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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based face and palmprint recognitionZuo, Wangmeng; Wang, Kuanquan; Zhang, David D.
Dec-2011 Assessing celebrity endorsement effects in China : a consumer-celebrity relational approachHung, Kineta; Chan, Kimmy Wa; Tse, Caleb H.
2003 Assessing positional and modelling uncertainties in vector-based spatial processes and analyses in geographical information systemsCheung, Chui-kwan Tracy
2013 Assessing rehabilitation needs of caregivers of people with schizophrenia in Hong KongLi, Ming Yee
Aug-1997 Assessing the stability of the new marine DGPS station of Hong Kong and its connection to the WGS84 datumIz, H. Bâki; Chen, Yong-qi; Wang, Jiexian
2009 Assessment of articular cartilage using optical coherence tomography and high frequency ultrasoundWang, Shuzhe
1-Nov-2008 An assessment of combining tourism demand forecasts over different time horizonsShen, Shujie; Li, Gang; Song, Haiyan
May-2007 Assessment of muscle fatigue using sonomyography : muscle thickness change detected from ultrasound imagesShi, Jun; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Chen, Xin; Huang, Qing-Hua
2009 Assessment of problem gambling in a Chinese context : the Chinese G-MAPShek, Daniel T. L.; Chan, Elda M. L.
2007 An assessment of reproductive development of the male Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin, tursiops aduncus, in captivityYuen, Wing-han Queeny
25-Aug-2012 An assessment of shadow enhanced urban remote sensing imagery of a complex city - Hong KongWan, Cheuk-Yan; King, Bruce Anthony; Li, Zhilin
2011 Assessment of the anatomy and physiology of the thyroid gland of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops aduncus, using ultrasonographyKot, Chin-wing Brian
Aug-2008 Assistive control system using continuous myoelectric signal in robot-aided arm training for patients after strokeSong, Rong; Tong, Kai-yu Raymond; Hu, Xiaoling; Li, Le
29-Apr-2009 The association between back pain and trunk posture of workers in a special school for the severe handicapsWong, Kelvin C. H.; Lee, Yun-wah Raymond; Yeung, Sai-mo Simon
28-Apr-2008 Association between promoter -1607 polymorphism of MMPI and Lumbar Disc Disease in Southern ChineseSong, You-Qiang; Ho, Daniel W. H.; Karppinen, Jaro; Kao, Patrick Y. P.; Fan, Bao-Jian; Luk, Keith D. K.; Yip, Shea-ping; Leong, John C. Y.; Cheah, Kathryn S. E.; Sham, Pak Chung; Chan, Danny; Cheung, Kenneth M. C.
Nov-2009 Association of depression and pain interference with disease-management self-efficacy in community-dwelling individuals with spinal cord injuryPang, Marco Y. C.; Eng, Janice J.; Lin, Kwan-Hwa; Tang, Pei-Fang; Hung, Chihya; Wang, Yen-Ho
29-Jun-2012 Association of high myopia with crystallin beta A4 (CRYBA4) gene polymorphisms in the linkage-identified MYP6 locusHo, Daniel W. H.; Yap, Keng-hung Maurice; Ng, Po Wah; Fung, Wai Yan; Yip, Shea-ping
2011 Association rule based approach for improving operation efficiency in a randomized warehouseChan, Hau Ling; Pang, Anthony; Li, Ka Wing
2012 Associations between pathological gambling and psychiatric comorbidity among help-seeking populations in Hong KongShek, Daniel T. L.; Chan, Elda M. L.; Wong, Ryan H. Y.
1999 Asymmetric homogeneous hydrogenations catalyzed by transition metal complexes containing chiral diphosphine ligands in a protein cavityLin, Chi-ching
9-Oct-2006 Asymmetric long period fiber gratings fabricated by use of CO₂laser to carve periodic grooves on the optical fiberWang, Yiping; Wang, D. N.; Jin, Wei; Rao, Yun-Jiang; Peng, Gang Ding
1999 Asymmetric synthesis catalyzed by metal complexes containing chiral 1,6-Diamino-Spiro[4,4]nonane or its derivativesLin, Ching-wen
1-Jun-2007 Asymmetric transverse-load characteristics and polarization dependence of long-period fiber gratings written by a focused CO₂ laserWang, Yiping; Wang, Dongning; Jin, Wei; Rao, Yun-Jiang
1-Dec-2008 An asymptotic approximation scheme for the concave cost bin packing problemLeung, Joseph Y.-T.; Li, Chung-Lun
Jan-2011 Asymptotic behavior of underlying NT paths in interior point methods for monotone semidefinite linear complementarity problemsSim, Chee Khian
1999 ASYNMPU : a fully asynchronous microprocessorTse, Ming-chi Jamin
Feb-2003 Atmospheric deposition of heavy metals in the Pearl River Delta, ChinaWong, Coby Sze-chung; Li, Xiangdong; Zhang, Gan; Qi, Shi-hua; Peng, Xinzhi
2009 Atmospheric transport and deposition of trace metals in remote reservoirs of the South China coastal regionJiang, Xunyi
15-Sep-2003 Atomic force microscopy-induced electric field in ferroelectric thin filmsWang, Biao; Woo, Chung-ho
27-May-2011 Atomic-scale structural evolution and stability of supercooled liquid of a Zr-based bulk metallic glassWang, Q.; Liu, C. T.; Yang, Yong; Dong, Y. D.; Lu, J.
14-Oct-2011 Attack resilience of the evolving scientific collaboration networkLiu, Xiao Fan; Xu, Xiaoke; Small, Michael; Tse, C. K. Michael
12-Dec-2008 Attaining sustainable digital libraries: Disruptive librariesO'Connor, Steve
2007 Attention-driven image interpretation, annotation and retrievalFu, Hong
Mar-2013 Attitudes in the management of patients with dementia : comparison in doctors with and without special training = 比较有和没有接受相关专业培训的医生对认知障碍症患者的治疗态度Liu, Yat-wa Justina (雷逸華); Lai, Kam-yuk Claudia (賴錦玉); Dai, D. (戴樂群); Ting, Sylvia (丁淑文); Choi, K. (蔡堅)
Nov-1997 Attitudes of Chinese nurses towards self-help groups in Hong KongMok, Esther
2012 The attractiveness of local cuisine and its influence on Chinese domestic tourists' perceptions of destinationsGuan, Jingjing
2009 Attributes and impacts of film tourism development : perceptions of visitors and local residentsLam, Chi-chiu Samuel
7-Sep-2004 Audio trigger devicesZheng, Yong-Ping
2011 Audit committee characteristics, family control and earnings management : evidence based on Hong Kong firms after the corporate governance reform in 2004Wong, Ka-lok
2008 Auditing organizational knowledge assets : case study in a power company of Hong KongShek, Wah-yan
2004 Audit quality and earnings management : empirical evidence from China's stock marketQiu, Aini
2005 The augmented Lagrangian methods and applicationsZhou, Yuying
2001 Auricular therapy and insomnia in the elderlySuen, Kwai-ping Lorna
2012 Authenticating moving spatial queriesYung, Ka-Wai
2004 Authenticating personal identities using palmprint recognitionLi, Wenxin
2009 Auto-disturbance-rejection controller for SVC to enhance wind farm voltage stabilityHuang, Huazhang; Yang, Jinming; Chung, Chi Yung
10-May-2012 Autofocus for multispectral camera using focus symmetryShen, Hui-liang; Zheng, Zhi-Huan; Wang, Wei; Du, Xin; Shao, Sijie; Xin, John Haozhong
2004 An automated elastic image registration method for CT and MR brain imagesLaw, Wai; Feng, D. David; Wong, Koon-pong; Wang, Xiuying
2000 Automated form readingChu, Kim-ching
1-Dec-2007 Automated tongue segmentation in hyperspectral images for medicineLiu, Zhi; Yan, Jingqi; Zhang, David D.; Li, Qing-Li
2011 Automatic breath signal analysis and system design for medical applicationsGuo, Dongmin
Jul-2011 Automatic construction of structured dentritic river networksZhang, L.; Guilbert, Eric
2004 An automatic disturbance rejection controller for matrix converterYang, Guoshun; Wu, Jie; Chen, Yuanrui; Cheung, C. Norbert
2005 Automatic fusion of photogrammetric imagery and laser scanner point cloudsForkuo, Eric Kwabena
1999 The automation of quantity measurement for building services projectsTse, Tao-chiu
2009 Automobile hybrid air conditioning technologyYeung, Yiu Pun Benny; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Chan, W. W.; Lam, C. Y.; Choi, W. F.; Ng, T. W.
2009 Autonomy, negotiation and collaboration : student participation in curriculum development : the development of an on-line learning lexicon for fashion and textiles studentsLughmani, Shari; Trower, Valerie Wilson
Mar-2004 An auto-tuning algorithm for the IRBF network of brushless DC motorHo, Siu-lau; Fei, Minrui; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Wong, Ho-ching Chris
2005 Available transfer capability evaluation study in system operation under electricity market and its enhancement by facts devicesCheng, Yun
2012 The avoidance of statutory benefits to employees by Hong Kong employersMajid, Abdul; Gul, Reza J.; Ho, Sandra; Bliss, Mark A.; Sun, Yongjing
22-Dec-2000 The à ← X˜ (1+1)REMPI spectrum and high-level ab initio calculations of the complex between NO and N₂Lozeille, Jérôme; Daire, Sophia E.; Gamblin, S. D.; Wright, Timothy G.; Lee, Edmond P. F.
Apr-2013 Azimuth-elevation direction finding using a microphone and three orthogonal velocity sensors as a non-collocated subarraySong, Yang; Wong, Kainam Thomas
15-Feb-2010 Backaction of a charge detector on a double quantum dotOuyang, Shihua; Lam, Chi-Hang; You, J. Q.
Nov-2010 Backcasting a future of sustainable energy : a public policy perspectiveNathwani, Jatin; Ng, Artie
10-Nov-2011 A bacteria colony-based screen for optimal linker combinations in genetically encoded biosensorsIbraheem, Andreas; Yap, Hongkin; Ding, Yidan; Campbell, Robert E.
2007 Bagging evolutionary feature extraction algorithm for classificationZhao, Tianwen; Zhao, Qijun; Lu, Hongtao; Zhang, David D.
2000 A balance of car ownership under user demand and road network supply conditionsTam, Mei-lam
Nov-2012 Bandwidth improvement of LiNbO₃ ultrasonic transducers by half-concaved inversion layer approachChen, J.; Dai, Jiyan; Zhang, C.; Zhang, Z. T.; Feng, G. P.
2009 Barium Strontium Titanate ferroelectric tunable photonic and phononic crystalsJim, Kwok-lung
2006 Barium strontium titanate thin films for electro-optic applicationsWang, Danyang
2008 Barium zirconate titanate thin films for tunable microwave applicationsYun, Pan
2010 Barriers to application of fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) techniques to air-conditioning systems in buildings in Hong KongLee, Sze-hung
2012 Barriers to Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) promotion : a transaction costs perspectiveQian, Kun Queena
Jun-2009 Barriers to e-commerce policy in logistics : an exploratory study of the Pearl River Delta, ChinaNg, Jimmy Jim-mi
16-Jan-2007 Batch delivery scheduling with batch delivery cost on a single machineJi, Min; He, Yong; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
Jan-2004 Batching in a two-stage flowshop with dedicated machines in the second stageCheng, T. C. Edwin; Kovalyov, Mikhail Y.; Chakhlevich, K. N.
16-Sep-2008 Batch scheduling of deteriorating reworkablesBarketau, M. S.; Cheng, T. C. Edwin; Kovalyov, Mikhail Y.
Feb-2008 Batch scheduling of step deteriorating jobsBarketau, M. S.; Cheng, T. C. Edwin; Ng, Chi-to Daniel; Kotov, Vladimir; Kovalyov, Mikhail Y.
2007 Batch scheduling problemsLiu, Lili
2000 Battery energy storage system for transient stability enhancement and power system damping improvementTsang, Man-wai
Showing results 321 to 400 of 6319
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