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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jul-2010 Process for preparing silk polypeptide in a controllable particle sizeLi, Yi; Lo, Lok Yuen; Hu, Jun Yan
8-Sep-2004 Process for synthesizing phenylethanolamine additive of feed = 一种苯乙醇胺类饲料添加剂的新合成方法Chan, Albert Sun-chi (陳新滋); Chen, Yixin (陳億新)
20-Aug-2007 Processing and properties of Yb-doped BiFeO₃ceramicsYan, Z.; Wang, Kefeng; Qu, J. F.; Wang, Y.; Song, Z. T.; Feng, S. L.
2004 Processing, characterisation and related application of magnetron sputtered aluminum nitride filmsLeung, Tsz-tao
2002 Processing problems in L2 listening comprehension of university students in Hong KongLiu, Ngar-fun
5-Aug-2008 Processing techniques for preparing moisture management textilesLi, Yi; Song, Qing Wen; Hu, Jun Yan
2005 Process migration for MPI applications based on coordinated checkpointCao, Jiannong; Li, Yinghao; Guo, Minyi
2012 A process model for developing content for certification programmes : the case of infection control nurses in Hong KongChan, Wai Fong
2002 Process modeling of fine-blanking using thermo-mechanical coupling methodChen, Zhang-hua
2007 Process modeling of targeted control forming of sheet materialsWang, Lin
15-May-2012 Process of debonding in RC beams shear-strengthened with FRP U-strips or side stripsChen, G. M.; Teng, Jin-guang; Chen, J. F.
2012 The production and consumption of online travel photographyLo, Sheung Ting
15-Oct-2008 Production method and apparatus of single-thread no-torque ring yarn = 单股无扭矩环锭纱线的加工方法与设备Tao, Xiaoming (陶肖明); Xu, Bingang (徐賓剛)
2008 Production of hydroxyalkanoates for pharmaceutical and medical applicationsWang, Yujie
2010 Production of L-lactic acid from starch by recombinant Bacillus subtilis 1A304 (Φ105MU331)Wong, Yuk-ki
Jun-2011 Production of phonetic and phonological contrast by heritage speakers of MandarinChang, Charles B.; Yao, Yao; Haynes, Erin F.; Rhodes, Russell
2010 Production planning approach for implementing sustainable building projectsOchoa Paniagua, Jose Jorge
2007 Production, properties and structures of short staple low torque singles ring yarn for weavingHua, Tao
May-2009 Production scheduling with supply and delivery considerations to minimize the makespanWang, Xiuli; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
2005 Production sourcing : a study of small and medium-sized clothing firms in Hong KongTam, Fung-yi
2012 Program implementers’ evaluation of the project P.A.T.H.S. : findings based on different datasets over timeShek, Daniel T. L.; Ma, Cecilia M. S.
Oct-2010 A programmable, cost-effective, real-time high frequency ultrasound imaging board based on high-speed FPGAQiu, Weibao; Yu, Yanyan; Sun, Lei
Jan-1999 Progressive switching median filter for the removal of impulse noise from highly corrupted imagesWang, Zhou; Zhang, David D.
2008 Projected pseudotransient continuationKelley, C. T.; Liao, Li-Zhi; Qi, Liqun; Chu, Moody T.; Reese, J. P.; Winton, C.
Feb-2006 Project environmental performance assessmentShen, Li-yin; Ou, Xiong; Hao, Jian-li; Wu, Yu-zhe
1999 A project management system (PMS) for construction projects in China : a comparative study approach based on foreign invested industrial projects in GuangzhouChan, Kwok-leung William
2012 The Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong Kong-lessons learned and implications for positive youth development programsShek, Daniel T. L.; Sun, Rachel C. F.
2011 Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong Kong: new curriculum in response to adolescent developmental issues : EditorialMa, Hing Keung; Shek, Daniel T. L.; Merrick, Joav
2004 Promoting the conversion of ruthenium aqua to ruthenium oxo complexes with specially designed ancillary ligandsCheung, Kwong-chak
2009 Promoting the wider use of electrical vehicles in Hong Kong : a strategic proposalLee, Tak-chi; Wong, Siu-chung Michael
1999 Pro-oxidant : antioxidant balance in health and disease and the role of uric acid in antioxidant defence : analytical and clinical aspectsChung, Wai-yuen
Nov-1988 Propagating ionospheric waves observed throughout east Asia during the WAGS October 1985 campaignWalker, G. O.; Wong, Y. W.; Ma, J. H. K.; Kikuchi, T.; Nozaki, K.; Huang, Y. N.; Badillo, V.
Mar-2012 Propagation of spiking regularity and double coherence resonance in feedforward networksMen, Cong; Wang, Jiang; Qin, Ying-Mei; Deng, Bin; Tsang, Kai-ming; Chan, Wai-lok
2005 Propagation of urban transportation noiseLui, Wai-keung
Oct-2003 Properties of a highly birefringent photonic crystal fiberJu, Jian; Jin, Wei; Demokan, Suleyman
30-May-2005 Properties of elliptical-core two-mode fiberWang, Zhi; Ju, Jian; Jin, Wei
2007 Properties of fluorophore-labeled derivatives of class A beta-lactamasesAu, Ho-wah
Jul-2007 Properties of microstrip filter with elliptic-fractal patternWang, Sheng; Guo, Mingsen; Liu, Wei; Liu, Zheng You; Zhao, Xingzhong
1996 Properties of nanocrystalline PT powder and PT/P(VDF-TrFE) 0-3 nanocompositesChen, Yong; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong
2000 Properties of novel beta-lactamase enzymesCheung, Wai-ling
2001 Properties of novel pyridoxal kinase enzymesKwok, Sui-yi
Jun-2009 Pro-poor tourism development in Viengxay, Laos : current state and future prospectsSuntikul, Wantanee; Bauer, Thomas Gunther; Song, Haiyan
2005 Proportional hazards models for survival data with long-term survivorsZhao, Xiaobing
1-Jul-2008 Proposal and analysis of digital concatenated gratingsHe, Xiaoying; Huang, Dexiu; Yu, Yonglin; Wang, Dongning
2010 The proposed new arbitration law of Hong KongMau, Stephen D.
2012 Prosocial norms as a positive youth development construct : a conceptual reviewSiu, M. H. Andrew; Shek, Daniel T. L.; Law, Ben M. F.
2006 A prospective randomized clinical trial to compare the effectiveness of pressure therapy, silicone gel sheeting and the combined therapy on post-surgical hypertrophic scarLau, Chung-man Joy
7-Mar-2011 Proteasome inhibition alleviates prolonged moderate compression-induced muscle pathologySiu, Parco M.; Teng, Bee Tian; Pei, Xiao M.; Tam, Eric W. C.
2007 Protection coordination in power system with distributed generationsWan, Hui
2013 Protective effects of desacyl ghrelin on doxorubicin-induced and diabetic cardiomyopathyPei, Xiao Meng
2003 Protective effects of melatonin as an antioxidant and immunomodulator in burn injury of ratsHan, Xiaohua
13-Oct-2004 Protective mouth mask = 防护口罩Li, Yi (李毅); Newton, Edward (紐德華); Hu, Jun Yan (胡軍岩); Song, Qing Wen (宋慶文)
2007 Protein engineering of class A and C β-lactamases for β-lactam antibiotic [detection]Tsang, Man-wah
2012 Proteome changes in the somatosensory cortex of rats upon chronic exposure to low-dose methyl-mercuryKong, Hang Kin
2002 Proteomic approach in the screening of immunomodulatory activities in traditional Chinese medicineWang, Yuen-yuen
2004 Proteomic approach to characterize differential protein expression in toxic and harmful algal bloom species (HABs)Chan, Lai Leo
2008 Proteomic study of harmful algal blooming causative agents : nitrogen-induced growth and identification of dinoflagellatesLee, Wang-fat Fred
2013 Protoberberine derivatives as potent inhibitors of the bacterial cell division protein FtsZSun, Ning
2005 A proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) model for use in power electronicsLee, Ho-chun Jerome
Dec-2005 Prototype expert system for site selection of a sanitary landfillChau, Kwok-wing
2006 A proxy-based mobile group membership protocol for large scale and highly dynamic groupsWang, Guojun; Cao, Jiannong; Chan, Keith C. C.
2005 Proxy servers for Internet multimedia streamingCheuk, Wai-kong
2012 A pseudo two-dimensional two-phase proton exchange membrane fuel cell model and its applications for water management studyWong, Ka-hung
2012 Psychological and neurophysiological effects of Qigong exercise on older adults with co-occurring depression and chronic medical illnessChan, Edward Peter
Aug-2003 The psychological impact of a dying child on Chinese family membersLai Cheng, Alice Cheng-gea; Wong, Thomas K. S.; Zhang, Zhi-xue; Martinson, Ida M.
2006 Psychometric properties of the abbreviated Chinese version McCarron-Dial System on people with mental handicapCheung, Wai-ping Winsome
1999 Psychophysical and electrophysiological investigation of age-related variations in vernier acuityLi, Roger Wing-hong
2001 Psychosocial dimensions in caring : the lived experience of parents after the birth of children with cleft lip and/or palateChow, Lai-wan Filomena
2008 Psychosocial impacts on people with mental illness receiving the individual placement and support (IPS) serviceSiu, Siu-kan
2001 PT/P(VDF-TrFE) hydrophone arrayLau, Sien Ting; Kwok, Kin-wing; Chan, Helen L. W.
2004 A public mesh watermarking algorithm based on addition property of Fourier transformLi, Li; Pan, Zhigeng; Zhang, David D.
15-Sep-2009 Publishing in China: An overviewO'Connor, Steve
14-Apr-2013 Pull-out simulations of a capped carbon nanotube in carbon nanotube-reinforced nanocompositesLi, Y.; Liu, S.; Hu, N.; Han, X.; Zhou, Limin; Ning, H.; Wu, L.; Alamusi; Yamamoto, G.; Chang, C.; Hashida, T.; Atobe, S.; Fukunaga, H.
4-Aug-2008 Pulse breaking recovery in fiber lasersZhao, L. M.; Tang, D. Y.; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Lu, Chao
2005 Pulsed laser deposition and characterization of LiNbO₃films for application in surface acoustic wave deviceLam, Hi-ki
2001 Pulsed laser deposition of heteroepitaxial ferroelectric thin film capacitorYip, Ping-wah
2002 Pulsed laser deposition of nitride filmsCheung, Hoi-yan
2011 Pulsed-laser deposition of perovskite polar oxide films on SrTiO₃and study of interfacial transport propertiesLi, Danfeng
2009 Pulsed laser deposition of telluride thin films for photonics applicationsPang, Man-yee
1999 Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) of magnetic multilayer and granular thin filmsLi, Ming-fai
Showing results 4514 to 4593 of 6319
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