLiu, Rong
2012 Comfort assessment of tower-like slender structures under typhoons and earthquakesLiao, Weiyang
28-Mar-2013 Comment on “Intrinsic dielectric frequency dependent spectrum of a single domain tetragonal BaTiO3” [J. Appl. Phys. 112, 014108 (2012)]Deng, Hai-Yao
17-Jul-2009 Comment on "Mechanism for superelongation of carbon nanotubes at high temperatures"Ding, Feng; Huang, Jian Yu; Yakobson, Boris I.
Jun-2006 Comments on "Design and analysis of switched-capacitor-based step-up resonant converters"Ioinovici, Adrian; Tse, C. K. Michael; Chung, Henry Shu-hung
Feb-2007 Comments on "Unified analysis of switched-capacitor resonant converters"Ioinovici, Adrian; Chung, Henry Shu-hung; Makowsk, Marek S.; Tse, C. K. Michael
1-Jul-2012 Common polymorphisms in TLR4 gene associated with susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis in the sudaneseZaki, H. Y.; Leung, Kim-hung; Yiu, W. C.; Gasmelseed, N.; Elwali, N. E. M.; Yip, Shea-ping
1999 Communication mechanism for heterogeneous computer systemLau, Wing-chiu
2005 A community-based and family-centered care approach for stroke survivors in Wuhan city of ChinaLi, Sijian
2012 Community development through tourism : opportunities and challenges in Burdeos, PhilippinesJavier, Hazel Habito
Jul-2008 Community nursing services for postdischarge chronically ill patientsChow, Susan Ka-yee; Wong, Frances Kam-yuet; Chan, Tony M. F.; Chung, Yuet-foon; Chang, Katherine K. P.; Lee, Rance P. L.
2010 The "community question" in the state-led urbanization process of post-reform China: a case study of ShanghaiXu, Ying
Jun-2012 A comparative analysis of construction equipment failures using power law models and time series modelsFan, Hongqin
2003 A comparative analysis of design theories of contemporary European and Japanese fashion designersAu, Sau-chuen Joe
2013 Comparative proteomic study on paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTS) producing dinoflagellatesMak, Yun Lam
Oct-2012 A comparative study of critical success factors for public private partnerships (PPP) between Mainland China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionCheung, Esther; Chan, Albert P. C.; Lam, Tsun-ip Patrick; Chan, Daniel W. M.; Ke, Yongjian
2005 A comparative study of Kalman filtering for sensorless control of a permanent-magnet synchronous motor driveBorsje, Pieter; Chan, T. F.; Wong, Yiu-kwong; Ho, Siu-lau
Apr-2012 A comparative study of the benefits of applying target cost contracts between South Australia and Hong KongChan, Daniel W. M.; Lam, Tsun-ip Patrick; Chan, Joseph H. L.; Ma, Tony; Perkin, Thomas
1999 A comparative study of the economic impacts of tourism investment on selected economies of APEC regionZhang, Guangyu
Feb-2008 A comparative study of the variables in construction project briefing/ architectural programmingYu, Ann T. W.; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.; Kelly, John; Hunter, Kirsty
13-Oct-2011 Comparative study on saponin fractions from Panax notoginseng inhibiting inflammation-induced endothelial adhesion molecule expression and monocyte adhesionWang, Nan; Wan, Jian-Bo; Chan, Shun-Wan; Deng, Yan-Hui; Yu, Nan; Zhang, Qing-Wen; Wang, Yi-Tao; Lee, Simon Ming-Yuen
2006 Comparison and design analysis of pulse transformer for HID ballastsDong, Ping; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Wang, D. H.; Ho, Siu-lau; Kwok, K. F.; Xue, Xiangdang
Aug-2010 Comparison between reflection-mode photoplethysmography and arterial diameter change detected by ultrasound at the region of radial arteryWang, Congzhi; Zheng, Yong-Ping
Jan-2014 Comparison of effects between home visits with telephone calls and telephone calls only for transitional discharge support : a randomised controlled trialWong, Frances Kam-yuet; Chow, Susan Ka-yee; Chan, Tony Moon Fai; Tam, Stanley Kui Fu
1-May-2006 Comparison of interfacial and electrical characteristics of HfO₂and HfAlO high-k dielectrics on compressively strained Si[sub 1−x]Ge[sub x]Curreem, K. K. S.; Lee, Pui-fai; Wong, K. S.; Dai, Jiyan; Zhou, M. J.; Wang, J.; Li, Quan
2000 A comparison of "old-style" and "new-style" of the general Hakka accent as spoken by the "indigenous inhabitants" of Hong KongLau, Chun-fat
15-Aug-2009 A comparison of performance of several artificial intelligence methods for forecasting monthly discharge time seriesWang, Wen-chuan; Chau, Kwok-wing; Cheng, Chuntian; Qiu, Lin
17-Jan-2012 A comparison of portable ultrasound and fully-equipped clinical ultrasound unit in the thyroid size measurement of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphinKot, Brian C. W.; Ying, Tin-cheung Michael; Brook, Fiona
Nov-2005 Comparison of several flood forecasting models in Yangtze RiverChau, Kwok-wing; Wu, C. L.; Li, Y. S.
Jun-2010 Comparison of the degradations of diphenamid by homogeneous photolysis and heterogeneous photocatalysis in aqueous solutionLiang, Hai-chao; Li, Xiang-zhong; Yang, Yin-hua; Sze, Kong-hung
29-Nov-2006 Comparisons between different approximations to energy dissipation rate in a self-preserving far wakeZhou, T.; Hao, Z.; Chua, L. P.; Zhou, Yu
2013 Compensating for disability identity through marriage : a grounded theory study on married women with disabilities in a southwest Chinese townshipYang, Jing
2009 Compensation and lamp life model of HID lampDong, Ping; Cheng, K. W. Eric
5-Nov-2002 Competing roughening mechanisms in strained heteroepitaxy: a fast kinetic Monte Carlo studyLam, Chi-hang; Lee, Chun-kin; Sander, Leonard M.
2002 Competitive algorithms for on-line problems and their application to mobile agentsMa, Wei-min
2010 Competitiveness for real estate developers : a China studyZhang, Xiaoling
2009 Compiler-assisted high performance and low power optimizations for embedded systemsWang, Meng
May-2002 Complex behavior in switching power convertersTse, C. K. Michael; Di Bernardo, Mario
2013 Complex event detection in RFID and Wireless Sensor NetworksZhu, Weiping
14-Jun-2006 Complex network from pseudoperiodic time series: topology versus dynamicsZhang, J.; Small, Michael
Aug-2011 Complex networks in confined comminutionWalker, David M.; Tordesillas, Antoinette; Einav, Itai; Small, Michael
19-Jul-2005 Complex waveform electroplatingChan, Kang-cheung; Yung, Kam-chuen Winco; Yue, Tai-man
2003 Complicated daily tasks of Chinese elderly with strokeWan, Ka-yan Kania
1999 Component grouping for printed circuit board assemblySze, Man-ting
2004 Component sequencing and feeder arrangement for PCB assembly machines : integration, models, and solutionsHo, William
19-Oct-2004 Composite textile materialLi, Yi; Yeung, Philip K. W.; Kwok, Yi-lin; Xu, Weilin
18-Jul-2001 Composite type thin shell used for roof or other applications = 用于屋顶和其它应用的组合式薄壳Teng, Jin-guang (滕錦光)
27-Aug-2002 Composition for storage battery cells and method for making sameLeung, Tin-pui; Wong, Ho-ching Chris; Miu, Wah-sing
Jul-2003 Compound pulse solitons in a fiber ring laserTang, D. Y.; Zhao, B.; Shen, D. Y.; Lu, C.; Man, W. S.; Tam, Hwa-yaw
2012 A comprehensive assessment and management program for diabetic ulcerKwan, Lai Chu Rachel
2010 Comprehensive assessment and pulsed electromagnetic therapy for diabetic peripheral neuropathyCheng, Kam-kwan
Jan-2011 Comprehensive scheme for subpixel variable block-size motion estimationZhang, Ying; Siu, Wan-chi; Shen, Tingzhi
2003 A comprehensive study of the Hong Kong puffer fishes and their toxinsYu, Chun-fai
Feb-2009 Compressed-domain techniques for error-resilient video transcoding using RPSChan, Yui-lam; Cheung, Hoi-kin; Siu, Wan-chi
2008 Compressing color-indexed images with an adaptive palette reordering methodLui, Ka-chun
Showing results 730 to 809 of 6319
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