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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Feb-2004Food preparation device with smart springZhou, Limin
2011A food safety management decision support system for enhancing the quality level in a distribution centreLao, Sok I
2012Foodborne pathogens detection with nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide membrane based biosensorTan, Fei
2013Foot arch development of Chinese children and longitudinal evaluation of total contact foot orthosis for flexible flat foot for 2.5 yearsLi, Nga Mei
24-Feb-2009Foot massage apparatusWong, Thomas K. S.; Chung, Joanne; Tse, Hing-min Sonny; Fan, Ka Lun; Cheung, Ching Ching; Ma, Pony; Lau, Yin Ki; Au, Sarah W. M.
14-Jul-2010Foot massage apparatus = 足底按摩装置Wong, Thomas K. S. (汪國成); Chung, Joanne (鍾慧儀); Tse, Hing-min Sonny (謝慶綿); Fan, Ka Lun (樊家倫); Cheung, Ching Ching (張清政); Ma, Mun-chung Pony (馬敏聰); Lau, Yin Ki (劉彥麒); Au, Sarah W. M. ( 歐慧敏)
1-Dec-1999Force measurement by visibility modulated fiber optic sensorLau, K. S.; Chan, T. L.; Wong, Kin-hung
2006Forced convection and fluid friction in a horizontal triangular duct with uniformly ribbed or grooved internal surfacesLuo, Dandan
2000Forecasting compensatory control of an piezo-actuated micro-boring bar for dynamic error reductionGao, Dong
Apr-2006Forecasting international tourist flows to MacauSong, Haiyan; Witt, Stephen F.
2006Forecasting manpower demand in the construction industry of Hong KongWong, Ming-wah James
2008The forest for the trees : trade, investment, and the China-in-Africa discourseSautman, Barry; Yan, Hairong
2003Formability analysis of tailor-welded blanks of steel sheetsChan, Sui-man
2010Formability of tailor-welded blanks for rate-dependent materialsCheng, Chi-ho
2007A formal treatment of explicature and the pragmatics of conditional statementsWong, Chun-wing Eddy
2014Formalization of construction operations simulation framework for modeling large civil engineering projects for decision making purposesLau, Sze Chun
Sep-1998Formation and dynamics of modules in a dual-tasking multilayer feed-forward neural networkLam, Chi-hang; Shin, Franklin G.
11-Aug-2003Formation energy of Stone–Wales defects in carbon nanotubesZhou, L. G.; Shi, San-qiang
2013Formation mechanism of CNT and related materialXu, Ziwei
15-Jul-2010Formation mechanism of peapod-derived double-walled carbon nanotubesDing, Feng; Xu, Ziwei; Yakobson, Boris I.; Young, Robert J.; Kinloch, Ian A.; Cui, Shuang; Deng, Libo; Puech, Pascal; Monthioux, Marc
1-Aug-2010Formation of core/shell structured cobalt/carbon nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation in tolueneKwong, Ho-yin Anthony; Wong, Man-hon; Leung, Dennis Chi-wah; Wong, Yuen-wah; Wong, Kin-hung
2001The formation of family economic strategy : how gender and class interact to make women's livesChan, Po-ying
10-Dec-2004Formation of sp³ bonding in nanoindented carbon nanotubes and graphiteGuo, Wanlin; Zhu, C. Z.; Yu, T. X.; Woo, Chung-ho; Zhang, B.; Dai, Y. T.
Jul-2010Formononetin, an isoflavone, relaxes rat isolated aorta through endothelium-dependent and endothelium-independent pathwaysWu, Jianhong; Li, Qing; Wu, Minyi; Guo, Dejian; Chen, Huan-Le; Chen, Shilin; Seto, Sai-Wang; Au, Alice Lai Shan; Poon, Christina Chui-Wa; Leung, George P. H.; Lee, Simon M. Y.; Kwan, Yiu-Wa; Chan, Shun-wan
2012Formulation of DC energy factor and energy-based control method for high efficiency power electronics conversion systemsShi, Zhanghai
Jul-2004Four-dimensional visualization of construction scheduling and site utilizationChau, Kwok-wing; Anson, M.; Zhang, J. P.
2-Jun-2009Four-state rock-paper-scissors games in constrained Newman-Watts networksZhang, Guo-Yong; Chen, Yong; Qi, Wei-Kai; Qing, Shao-Meng
20-Dec-2010Fourier analysis for hydrostatic pressure sensing in a polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fiberChilds, Paul; Wong, Allan C. L.; Fu, H. Y.; Liao, Y. B.; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Lu, Chao; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander
31-Oct-2008An FPTAS for parallel-machine scheduling under a grade of service provision to minimize makespanJi, Min; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
30-Apr-2007An FPTAS for scheduling with piecewise linear decreasing processing times to minimize makespanJi, Min; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
1-Sep-2009Fractal analysis of effective thermal conductivity for three-phase (unsaturated) porous mediaKou, Jianlong; Liu, Yang; Wu, Fengmin; Fan, Jintu; Lu, Hangjun; Xu, Yousheng
2012Fractal dimension analysis of higher-order mode shapes for damage identification of beam structuresBai, Runbo; Cao, Maosen; Su, Zhongqing; Ostachowicz, Wiesław; Xu, Hao
Jun-2010Fractal dynamics analysis of the VHF radiation pulses during initial breakdown process of lightningGou, Xueqiang; Chen, M. L.; Du, Patrick Ya-ping; Dong, Wansheng
2002Fractal fabrication for aesthetic product designSoo, Shik-cheung
2005Fractal-based techniques and their applicationsLai, Cheung-ming
2000Fracture limit prediction for sheet metal forming by damage mechanics approachFung, Lim-chung
2014A framework for cadastral system migration from deeds registration to titles registrationDivithure, Homindra
2004A framework for high quality palmprint acquisition and effective palm line extractionWong, Ming-keung Michael
2006A framework for modeling uncertain relationships between spatial objects in gis based on fuzzy topologyLiu, Kim-fung
2002A framework for scalable (mobile agent based) distributed mining of association rules over the InternetWu, Sui-lun
9-Jan-2014Framework for stakeholder management in construction projectsYang, Rebecca J.; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.
2010A framework for stakeholder management in construction projectsYang, Jing
2007A framework for the improvement of knowledge-intensive business processesDalmaris, Peter; Tsui, Eric; Hall, Bill; Smith, Bob
2009A framework of fuzzy variable precision rough sets and its applicationsZhao, Suyun
2006A framework of knowledge processes for professional quantity surveying firms in Hong KongChoi, Kit-yung Sonia
15-Jan-2004Franck-Condon simulation of the single vibronic level emission spectra of HSiF and DSiF including anharmonicityMok, Daniel K. W.; Lee, Edmond P. F.; Chau, Foo-tim; Dyke, John M.
22-Jul-2004Franck-Condon simulation of the single-vibronic-level emission spectra of HPCI/DPCI and the chemiluminescence spectrum of HPCI, including anharmonicityChau, Foo-tim; Mok, Daniel K. W.; Lee, Edmond P. F.; Dyke, John M.
28-Sep-2011Franck-Condon simulation, including anharmonicity, of the photodetachment spectrum of P₂H‾ : restricted-spin coupled-cluster single-double plus perturbative triple and unrestricted-spin coupled-cluster single-double plus perturbative triple -F12x potential energy functions of P₂H and P₂H‾Mok, Daniel K. W.; Lee, Edmond P. F.; Chau, Foo-tim; Dyke, John M.
Sep-2001Free vibrations of two side-by-side cylinders in a cross-flowZhou, Yu; Wang, Z. J.; So, Ronald M. C.; Xu, S. J.; Jin, W.
1999Frequency and pulse width modulation for zero-voltage-switching resonant pole inverterCheng, K. W. Eric
Nov-1999Frequency instability in Er/Yb fiber grating lasers due to heating by nonradiative transitionsMan, W. S.; Xu, Y. Z.; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Demokan, Suleyman
1-May-2010Frequency response of magnetoelectric 1–3-type compositesLam, Kwok-ho; Lo, Ching-yin; Chan, Helen L. W.
Sep-2001Frequency stabilization of DBR fiber grating laser using interferometric techniqueChung, Wenghong; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Demokan, Suleyman; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander; Lu, Chao
16-Dec-2013Frequency synchronization of Fourier domain harmonically mode locked fiber laser by monitoring the supermode noise peaksLi, Feng; Zhang, Aiqin; Feng, Xinhuan; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander
2006Friction-based control of building complex for seismic mitigation : numerical and experimental studiesNg, Chi-lun
Mar-2010From CALIS and CASHL to the library consortium trend in ChinaXu, Diqiu
Jun-2012From classifier to stance marker : on the diachronic development of Cantonese go³Wong, Tak-sum; Yap, Foong Ha
6-Sep-2013From construction megaproject management to complex project management : a bibliographic analysisHu, Yi; Chan, Albert P. C.; Le, Yun; Jin, Run-zhi
Feb-2004From customer orientation to customer satisfaction : the gap between theory and practiceYeung, Andy C. L.; Cheng, T. C. Edwin; Chan, Ling-yau
Sep-2012From experienced to novice : a reflective account on the changing role of front-line implementer to program trainer in Project P.A.T.H.S.Wu, Florence K. Y.; Shek, Daniel T. L.
2003From halftoning to compressing halftone imagesCheung, Sin-ming
1-May-2013From I to D : pronominal discourse functions across the sections of research articlesChavez Munoz, Monica
29-Apr-2011From learning management system to personal learning environment : leveraging Web 2.0 and cloud computing to enhance collaborative learningTsui, Eric
Mar-2010From library stacks to library-in-a-pocket : will users be around?Choy, Fatt Cheong
2002From message conveyance to meaning creation : a preliminary discussion on creativity in advertisingChan, Tai-yan Paul
2006From n-gram to skipgram to concgramCheng, Winnie; Greaves, Chris; Warren, Martin
2010From nowhere to somewhere : protecting end-to-end location privacy in wireless sensor networksChen, Honglong; Lou, Wei
Apr-2012From offline toward real-time : a hybrid systems model checking and CPS co-design approach for medical device plug-and-play (MDPnP)Li, Tao; Tan, Feng; Wang, Qixin; Bu, Lei; Cao, Jiannong; Liu, Xue
31-Jul-2007From phase space to frequency domain : a time-frequency analysis for chaotic time seriesSun, Junfeng; Zhao, Yi; Nakamura, Tomomichi; Small, Michael
2002From ritual lament to public discourse : some observations on the changing perception of fate among Hong Kong Chinese womenHo, Yuk-ying
Jul-2011From skills and competencies to outcome-based collaborative work : tracking a decade's development of personal knowledge management (PKM) modelsCheong, Ricky K. F.; Tsui, Eric
23-Dec-2008From the state to the market? China’s education at a crossroadsMok, Ka Ho; Lo, Yat Wai William
Aug-2010From top executives to departmental managers : a comparative study of strategic issues perceived by hotel corporate executive and general managersXiao, Qu; O’Neill, John W.
11-Jul-2012FRP (fiber reinforce plastic) tube-concrete-steel tube combined tube tower and segmented construction method thereof = 一种FRP管-混凝土-钢管组合管塔及其分节段建造方法Teng, Jin-guang (滕錦光); Yu, Tao (余濤); Lin, Li (林力)
2008FRP-confined RC columns : analysis, behavior and designJiang, Tao
2009Full implementation of the Secondary 1 program of Project P.A.T.H.S. : observations based on the co-walker schemeShek, Daniel T. L.; Sun, Rachel C. F.; Kan, Vivian W. M.
Jul-2009Fully polynomial-time approximation schemes for time–cost tradeoff problems in series–parallel project networksHalman, Nir; Li, Chung-Lun; Simchi-Levi, David
2014Functional and structural reorganization in relation to functional outcomes after stroke : insights from magnetic resonance imagingWong, Wan Wa
9-Jan-2007Functional electrical stimulation systemTong, Kai-yu Raymond; Mak, Arthur F. T.; Leung, Kelvin T. Y.
24-Oct-2007Functional finishing adjuvant for fabric, its preparation and application process = 一种织物功能整理助剂及其制备和应用方法Li, Yi (李毅); Song, Qing Wen (宋慶文); Hu, Jun Yan (胡軍岩)