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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Nov-2009Revising the simple measures of assortativity in complex networksXu, Xiaoke; Zhang, Jie; Sun, Junfeng; Small, Michael
27-Sep-2010Revisit of the Vögel-Fulcher freezing in lead magnesium niobate relaxorsKe, Shanming; Fan, Huiqing; Huang, Haitao
May-2005The revival of folk religion and gender relationships in rural China : a preliminary observationLaw, Pui-lam
Dec-2009Reynolds number effect on the wake of two staggered cylindersZhou, Yu; Feng, S. X.; Alam, Md. Mahbub; Bai, H. L.
Apr-2009Reynolds number effects on wavelet components of self-preserving turbulent structuresRinoshika, Akira; Zhou, Yu
Mar-2010Re‐examining content‐enriched access : its effect on usage and discoveryTosaka, Yuji; Weng, Cathy
18-Jul-2012RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) electronic seal based container management = 一种基于RFID电子封条的集装箱管理系统和方法Kwok, Siu Keung (郭少强); Wang, Muwen (王牧文)
2008An RFID-enabled knowledge-based customization system for supply chain network integrationCheung, Chung-man
2004RGB : a scalable and reliable group membership protocol in mobile InternetWang, Guojun; Cao, Jiannong; Chan, Keith C. C.
16-Dec-2010Rhythmic dynamics and synchronization via dimensionality reduction : application to human gaitZhang, Jie; Zhang, Kai; Feng, Jianfeng; Small, Michael
Oct-2010Rich-club connectivity dominates assortativity and transitivity of complex networksXu, Xiaoke; Zhang, Jie; Small, Michael
22-Jul-2003Ring-shaped piezoelectric transformer having an inner and outer electrodeHu, Jin-hua; Li, Hing-leung; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong
1-May-2010Ring-type electric current sensor based on ring-shaped magnetoelectric laminate of epoxy-bonded Tb₀.₃Dy₀.₇Fe₁.₉₂ short-fiber/NdFeB magnet magnetostrictive composite and Pb(Zr, Ti)O₃ piezoelectric ceramicLeung, Chung Ming; Or, Derek Siu-wing; Zhang, Shengyao; Ho, Siu-lau
Dec-2011Risk factors of public-private partnership projects in China : comparison between the water, power, and transportation sectorsCheung, Esther; Chan, Albert P. C.
2010Risk management in finance and insurance via stochastic optimizationLiu, Jingzhen
2010A risk management methodology with risk dependenciesKwan, Tak-wah
Sep-2008Risk management strategy based on price swap for generation companies in electricity market environment = 电力市场环境下基于电价互换的发电公司风险管理策略Li, Xiao-jun (李曉軍); Ngan, H. W. (顏漢榮); Yu, C. W. (余志偉); Chung, Chi Yung (鍾志勇); Wong, Kit Po (黄杰波); Tan, Zhong-fu (譚忠富)
2002Risk management systems for e-commerce developmentWat, Ka-tsun
Feb-2012Risk mitigation strategies for guaranteed maximum price and target cost contracts in construction : a factor analysis approachChan, Joseph H. L.; Chan, Daniel W. M.; Chan, Albert P. C.; Lam, Tsun-ip Patrick
2013Risk ranking and allocation of PPP projects : a comparison between different types of private ownerships in Mainland ChinaPeng, Tong
Aug-2011Risk ranking and analysis in target cost contracts : empirical evidence from the construction industryChan, Daniel W. M.; Chan, Albert P. C.; Lam, Tsun-ip Patrick; Yeung, Fai-yip; Chan, Joseph H. L.
2004River stage forecasting with particle swarm optimizationChau, Kwok-wing
30-Aug-2008River stage prediction based on a distributed support vector regressionWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing; Li, Y. S.
2012Road safety implications of bus only lanes and bus drivers junction approaching behaviourTse, Lai Yin Vincent
2008Robot-assisted wrist training for chronic stroke : a comparison between electromyography (EMG) driven robot and passive motionHu, Xiaoling; Tong, Kai-yu Raymond; Song, Rong; Zheng, X. J.; Lui, Ka-him; Ng, Sheung-mei Shamay; Au-Yeung, Suk-yin Stephanie; Leung, Woon-fong Wallace
2009A robotic arm design for stroke patientsWang, Shuxiao; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Ding, Kai; Lin, Jiongkang; Xu, Cuidong
22-Jan-2013Robotic system and training method for rehabilitation using EMG signals to provide mechanical helpTong, Kai-yu Raymond; Song, Rong
2006A robotic system using myoelectrical control at the elbow joint for the rehabilitation of persons after strokeSong, Rong
24-Sep-2013Robotic training system with multi-orientation moduleTong, Kai-yu Raymond; Song, Rong; Lam, Chiu Hoi Ivan; Tam, Wai-man Robert; Ng, Shu To; Lee, Tak-chi; Pang, Man Kit Peter; Kwok, King Lun; Tsui, Yin Bonn Philip; Leung, Woon-fong Wallace
18-Apr-2012Robotic training system with multi-orientation module = 带多方向模块的机器人训练系统Tong, Kai-yu Raymond (湯啓宇); Song, Rong (宋嶸); Lam, Chiu Hoi Ivan (林昭凱); Tam, Wai-man Robert (谭惠民); Ng, Shu To (吳樹滔); Lee, Tak-chi (李德志); Pang, Man Kit Peter (彭民傑); Kwok, King Lun (郭景麟); Tsui, Yin Bonn Philip (崔彦邦); Leung, Woon-fong Wallace (梁煥方)
1999Robust active vibration control of thin plate systems with parameters uncertaintiesLi, Yiyang
19-Dec-2011A robust and dither-free technique for controlling driver signal amplitude for stable and arbitrary optical phase modulationYang, Yanfu; Lu, Chao; Lau, Alan Pak Tao; Yao, Yong; Sun, Yunxu; Xiao, Jun Jun; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander
2012Robust and efficient face recognition via adaptive masking and dictionary learningFeng, Zhizhao
2004Robust and fast global motion estimation for arbitrarily shaped video objects in MPEG-4Cheung, Hoi-kin; Chan, Yui-lam; Siu, Wan-chi
2008Robust and sensorless control of linear switched reluctance motorsZhao, Shiwei
Dec-2013Robust enzymatic saccharification of a Douglas-fir forest harvest residue by SPORLLeu, Shao-Yuan; Zhu, J. Y.; Gleisner, Roland; Sessions, John; Marrs, Gevan
2005A robust fault detection and diagnosis strategy for centrifugal chillersCui, Jingtan
2003Robust filtering by fictitious noisesZhang, Huanshui; Zhang, David D.; Wang, Wei; Xie, Lihua
2003Robust filtering for uncertain discrete-time systems : an improved LMI approachXie, Lihua; Lu, Lilei; Zhang, David D.; Zhang, Huanshui
2005A robust full-digital drive for linear permanent magnet synchronous motorsTam, Shing-wai Michael
2004A robust fully-digital drive for linear permanent magnet synchronous motorTam, Michael S. W.; Cheung, C. Norbert
2003A robust global motion estimation scheme for sprite codingCheung, Hoi-Kok; Siu, Wan-chi
1999A robust model generation technique for model-based codingSiu, Manson; Chan, Yuk-hee
Nov-2001A robust model generation technique for model-based video codingSiu, Manson; Chan, Yuk-hee; Siu, Wan-chi
2011Robust optimization-based generation self-scheduling under uncertain priceLuo, Xiao; Chung, Chi Yung; Yang, Hongming; Tong, Xiaojiao
Sep-2008Robust pedestal-free pulse compression in cubic-quintic nonlinear mediaSenthilnathan, K.; Li, Qian; Nakkeeran, K.; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander
2009Robust power system stabilizer design by evolutionary algorithmsWang, Zhen
2000Robust PSS design based on probabilistic approachWang, Kewen
2009The role of aberrations in refractive developmentKwan, Chi-kit William
2011The role of Acu-TENS in hemodynamic recovery after open-heart surgeryNg, Maggie C. S.; Jones, Yee-men Alice; Cheng, L. C.
2000The role of ceruloplasmin in brain iron transportTsoi, Ying-king
2011The role of consumption emotion in the hotel and resort spa experienceWu, Keying Corrine
2003The role of culture on customer participation in servicesLloyd, Alison E
2008The role of finance in competitiveness of indigenous contractors in Hong KongChan, Yee-man Theresa
2007The role of hepcidin in iron transport of macrophagesWang, Qin
2007The role of information assimilation capability in implementing IT-enabled supply chain under different task environmentsWong, Wing-yan Christina
1-Feb-2005Role of interfacial charge in the piezoelectric properties of ferroelectric 0-3 compositesWong, Chung-kwan; Shin, Franklin G.
1998The role of multinational hotel enterprises in technology transfer to hotels in ChinaYu, Mingxi
1-Jul-2004Role of oxygen pressure during pulsed laser deposition on the electrical and dielectric properties of antiferroelectric lanthanum-doped lead zirconate stannate titanate thin filmsYao, Yingbang; Lu, S. G.; Chen, Haydn; Zhai, Jiwei; Wong, Kin-hung
2010Role of p110 isoforms of the class IA phosphoinositide 3-kinases in the pathogenesis of glioblastoma multiformeLuk, Sze-ki, Carina
Sep-2012The role of program, people, process, policy and place (5Ps) in the implementation of a positive youth development programWu, Florence K. Y.; Shek, Daniel T. L.
2006The role of thioredoxin system in oxidative stress and cell agingLam, Suk-mi Levina
2008Role of working memory in kinaesthetic motor imagerySung, Ying-yuk Connie
2010The roles and values of personal knowledge management : an exploratory studyCheong, Ricky K. F.; Tsui, Eric
2010The roles of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and apolipoprotein A1 (ApoA1) in avian eye growth -a proteomic approachChun, Ka-man
2003Roles of immobilized biomass in an anaerobic hybrid reactorCheung, Wing-leung Montgomery
24-Sep-2007Room temperature gas sensing properties of SnO₂/multiwall-carbon-nanotube composite nanofibersYang, An; Tao, Xiaoming; Wang, Rongxing; Lee, Shun-cheng; Surya, Charles
Jun-2009Room-temperature hydrogen-induced resistivity response of Pd/Mg–Ni filmsTang, Yu Ming; Ong, C. W.
Sep-2008Root exudates increase metal accumulation in mixed cultures : implications for naturally enhanced phytoextractionLuo, Chunling; Shen, Zhenguo; Li, Xiangdong
18-Sep-2013Rotary ultrasonic imaging system = 旋转超声成像系统Lin, Guohao (林國豪); Chen, Yan (陳燕); Dai, Jiyan (戴吉岩); Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華)
2009A rotary-linear switched reluctance motorPan, Jianfei; Cheung, C. Norbert; Cao, Guangzhong
2012Routing strategies and cooperation incentive mechanisms for delay tolerant networksChen, Honglong
2000A row-oriented error diffusion technique for digital halftoningChan, Yuk-hee; Cheung, Sin-ming
10-May-2001Row-oriented multiscale error diffusion technique for digital halftoningChan, Yuk-hee; Cheung, Sin-ming
Jun-2002A rule-based acceleration control scheme for an induction motorShi, K. L.; Chan, T. F.; Wong, Yiu-kwong; Ho, Siu-lau
2001Run-time fault detection in monitor based concurrent programmingCao, Jiannong; Cheung, Nick K. C.; Chan, Alvin T. S.
2001Runout distance of debris flows : experimental and numerical simulationsChan, Chin-pang Leo
2013Rural participation for equal allocation and economic efficiency : case study of a Chinese village in Guangdong, 1978-2011Wang, Huaqi
2010Ruthenium-catalyzed β-alkylation of secondary alcohols with primary alcohols, α-alkylation of arylacetonitriles with primary alcohols and Markovnikov and anti-Markovnikov functionalization of terminal alkynesCheung, Hung-wai
6-Jun-2013Safety management in repair, maintenance, minor alteration and addition works : a knowledge management perspectiveHon, Ka Hung; Chan, Albert P. C.