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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Integral sliding mode control with integral switching gain for magnetic levitation apparatusSun, Zhengang; Cheung, C. Norbert; Zhao, Shiwei; Gan, Wai-chuen
2003An integrated analytical approach to environmental management in constructionChen, Zhen
2003An integrated approach to financial planning in Hong KongChan, To
Nov-2004An integrated asset performance framework for operational buildings – preliminary results of focused group validations in Hong Kong and AustraliaThen, S. S. Danny; Tan, Teng-hee; Chau, Chi-kwan
2014Integrated data analysis and characterization of photochemical ozone in subtropical Hong KongLing, Zhenhao
2011An integrated decision support system for new product development with customer satisfactionChan, Sze-ling
2012An integrated electronic medical record system (iEMRS) with decision support capability in medical prescriptionTing, S. L.; Ip, W. H.; Tsang, Albert H. C.; Ho, To-sum
2009An integrated environmental product assessment model on ecodesign for electrical products and electronic appliancesWong, Yuen-ling
2006Integrated IT systems for construction site managementLiang, Yong
17-May-2005Integrated liquid crystal optical switch based on total internal reflectionZhang, Ailing; Chan, Kam Tai; Demokan, Suleyman; Chan, Victor W. C.; Chan, Philip C. H.; Kwok, Hoi S.; Chan, Andy H. P.
Feb-2011An integrated microfluidic chip with 40 MHz lead-free transducer for fluid analysisLee, Siu To Felix; Lam, Kai-siu; Lei, Lei; Zhang, Xuming; Chan, Helen L. W.
2004An integrated model of online customer loyaltyTam, Tsui-wa Christine
2002An integrated model of service loyaltyLu, Ting-pong Johnny
2004Integrated on-chip inductors for radio frequency CMOS circuitsTsui, Chiu
Jun-2011Integrated optimal placement of displacement transducers and strain gauges for better estimation of structural responseZhang, X. H.; Zhu, Songye; Xu, Y. L.; Homg, X. J.
2001An integrated process and project management tool for multi-site software developmentChung, Man-lap
Mar-2002Integrated RBF network based estimation strategy of the output characteristics of brushless DC motorsHo, Siu-lau; Fei, Minrui; Fu, Weinong; Wong, Ho-ching Chris; Lo, Edward
2011An integrated summarization framework with hierarchical content representationOuyang, You
Nov-2007Integrated water quality management in Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong : a case studyChau, Kwok-wing
Nov-2008Integrating design and construction through virtual prototypingLi, Heng; Huang, Ting; Kong, C. W. Stephen; Guo, Hongling; Baldwin, Andrew; Chan, Neo; Wong, Johnny
2013Integrating extensive reading into China's English language curriculum : the case of a Shanghai senior high schoolHe, Mu
2012Integrating genetic algorithm and fuzzy integral for evaluating game units combination in RTS gameLi, Yingjie
Mar-2010Integrating information literacy into Blackboard : librarian-faculty collaboration for successful student learningXiao, Judy
2006Integrating knowledge management into market orientation : impact on hotel performanceChien, Chunlun Grace
2009Integrating PhysX and OpenHaptics : efficient force feedback generation using physics engine and haptic devicesChan, Leon Sze-Ho; Choi, Kup-Sze
2004Integrating shape and texture for hand verificationPathak, Ajay Kumar; Zhang, David D.
2012Integrating social media into website performance evaluation : theory and application to hotels in Hong KongLeung, Yiu Chung Daniel
2013Integrating statistical and judgmental tourism demand forecasting approaches : the case of Hong KongLin, Shanshan
2012Integration of a remote source solar lighting system into the architectural design of enclosed lift lobbies in high-rise residential buildingsWong, Irene
2009The integration of English loanwords in Hong Kong CantoneseWong, Cathy Sin-ping; Bauer, Robert S.; Lam, Wai-man Zoe
Dec-2011Integration of GPS and tiltmeters for structure monitoringYang, Wentao; Ding, Xiaoli; Xu, Y. L.
2004Integration of multi-source data for automated building extractionKhoshelham, Kourosh
2014Integration of multi-source lunar orbiter camera imagery and laser altimeter data for precision lunar topographic modelingGuo, Jian
5-May-2008Integration of ultrasonic transducers in fast prototyping microfluidic devicesGuo, Shishang; Lau, Sien Ting; Lam, Kwok-ho; Deng, Y. L.; Zhao, Xingzhong; Chen, Y.; Chan, Helen L. W.
2011Integrations of advanced functional materials and devices for microfluidic applicationsZhang, Kai
2012An integrative framework of customers' perceived discrimination and its impact : an empirical study of tourists in Hong KongYe, Haobin
21-Nov-2007Intelligence enhanced system and method for early testing idiopathetic scoliosis = 一种早期检测特发性脊柱侧凸的智能增强系统Tang, Fuk-hay (鄧福禧); Chan, Lawrence W. C. (陳穎志)
2005Intelligence-based educational package on fluid mechanicsChau, Kwok-wing
2004Intelligent advisory systems for fabric selectionLau, Tak-wah
2006An intelligent car park management system based on wireless sensor networksTang, Vanessa W. S.; Zheng, Yuan; Cao, Jiannong
2001Intelligent control for an induction motorShi, Keli
2002An intelligent decision support system in construction management by data warehousing techniqueCao, Ying; Chau, Kwok-wing; Anson, M.; Zhang, Jianping
2002An intelligent knowledge processing system on hydrodynamics and water quality modelingChau, Kwok-wing; Cheng, Chuntian; Li, Yok-sheung; Li, C. W.; Wai, Wing-hong Onyx
2006Intelligent manipulation and calibration of parameters for hydrological modelsChen, W.; Chau, Kwok-wing
Mar-2004Intelligent manipulation of calibration parameters in numerical modelingChau, Kwok-wing
2011An intelligent object paradigm for monitoring and control of mobile-enterprisesJiang, Xiaonuo
2002Intelligent optimization model for computerized fabric-cutting systemWong, Wai-keung
2008Intelligent production control decision-making for apparel manufacturing processGuo, Zhaoxia
2014Intelligent production scheduling for mould makingTang, Lap Ying
2001Intelligent protection coordination systemSo, Chun-wing Paul
2008Intelligent real time optimization system for line-balancing control in apparel manufactureSong, Bilian
2011An intelligent rehabilitation system for cognitive rehabilitationYip, Chi-bun
2003An intelligent supplier management system for outsource manufacturingChoy, King-lun
2012An intelligent system for supporting affective product designFung, Kai Yin
2000An intelligent system for the determination of initial process parameter setting for injection mouldingMok, Siu-lung
2002Intelligent techniques for home electric load forecasting and balancingLing, Sai-ho
2012Intelligent texture-based pattern search, classification and interpolation for woven fabric designZheng, Dejun
2008Intelligent thermal protective clothingWang, Shuxiao
2004Intelligent Web-based agent system (iWAF) for e-finance applicationKwong, Wai-man Raymond
31-Oct-2013Intense atmospheric pollution modifies weather : a case of mixed biomass burning with fossil fuel combustion pollution in eastern ChinaDing, A. J.; Fu, C. B.; Yang, X. Q.; Sun, J. N.; Petäjä, T.; Kerminen, V. M.; Wang, Tao; Xie, Y.; Herrmann, E.; Zheng, L. F.; Nie, W.; Liu, Q.; Wei, X. L.; Kulmala, M.
1-Mar-2008Intensity-modulated fiber Bragg grating sensor system based on radio-frequency signal measurementDong, Xinyong; Shao, Liyang; Fu, H. Y.; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Lu, Chao
Sep-2011An inter-nation-al internet : China's contribution to global internet governance?Herold, David K.
2006The inter-organizational relationship in a multi-contractor business networkHui, Encon Y. Y.; Tsang, Albert H. C.
2012The inter-relationship of core job characteristics and work-life balance towards job satisfaction and future career intention of hotel internsSiu, Tsz Ying Grace
28-Jan-2006Interaction potentials and spectroscopy of Hg⁺·Rg and Cd⁺·Rg and transport coefficients for Hg⁺ and Cd⁺ in Rg (Rg=He―Rn)Qing, Enming; Viehland, Larry A.; Lee, Edmond P. F.; Wright, Timothy G.
2005Interactional influences on writing conferencesChen, Siu-wah Julia
2013An interactive and generative framework towards enhancing user experiences in interactive music performance systemsWong, Ling Elaine
2002Interactive functions in broadcast video-on-demandMa, Hon-shing
2005Interactive fusion and contrast enhancement for whole body PET/CT data using multi-image pixel compostingChan, Chung; Kim, Jinman; Feng, D. David; Cai, Weidong
10-Jan-2006Interactive oxidation of photoelectrocatalysis and electro-Fenton for azo dye degradation using TiO₂–Ti mesh and reticulated vitreous carbon electrodesXie, Yi-Bing; Li, Xiang-zhong
2012An interactive physio-psychological model on understanding stress among individuals performing sedentary computer tasksWang, Yuling
2001Interactive video-on-demand systems in multicast environmentPoon, Wing-fai Wilson
29-Jan-2009Intercomparison of aerosol optical depth from brewer ozone spectrophotometers and CIMEL sunphotometers measurementsCheymol, A.; Gonzalez Sotelino, L.; Lam, Ka-se; Kim, J.; Fioletov, V.; Siani, A. M.; De Backer, H.
22-Nov-2004Interface-oxygen-loss-controlled voltage offsets in epitaxial Pb(Zr₀.₅₂Ti₀.₄₈)O₃ thin-film capacitors with La₀.₇Sr₀.₃MnO₃ electrodesWu, Wenbin; Wong, Kin-hung; Choy, Chung-loong
2004Interfacial behaviours of smart compositesPoon, Chi-kin
1-Jul-2009Interfacial defects in resistive switching devices probed by thermal analysisLau, H. K.; Leung, Dennis Chi-wah; Hu, Wenhao; Chan, Paddy K. L.
15-May-2010Interfacial engineering and coupling of electric and magnetic properties in Pb(Zr₀.₅₃Ti₀.₄₇)O₃ /CoFe₂O₄multiferroic epitaxial multilayersZhang, Jinxing; Dai, Jiyan; Chan, Helen L. W.
2003Interference between an oscillating-cylinder wake and a neighbouring flow fieldLai, Wing-cheong
Jun-2003Interference between stationary and vibrating cylinder wakesLai, W. C.; Zhou, Yu; So, Ronald M. C.; Wang, T.
2012Interference-free wakeup scheduling with consecutive constraints in wireless sensor networksMa, Junchao; Lou, Wei