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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2003Randomized trial of use of incentive to increase the response rate to a mailed surveyChan, Moon-fai; Tse, Hing-min Sonny; Day, Mary Christine; Tong, Tak-fai; Suen, Kwai-ping Lorna
2011Range-free and range-based localization of wireless sensor networksXiao, Qingjun
Apr-2013Ranked critical factors in PPP briefingsTang, LiYaning; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.; Skitmore, Martin; Cheng, Eddie W. L.
2012Rapid differentiation of herbal medicines by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometryLai, Ying Han
2002Rapid jewelry design and prototype makingYoung, Yuk-yu
Jan-2013Rapid large scale intra-nationality language shift in Hong Kong 1949-1974 = 香港“非广州话”族群快速及大规模的语言转移 1949—1971So, Daniel W. C.; Lau, Chun Fat
1-Apr-2010RC beams shear-strengthened with FRP : shear resistance contributed by FRPChen, G. M.; Teng, Jin-guang; Chen, J. F.
May-2008Reaction pathways of dimethyl phthalate degradation in TiO₂-UV-O₂and TiO₂-UV-Fe(VI) systemsYuan, Bao-Ling; Li, Xiang-zhong; Graham, Nigel
18-Jun-2008Reactive aqueous polyurethane fabric finishing agent, its preparation method and application = 反应型水性聚氨酯织物整理剂,其制备方法及应用Hu, Jinlian (胡金蓮); Liu, Yeqiu (劉冶球)
2006Reactive power and security studies in an open power marketLin, Xujun
2001Reactive Web policing based on self-organizing mapsChan, Alvin T. S.; Shiu, Alan; Cao, Jiannong; Leong, Hong-va
8-Sep-2011[Read@PolyU Speech, 2011, Hong Kong]O'Connor, Steve
2013Real options model of toll adjustment mechanism in concession contracts of infrastructure projectsChen, Qing
2011A real time intelligent resource management system for facilitating inbound operations in manufacturingPoon, Tak-chun
2011A real time quality monitoring system for the lighting industry : a practical and rapid approach using computer vision and image processing (CVIP) toolsNg, Curtise Kin-Cheung; Wu, C. H.; Ip, W. H.; Chan, Ching-yuen; Ho, To-sum
2007Real-coded genetic algorithm based variable feed-forward neural networks and their applicationsLing, Sai-ho
2005Real-coded genetic algorithm with average-bound crossover and wavelet mutation for network parameters learningLing, S. H.; Leung, Frank H. F.
2013Real-time and robust visual trackingZhang, Kaihua
2005Real-time electromagnetic electromechanical hybrid transient simulation for large power systemsSu, Hongtian
2005Real-time face recognition with live detectionWan, Kwok-wai
2003Real-time feedback control mechanism on packet switching networkYam, Kam-tai
2011A real-time multicast routing scheme for multi-hop switched fieldbusesChen, Lixiong; Liu, Xue; Wang, Qixin; Wang, Yufei
2006Real-time simulation and experiment platform for switched reluctance motorChe, Yanbo; Cheng, K. W. Eric
2012Real-time train wheel condition monitoring by fiber Bragg grating sensorsWei, Chuliang; Xin, Qin; Chung, Wenghong; Liu, Shun Yee Michael; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Ho, Siu-lau
Jul-2008Real-time ultrasonic assessment of progressive proteoglycan depletion in articular cartilageWang, Qing; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Qin, Ling; Huang, Qing-Hua; Lam, Wai Ling; Leung, Gina; Guo, Xia; Lu, Hong-Bin
Mar-2007Real-time volume rendering visualization of dual-modality PET/CT images with interactive fuzzy thresholding segmentationKim, Jinman; Cai, Weidong; Eberl, Stefan; Feng, D. David
Aug-2007Recalculation of 11‐year total ozone of Brewer spectrophotometer 115  Lam, Ka-se; Savastiouk, V.; Fung, W. Y.; Chan, T. K.; Lamb, K.
Jun-2012Recent advances in noninvasive glucose monitoringSo, C. F.; Choi, Kup-Sze; Wong, Thomas K. S.; Chung, Joanne
4-Aug-2008Recent advances in the compound-oriented and pattern-oriented approaches to the quality control of herbal medicinesZeng, Zhongda; Chau, Foo-tim; Chan, Hoi-yan; Cheung, Chui-yee; Lau, Tsui-yan; Wei, Shuiyin; Mok, Daniel K. W.; Chan, Chi-On; Liang, Yizeng
2009Recent development on electric vehiclesCheng, K. W. Eric
1-Aug-2005Recent developments in econometric modeling and forecastingLi, Gang; Song, Haiyan; Witt, Stephen F.
Nov-2003Recent progress in bidirectional interrogation techniques for enhancing multiplexing capability of fiber optic white light interferometric sensorsYuan, Libo; Zhou, Limin; Jin, Wei
Dec-2000Recent progress of white light interferometric fiberoptic strain sensing techniquesYuan, Libo; Zhou, Limin; Jin, Wei; Chan, C. C.
2006Recent projects of building integrated photovoltaic in Hong KongLo, Edward
Feb-2012Reciprocal relationships in collective flights of homing pigeonsXu, Xiaoke; Dieck Kattas, Graciano; Small, Michael
2012Recognition for positive behavior as a critical youth development construct : conceptual bases and implications on youth service developmentLaw, Ben M. F.; Siu, M. H. Andrew; Shek, Daniel T. L.
2003Recognition of speech commands using a modified neural fuzzy network and an improved GALeung, Koon-fai; Leung, Frank H. F.; Lam, H. K.; Tam, Peter K. S.
2010Reconstruction of super-resolution image from low-resolution images using adaptive Wiener filteringZhang, Xiang
25-Apr-2007Reconstruction system and method for sheet three-dimensional surface of flexible body = 薄片型柔性体表面三维重建的系统和方法Hu, Jinlian (胡金蓮); Xin, Binjie (辛斌杰)
May-2003Recovery of ammonium-nitrogen from landfill leachate as a multi-nutrient fertilizerLi, Xiang-zhong; Zhao, Q. L.
2000Recovery of bioplastics from activated sludge wastewater treatment processMa, Chi-keung
8-Feb-2012Recovery robot system for providing mechanical assistant by using myoelectric signal and the training method thereof = 利用肌电信号提供机械帮助的康复机器人系统Tang, Qiyu (湯啓宇); Song, Rong (宋嶸)
Apr-2005Recruitment of elderly patients for research and data collection : experiences with a Hong Kong Chinese sampleWong, I. Y. C.; Lai, Kam-yuk Claudia
6-Aug-2007Rectifying characteristics and transport behavior of SrTiO[sub3−δ]110/p-Si (100) heterojunctionsLuo, Zhi; Hao, J. H.; Gao, J.
Oct-2011Recursive encoding and decoding of the noiseless subsystem and decoherence-free subspaceLi, Chi-kwong; Nakahara, Mikio; Poon, Yiu-Tung; Sze, Nung-Sign; Tomita, Hiroyuki
17-Jan-2007Reduced ferroelectric coercivity in multiferroic Bi[sub 0.825]Nd[sub 0.175]FeO₃ thin filmYuan, G. L.; Or, Derek Siu-wing; Chan, Helen L. W.; Liu, Zhiguo
17-Aug-2007Reducing colored noise for chaotic time series in the local phase spaceSun, Junfeng; Zhao, Yi; Luo, Xiaodong; Small, Michael
2006Reducing the complexity of multiscale error diffusionLui, Ka-chun; Chan, Yuk-hee
Jan-1997Reduction of block-transform image coding artifacts by using local statistics of transform coefficientsChoy, Steven S. O.; Chan, Yuk-hee; Siu, Wan-chi
1997Reduction of coding artifacts in transform image coding by using local statistics of transform coefficientsChoy, Steven S. O.; Chan, Yuk-hee
Sep-2008Redundancy reduction technique for dual-bitstream MPEG video streaming with VCR functionalitiesIp, Tak-piu; Chan, Yui-lam; Siu, Wan-chi
3-Apr-2013Reexamination of explosive synchronization in scale-free networks : the effect of disassortativityLi, Ping; Zhang, Kai; Xu, Xiaoke; Zhang, Jie; Small, Michael
2005Reference picture selection in an already MPEG encoded bitstreamCheung, Hoi-kin; Chan, Yui-lam; Siu, Wan-chi
18-Jun-2008Reference positioning system employing RF recognition technology = 利用射频识别技术的参考定位系统和集装箱堆场的堆放管理系统Ngai, W. T. Eric (倪偉定); Choi, Y. S. (蔡日星); Sin, R. K. Y. (冼家揚); Chai, P. Y. F. (蔡一帆)
25-Nov-2009Reference signal generator used for compensation to voltage leap and compensation circuit thereof = 用于对电压突变进行补偿的参考信号发生器及补偿电路Tsang, Kai-ming (曾啟明); Chan, Wai-lok (陳偉樂)
May-2005Refinement computations of electromagnetic fields using FE and meshless methodsHo, Siu-lau; Yang, Shiyou; Wong, Ho-ching Chris; Lo, Edward; Ni, Guangzheng
Aug-2009Refinement of a design-oriented stress-strain model for FRP-confined concreteTeng, Jin-guang; Jiang, T.; Lam, L.; Luo, Y. Z.
12-Nov-2007Reflectance reconstruction for multispectral imaging by adaptive Wiener estimationShen, Hui-liang; Cai, Pu-Qing; Shao, Sijie; Xin, John Haozhong
1998Reflected long head biceps tendon grafting : a biomechanical study on a new technique in reconstruction of paralyzed shoulder secondary to brachial plexus injuryTang, Chun-yuen
May-2009Reflecting on the essence of our problem-based learning discussions : the importance of faculty development and our continuous quest for applications of problem-based learningChan, Engle Angela
Mar-2010A Reflection of the State of Mobile Learning in Asia and a Conceptual FrameworkChun, Daniel; Tsui, Eric
2003A reflective approach to the attitudes of Hong Kong design firms towards environmentally-friendly design using Fry's organizational identity and imageNg, Pui-yee Purrie
2012Reflective journals of students taking a positive youth-development course in a university context in Hong KongShek, Daniel T. L.; Wu, Florence K. Y.
30-Mar-2009Reflective tilted fiber Bragg grating refractometer based on strong cladding to core recouplingGuo, Tuan; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Krug, Peter A.; Albert, Jacques
2005Reflective variable optical attenuators and fibre ring lasers for wavelength-division multiplexing systemsLiu, Heliang
1-Nov-2009Refractive index sensor based on a microhole in single-mode fiber created by the use of femtosecond laser micromachiningWang, Ying; Wang, Dongning; Yang, Minwei; Hong, Wei; Lu, Peixiang
29-Nov-2004Refractive indices and linear electro-optic properties of (1-x)Pb(Mg[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔])O₃-xPbTiO₃ single crystalsWan, Xinming; Luo, Haosu; Zhao, Xiangyong; Wang, Danyang; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong
2001Region-based object tracking for multipoint video conferencing using wavelet transformFung, Kai-tat; Law, Ngai-fong Bonnie; Siu, Wan-chi
2002Region-mapping neural network model for pattern recognitionLi, Yanlai; Wang, Kuanquan; Zhang, David D.
2012Regularity properties for general HJB equations : a backward stochastic differential equation methodBuckdahn, Rainer; Huang, Jianhui; Li, Juan
2012Regularized least squares approximations on the sphere using spherical designsAn, Congpei; Chen, Xiaojun; Sloan, Ian H.; Womersley, Robert S.
1997Regularized restoration of VQ compressed images with constrained least squares approachChoy, Steven S. O.; Yue, C. N.; Hong, Sung-wai; Chan, Yuk-hee
2012Regularized robust coding and dictionary learning for face recognitionYang, Meng
2012Regulation in vascularity after extracorporeal shock wave therapy in individuals with proximal plantar fasciitisChen, Hongying
2010The regulation of thioredoxin system in cells under oxidative stressYung, Ming-ho Mingo
6-Nov-2013Rehabilitation training system and method combined with functional electric stimulation and robot = 一种结合功能性电刺激和机器人的康复训练系统和训练方法Tong, Kai-yu Raymond (湯啓宇); Hu, Xiaoling (胡曉翎); Li, Rui (李睿)
2008Reinventing Jacquard textile design via the deployment of digitisation technology towards innovative endsZhou, Jiu
2011Relation extraction for ontology extension using integrated evidencesChen, Yirong
2006Relationship between self-stigma of people with psychotic disorders and their adherence to psychosocial treatmentFung, Mang-tak
Jun-2001Relationship between the microstructure and nanoindentation hardness of thermally evaporated and magnetron-sputtered electrochromic tungsten oxide filmsOng, C. W.; Wong, H. Y.; Pang, Geoffrey Kin-hung; Baba-Kishi, K. Z.; Choy, Chung-loong