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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Index of fit for identifying statistical distributionsLeung, Suk-kuen
11-May-2011Index term weighing computation method based on structural constraint in Chinese information retrieval = 中文信息检索中基于结构约束的索引词权重计算方法Luk, Robert W. P. (陸永邦)
2009Indigenising social work education : experiences of the students from the People’s Republic of China in Hong KongYuen Tsang, Woon-ki Angelina; Ip, Fu-keung
2006Indirect rotor field orientation vector control for induction motor drives in the absence of current sensorsWang, Z. S.; Ho, Siu-lau
Mar-2008Indirect sliding mode control of power converters via double integral sliding surfaceTan, Siew-chong; Lai, Y. M.; Tse, C. K. Michael
2006Indium and zinc oxide-based nanostructures prepared by thermal evaporationLai, Chong-wan
2009An indoor air quality monitoring and assessment protocol for air-conditioned offices in subtropical climatesHui, Pui-shan
2006Indoor environmental control with a direct expansion (DX) air conditioning (A/C) unit in residences in the subtropicsLi, Zheng
16-Nov-2005Indoor ventilation system with personal ventilator and use method thereof = 有个人通风装置的室内通风系统Niu, Jianlei (牛建磊)
28-Jun-2005Indoor ventilation system with personalized ventilation device and its method of usageNiu, Jianlei
15-Oct-2008Induced solitons formed by cross-polarization coupling in a birefringent cavity fiber laserZhang, H.; Tang, D. Y.; Zhao, L. M.; Tam, Hwa-yaw
2014Inductive power transfer system and its applicationZhang, Wei
2012Inferential patterns of generalized quantifiers and their applications to scalar reasoningChow, Ka Fat
18-Nov-2008Infill for bollard footing holeSiu, Kin-wai Michael
1-Dec-2006Influence of annealing on B-site order and dielectric properties of (0.4)Pb(In₁/₂Nb₁/₂)O₃:(0.6)Pb(Mg₁/₃Nb₂/₃)O₃relaxor ceramicsTai, Cheuk-wai; Baba-Kishi, K. Z.
2002The influence of changes in competition on the changes of management accounting practices in the banking industry : Hong Kong evidenceCheung, Leung-kam
May-2009Influence of choice of electrical stimulation site on peripheral neurophysiological and hypoalgesic effectsCheing, Gladys Lai-ying; Chan, Winnie W. Y.
16-Jan-2012The influence of gate dielectrics on a high-mobility n-type conjugated polymer in organic thin-film transistorsLi, Jinhua; Du, Jun; Xu, Jianbin; Chan, Helen L. W.; Yan, Feng
19-Jul-2006Influence of indium-tin-oxide thin-film quality on reverse leakage current of indium-tin-oxide/n-GaN Schottky contactsWang, R. X.; Xu, S. J.; Djurišić, A. B.; Beling, C. D.; Cheung, C. K.; Cheung, C. H.; Fung, S.; Zhao, D. G.; Yang, H.; Tao, Xiaoming
2009Influence of inspired oxygen concentration on the assessment of language lateralization using Transcranial Doppler SonographyWong, Pok-ning
1-May-2010The influence of magnetic anisotropy on magnetoelectric behavior in conical spin ordered multiferroic stateYao, Xiaoyan; Lo, Veng-cheong; Liu, Jun-Ming
1-Nov-2004Influence of short-range and long-range order on the evolution of the morphotropic phase boundary in Pb Zr[sub 1−x]Ti[sub x] O₃Glazer, A. M.; Thomas, P. A.; Baba-Kishi, K. Z.; Pang, Geoffrey Kin-hung; Tai, Cheuk-wai
21-Jun-2010Influence of strain and pressure to the effective refractive index of the fundamental mode of hollow-core photonic bandgap fibersPang, Meng; Xuan, Haifeng; Ju, Jian; Jin, Wei
Feb-2006Influence of stratosphere-to-troposphere exchange on the seasonal cycle of surface ozone at Mount Waliguan in western ChinaDing, Aijun; Wang, Tao
Oct-2005The influence of the human becoming theory on teaching-learning stories in Hangzhou, ChinaChan, Engle Angela
1-Aug-2009Influence of thermal strains on the electrocaloric and dielectric properties of ferroelectric nanoshellsDai, Xiao; Cao, Hai-Xia; Jiang, Qing; Lo, Veng-cheong
Nov-2003Influences of biomass burning during the Transport and Chemical Evolution Over the Pacific (TRACE-P) experiment identified by the regional chemical transport modelTang, Youhua; Carmichael, Gregory R.; Woo, Jung-Hun; Thongboonchoo, Narisara; Kurata, Gakuji; Uno, Itsushi; Streets, David G.; Blake, Donald R.; Weber, Rodney J.; Talbot, Robert W.; Kondo, Yutaka; Singh, Hanwant B.; Wang, Tao
2010Influences of Chinese values on employee organizational citizenship behavior within the context of international five-star hotels in the People's Republic of ChinaWang, Jin
2002The influences of fashion change on the apparel-buying behaviour of young generation in Hong KongLaw, Ka-ming Derry
2009Information asymmetry in the takeover marketLi, Lin
2003Information content, extended hours and the relationship between cash and index futures marketsNg, Wan-yuk
2013Information mining from online reviews for product designJin, Jian
2007Information quality and the cost of debt capitalSong, Yang
Sep-1999Information technology applications in biomedical functional imagingFeng, D. David
2000The informational content of earnings announcement and stock market behaviour : an investigation of China's stock marketGao, Ning
15-May-2008Infrared luminescence and amplification properties of Bi-doped GeO₂-Ga₂O₃-Al₂O₃glassesZhou, Shifeng; Dong, Huafang; Zeng, Heping; Hao, J. H.; Chen, Jingxin; Qiu, Jianrong
2012The ingredients of counterfactuality in Mandarin ChineseWang, Yuying
Dec-1999Inhibition of microbial activity of activated sludge by ammonia in leachateLi, Xiang-zhong; Zhao, Q. L.
Apr-2003Initiatives and outcomes of quality management implementation across industriesLai, Kee-hung Mike; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
2-Apr-2008Inner lens of lateral transmitting light-emitting diode light source = 侧面发射发光二极管光源的内透镜To, Sandy (杜雪); Jiang, Jinbo (蔣金波); Cheung, Chi-fai Benny (張志輝); Lee, W. B. (李榮彬); Cheung, Ka-chun (張家俊)
14-Jan-2011Inner surface enhanced femtosecond second harmonic generation in thin ZnO crystal tubesZheng, C. C.; Xu, S. J.; Ning, J. Q.; Zhang, S. F.; Wang, J. Y.; Che, C. M.; Hao, J. H.
Sep-2008Innovate with complex information technologies : a theoretical model and empirical examinationWang, Wei; Hsieh, J.J. Po-an; Butler, John E.; Hsu, Sheng-hsun
2012Innovation-oriented leadership, contingencies and outcomes in the multiple stages of innovation processKong, Hao
2012An innovative assessment of the biomechanical properties of plantar tissues and diabetic foot ulcersChao, Yuet Lan Clare
2010Innovative functional knitwear design with conductive yarnsLi, Li
2013Innovative textile design using the optical properties of metal nanoparticlesZheng, Yidan
2000InSAR DEM的质量评价Liu, Guo Xiang (劉國祥); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Li, Zhilin (李志林); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇); Liu, Wen-xi (劉文熙); Li, Zhiwei (李志偉)
1-Nov-2010Inscription of polymer optical fiber Bragg grating at 962 nm and its potential in strain sensingZhang, Zhifeng; Zhang, Chi; Tao, Xiaoming; Wang, Guangfeng; Peng, Gang Ding
22-Jun-2011Insect repellant fabrics and its manufacture method = 驱虫织物及其制造方法Xin, John Haozhong (忻浩忠); Fei, Bin (費賓)
1-Apr-2007Insight into resolving construction disputes by mediation/adjudication in Hong KongChau, Kwok-wing
16-Jan-2008Installation mechanism used for collapsible bollard = 用于可拆卸式系桩的安装机构Siu, Kin-wai Michael (邵健偉)
2009Instantaneous effect of meridian point stimulation for managing sleep apnoeaNg, Siu-luen
2005Institutional analysis of land use policies in China under the transition economy : with reference to rural to urban land conversion in GuangzhouLi, Yong
Jan-2006Institutional isomorphism and the adoption of information technology for supply chain managementLai, Kee-hung Mike; Wong, Christina W. Y.; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
2007Institutionalisation of ERP extension for collaborative engineering and logistics services in aircraft maintenance industryLeung, Tim-shing
19-Nov-2008Instrument for detecting the recovery of the feeling = 感觉复康检测仪Lau, Kin-tak Alan (劉建德); Lau, Mei-ling (劉美玲); Chan, Chetwyn C. H. (陳智軒)
2012Integrable Ermakov structure in nonlinear continuum mechanics and opticsAn, Hongli
2009Integral sliding mode control with integral switching gain for magnetic levitation apparatusSun, Zhengang; Cheung, C. Norbert; Zhao, Shiwei; Gan, Wai-chuen
2003An integrated analytical approach to environmental management in constructionChen, Zhen
2003An integrated approach to financial planning in Hong KongChan, To
Nov-2004An integrated asset performance framework for operational buildings – preliminary results of focused group validations in Hong Kong and AustraliaThen, S. S. Danny; Tan, Teng-hee; Chau, Chi-kwan
2014Integrated data analysis and characterization of photochemical ozone in subtropical Hong KongLing, Zhenhao
2011An integrated decision support system for new product development with customer satisfactionChan, Sze-ling
2012An integrated electronic medical record system (iEMRS) with decision support capability in medical prescriptionTing, S. L.; Ip, W. H.; Tsang, Albert H. C.; Ho, To-sum
2009An integrated environmental product assessment model on ecodesign for electrical products and electronic appliancesWong, Yuen-ling
2006Integrated IT systems for construction site managementLiang, Yong
17-May-2005Integrated liquid crystal optical switch based on total internal reflectionZhang, Ailing; Chan, Kam Tai; Demokan, Suleyman; Chan, Victor W. C.; Chan, Philip C. H.; Kwok, Hoi S.; Chan, Andy H. P.
Feb-2011An integrated microfluidic chip with 40 MHz lead-free transducer for fluid analysisLee, Siu To Felix; Lam, Kai-siu; Lei, Lei; Zhang, Xuming; Chan, Helen L. W.
2004An integrated model of online customer loyaltyTam, Tsui-wa Christine
2002An integrated model of service loyaltyLu, Ting-pong Johnny
2004Integrated on-chip inductors for radio frequency CMOS circuitsTsui, Chiu
Jun-2011Integrated optimal placement of displacement transducers and strain gauges for better estimation of structural responseZhang, X. H.; Zhu, Songye; Xu, Y. L.; Homg, X. J.
2001An integrated process and project management tool for multi-site software developmentChung, Man-lap
Mar-2002Integrated RBF network based estimation strategy of the output characteristics of brushless DC motorsHo, Siu-lau; Fei, Minrui; Fu, Weinong; Wong, Ho-ching Chris; Lo, Edward
2011An integrated summarization framework with hierarchical content representationOuyang, You
Nov-2007Integrated water quality management in Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong : a case studyChau, Kwok-wing
Nov-2008Integrating design and construction through virtual prototypingLi, Heng; Huang, Ting; Kong, C. W. Stephen; Guo, Hongling; Baldwin, Andrew; Chan, Neo; Wong, Johnny
2013Integrating extensive reading into China's English language curriculum : the case of a Shanghai senior high schoolHe, Mu
2012Integrating genetic algorithm and fuzzy integral for evaluating game units combination in RTS gameLi, Yingjie
Mar-2010Integrating information literacy into Blackboard : librarian-faculty collaboration for successful student learningXiao, Judy