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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2009A mediation model of tourists’ repurchase intentions for packaged tour servicesHe, Yanqun; Song, Haiyan
16-Aug-2011Medical device for delivering drug and/or performing physical therapyLeung, Woon-fong Wallace; Lo, Samuel C. L.
2011Medical doctors of the People's Republic of China : the profession, professionalization, professionalism and professional commitmentChow, Tin-yan Belinda
2012Medical Savings Account balance and outpatient utilization : a multivariate analysis on the impact of the Medical Savings Account in ChinaZhang, Hui
29-Oct-2008Medicine for treating climacteric syndrome and preparing method thereof = 一种治疗更年期综合症的药物及其制备方法Tzang, Alexander H. C. (曾慶忠); Qian, Richard Zhong-ming (錢忠明)
Dec-2012The medium coupling effect on propagation of guided waves in engineering structures and human bone phantomsChen, Jiangang; Su, Zhongqing; Cheng, L.
May-2012MelodicBrush : a cross-modal link between ancient and digital art formsHuang, Michael Xuelin; Tang, Will W. W.; Lo, Kenneth W. K.; Lau, C. K.; Ngai, Grace; Chan, Stephen Chi-fai
13-Mar-2006Memory effects of carbon nanotubes as charge storage nodes for floating gate memory applicationsLu, X. B.; Dai, Jiyan
2011Memory formation and retrieval in auditory cortexChen, Xi
2002Mental imagery and relearning for patients suffered from strokeLiu, Pui-yee Karen
2010Mercury in the marine boundary layer and seawater of the South China Sea : concentrations, sea/air flux, and implication for land outflowFu, Xuewu; Feng, Xinbin; Zhang, Gan; Xu, Weihai; Li, Xiangdong; Yao, Hen; Liang, Peng; Li, Jun; Sommar, Jonas; Yin, Runsheng; Liu, Na
May-2010Mercury profiles in sediments of the Pearl River Estuary and the surrounding coastal area of South ChinaShi, Jian-bo; Ip, Ching-man; Zhang, Gan; Jiang, Gui-bin; Li, Xiangdong
Jan-2006Mesh parameterization by minimizing the synthesized distortion metric with the coefficient-optimizing algorithmYan, Jingqi; Yang, Xin; Shi, Pengfei; Zhang, David D.
Mar-2004Mesh simplification with hierarchical shape analysis and iterative edge contractionYan, Jingqi; Shi, Pengfei; Zhang, David D.
Mar-2004A meshless collocation method based on radial basis functions and waveletsHo, Siu-lau; Yang, Shiyou; Wong, Ho-ching Chris; Ni, Guangzheng
2003Meso-damage modelling of polymer based particulate composites using finite element techniqueTsui, Chi-pong
14-Sep-2009Mesoscopic phenomena in Au nanocrystal floating gate memory structureChan, Ka-cheung; Lee, Pui-fai; Dai, Jiyan
1-Sep-2009Mesoscopic theory of shear banding and crack propagation in metallic glassesZheng, Guangping; Li, M.
2013A meta-analysis of international tourism demand elasticities and forecasting accuracyPeng, Bo
2006A meta-mining approach to discovering regularities, differences, and changes in databasesAu, Wai-ho
2008Metal catalyzed asymmetric [2+2+1] cycloaddition reactionsLee, Hang-wai
1-Mar-2006Metal contamination in urban, suburban, and country park soils of Hong Kong : a study based on GIS and multivariate statisticsLee, Celine Siu-lan; Li, Xiangdong; Shi, Wenzhong; Cheung, Sharon Ching-nga; Thornton, Iain
2009Metal nanocluster for application in floating gate memory devicesChan, Ka-cheung
2000Metal-catalyzed functionalization of alkynes and poly(2,6-dimethyl-1, 4-phenylene oxide)Fong, Wai-man
2003Metal-mediated allylation reaction in aqueous mediaChan, Tak-chung
8-Oct-2010Metallic liquids and glasses : atomic order and global packingLiu, X. J.; Xu, Y.; Hui, X.; Lu, Z. P.; Li, F.; Chen, G. L.; Lu, J.; Liu, C. T.
2009Metallization of engineering plasticsNg, Ching-shan
13-Feb-2007Method and apparatus for controlling the polarization of an optical signalWai, Ping-kong Alexander; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Chan, Lai Yin Simon; Chung, Wenghong
11-Sep-2012Method and apparatus for detecting specific DNA sequencesLo, Samuel C. L.; Or, Derek Siu-wing
9-Apr-2008Method and apparatus for identifying a palmprint image = 掌纹识别方法和设备Zhang, David D. (張大鵬); Niu, Ben (紐旋); Lu, Guangming (盧光明); Kong, Wai-kin Adams (江偉健); Wong, Ming-keung (王明強)
6-Apr-2011Method and apparatus for machining single ring spun yarn = 低扭单股环锭纱线的加工方法与设备Tao, Xiaoming (陶肖明); Xu, Bingang (徐賓剛); Wong, Sing-kee Eric (王盛琪)
29-Aug-2006Method and apparatus for manufacturing a singles ring yarnTao, Xiaoming; Xu, Bingang; Wong, Sing-kee Eric
26-Oct-2010Method and apparatus for measuring oscillation amplitude of an ultrasonic deviceChan, Helen L. W.; Lam, Tin-yan; Chao, Chen; Kwok, Kin-wing
24-Jul-2012Method and apparatus for personal identification using palmprint and palm veinZhang, David D.; Lu, Guangming; Guo, Zhenhua; Luo, Nan
10-Jul-2012Method and apparatus for pilling reductionTao, Xiaoming; Li, Wai Man; Xu, Bingang; Lo, Kok-keung
1-Oct-2013Method and apparatus for reducing residual torque and neps in singles ring yarnsTao, Xiaoming; Hua, Tao; Xu, Bingang; Feng, Jie
10-Jan-2006Method and apparatus for sensing body gesture, posture and movementZheng, Yong-Ping
3-Apr-2012Method and apparatus for ultrasound imaging and elasticity measurementZheng, Yong-Ping
14-Dec-2011Method and apparatus for ultrasound imaging and elasticity measurement = 一种用于超声成像和弹性测量的方法及仪器Zheng, Yong-Ping (鄭永平)
27-Oct-2010Method and device for displaying navigation circuit = 导航线路显示方法及导航线路显示装置Li, Zhilin (李志林); Chen, Wu (陳武); Xu, Zhu (徐柱); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇); Cheung, Yik Kong (張奕港)
24-Jun-1998Method and equipment for re-twisting rotor yarn = 一种转杯纱再卷捻的方法Wang, Shanyuan (王善元); Yeung, Philip K. W. (楊國榮); Lo, Ming-tak (盧明德); Yang, Xiufong (楊秀芳)
24-Aug-2010Method and system for automatically controlling power supply to a lamp of a vehicleCheng, K. W. Eric; Divakar, B. P.; Wang, Daohong
6-Mar-2012Method and system for bonding electrical devices using an electrically conductive adhesiveOr, Derek Siu-wing
6-Mar-2013Method and system for bonding electrical devices using an electrically conductive adhesive = 一种使用导电粘合剂粘接电气设备的方法及系统Or, Derek Siu-wing (柯少榮)
12-Feb-2013Method and system for detecting ischemic strokeTang, Fuk-hay; Ng, Kei Shing; Chow, Hung-Kay
25-Sep-2013Method and system for encoding and decoding data = 对数据进行编码及解码的方法和系统Tam, Wai-man Raymond (譚偉民); Lau, Chung Ming (劉重明); Tse, C. K. Michael (謝智剛)
5-Jun-2012Method and system for encoding and decoding low-density-parity-check (LDPC) codesLau, Francis Chung-ming; Tam, Wai M.; Tse, C. K. Michael
15-Jan-2013Method and system for identifying a person based on their tongueZhang, David D.; Liu, Zhi
26-Jun-2012Method and system for identifying a person using their finger-joint printZhang, Lei; Zhang, Lin; Zhu, Hailong; Zhang, David D.; Luo, Nan
10-Jul-2012Method and system for shortening the length of time gaps between data units in a data switching networkLi, Chun-Yin; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander; Li, On-Kwok Victor
1-Jan-2013Method and system for spatial-temporal denoising and demosaicking for noisy color filter array videosZhang, Lei; Dong, Weisheng; Zhu, Hainlong
16-Dec-2008Method for analyzing a palm print for the identification of an individual using Gabor analysisZhang, David D.; Kong, Wai-kin Adams
3-Nov-2009Method for asymmetric alkynylation of alpha-imino estersChan, Albert Sun-chi; Ji, Jianxin; Wu, Jing
18-May-2010Method for asymmetric hydrosilylation of ketonesChan, Albert Sun-chi; Ji, Jianxin; Wu, Jing
1-Nov-2011Method for automatic generation of optimal space frameWong, Shing Yue Samuel; Chan, Keith C. C.
12-May-2010Method for evenly coating cell adhesion hardening agent from intermediate medium to the stephanoporate framework or the pipe hole wall surface = 将细胞粘着强化剂从媒介物均匀涂敷到多孔骨架或管道孔壁表面的方法Li, Jiashen (李加深); Mak, Arthur F. T. (麥福達)
13-Mar-2012Method for fabrication of silicone composite with antimicrobial coatingTang, Chak-yin; Chen, Da-zhu; Yue, Tai-man; Chan, Yuen Yee
31-Jan-2012Method for making single-phase anatase titanium oxideDaoud, Walid Abdelhamid; Xin, John Haozhong; Qi, Kaihong
14-Aug-2007Method for making single-phase anatase titanium oxideDaoud, Walid Abdelhamid; Xin, John Haozhong; Qi, Kaihong
5-Jun-2012Method for manufacturing fabric strain sensorsTao, Xiaoming; Wang, Guangfeng; Wang, Yangyong; Zhang, Hui
20-Mar-2013Method for manufacturing fabric strain sensors = 制备织物应变传感器的方法Tao, Xiaoming (陶肖明); Wang, Guangfeng (王廣峰); Wang, Yangyong (王楊勇); Zhang, Hui (張輝)
26-Feb-2013Method for manufacturing smart pressure monitored suitsLi-Tsang, Wai-ping Cecilia
4-Dec-2012Method for optimizing RFID deployment and RFID deployment optimizer of use thereofKwok, Siu Keung; Cheung, Chi-fai Benny; Tsang, Hing Choi; Lee, W. B.; Tan, Burly K.; Ng, Pui Him; Ho, Sze Kit
28-Nov-2012Method for predicting a blood glucose level of a person = 用于预测人血糖水平的方法Chung, Joanne (鍾慧儀); Fan, Ka Lun (樊家倫); Wong, Thomas K. S. (汪國成); Lam, Simon Chak Hing (林澤慶); Cheung, Ching Ching (張清政); Chan, Chung Man (陳頌文); Lau, Yin Ki (劉彥麒); Flint, Michael John (邁克爾·約翰·弗林特)
5-Aug-2008Method for predicting the blood glucose level of a personChung, Joanne; Fan, Ka Lun; Wong, Thomas K. S.; Lam, Simon Chak Hing; Cheung, Ching Ching; Chan, Chung Man; Lau, Yin Ki
13-Nov-2012Method for preparing an article with single-phase anatase titanium oxideDaoud, Walid Abdelhamid; Xin, John Haozhong; Qi, Kaihong
14-Nov-2007Method for preparing L-carnitine = 一种制备L-肉碱的方法Chan, Albert Sun-chi (陳新滋); Chen, Jian (陳建)
17-Aug-2011Method for producing intelligent pressure coat = 一种智能压力衣的制造方法Li-Tsang, Wai-ping Cecilia (李曾慧平)
23-Jun-2009Method for production of alpha-amylase in recombinant BacillusLeung, Thomas Y. C.; Lo, Wai-hung Thomas; Errington, Jeffery
12-Mar-2008Method for pulverizing natural organic substance into nano-scale fibrous material = 将天然有机物质粉碎成纳米级纤维材料的方法Li, Yi (李毅); Hu, Jun Yan (胡軍岩)
25-Jan-2012Method for separating catechin from green tea = 从绿茶茶叶分离儿茶素的方法Chan, Tak-hang (陳德恆); Lam, Wai-har (林惠霞)
5-Jun-2013Method for stripping titanium dioxide nanotube film and method for manufacturing dye-sensitized solar cell = 二氧化钛纳米管薄膜的剥离方法及染料敏化太阳能电池的制备方法Wang, Yuanhao (汪遠昊); Yang, Hongxing (楊洪興); Lü, Lin (呂琳)
12-May-2009Method for the production of conductive flexible textile arraysTao, Xiaoming; Leung, Sarah Mei-Yi; Yuen, Chun-wah Marcus; Kwok, Wing-yin Keith; Ho, Hoi-lut
12-Jul-2011Method of biosynthesizing tetrodotoxinYu, Peter H.; Yu, Chun-fai
14-Aug-2013Method of biosynthesizing tetrodotoxin = 河豚毒素的生物合成方法Yu, Peter H. (余海虎); Yu, Fai Chun (余振輝)
12-Dec-2006Method of determining elastic modulusMa, Dejun; Ong, C. W.
Feb-2006The method of double averaging : an approach for modeling power-factor-correction switching convertersWong, Siu-chung; Tse, C. K. Michael; Orabi, Mohamed; Ninomiya, Tamotsu
2004Method of double averaging for modeling PFC switching convertersWong, Siu-chung; Tse, C. K. Michael; Orabi, Mohamed; Ninomiya, Tamotsu
26-Oct-2004Method of drilling a circuit boardYung, Kam-chuen Winco; Yue, Tai-man; Fang, Xiang-yi
1-Feb-2011Method of enhancing moisture management and providing negative ion properties to fabric materialsLi, Yi; Hu, Junyan; Song, Qing Wen; Mao, Yong Fan