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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2009 Estimation of wrist angle from sonomyography using support vector machine and artificial neural network modelsXie, Hong-Bo; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Guo, Jing-Yi; Chen, Xin; Shi, Jun
2009 Estimation of Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio of soft tissue using indentationChoi, Pong-chi Alex
Jan-2009 Ethnic experience of cancer: a qualitative study of Chinese-Australians in Brisbane, QueenslandLui, Chi-Wai; Ip, Fu-keung; Chui, Wing Hong
2013 An ethnographic study of the role of frontline nurses in fostering a positive practice environment in hospitalsChoi, Pin Pin Sandy
2004 E-union : a platform for communicating construction material information between E-commerce systemsHung, Pak-lun
2010 Evaluating flexible capacity strategy under demand uncertaintyYang, Liu
Dec-2007 Evaluating guaranteed maximum price and target cost contracting strategies in Hong Kong construction industryChan, Daniel W. M.; Chan, Albert P. C.; Lam, Tsun-ip Patrick; Lam, W. M. Edmond; Wong, James M. W.
Jul-2008 Evaluating narrative pedagogy in nursing education in Hong KongChan, Engle Angela
Nov-2003 Evaluating regional emission estimates using the TRACE-P observationsCarmichael, G. R.; Tang, Y.; Kurata, G.; Uno, I.; Streets, D. G.; Thongboonchoo, N.; Woo, J.-H.; Guttikunda, S.; White, A.; Wang, Tao; Blake, D. R.; Atlas, E.; Fried, A.; Potter, B.; Avery, M. A.; Sachse, G. W.; Sandholm, S. T.; Kondo, Y.; Talbot, R. W.; Bandy, A.; Thorton, D.; Clarke, A. D.
Oct-2007 Evaluating research performance in tourism and hospitality: The perspective of university program headsLaw, Chun-hung Roberts; Chon, Kaye Kye-sung
2006 Evaluating the demand and service quality of ground access modes and terminal facilities of Hong Kong International AirportTam, Mei-ling
2005 Evaluating the effect of an on-line computer assisted cognitive rehabilitation programmeSoong, Yuen-leung Wallace
2000 Evaluating the efficiency of the use of space on construction sitesLi, Zhaoxia
Apr-2011 Evaluation model for assessing the suitability of public-private partnership projectsCheung, Esther; Chan, Albert P. C.
2005 Evaluation of alternative methods for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of fastidious organismsPong, Wai-leung Rocky
2010 Evaluation of anti-oxidant capacity of root of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, in comparison with roots of polygonum multiflorum thunb and Panax ginseng CA MeyerChan, Enoch; Wong, Cynthia Ying-kat; Wan, Chun-wai; Kwok, Ching-yee; Wu, Jianhong; Ng, Kar-man; So, Chi-hang; Au, Alice Lai Shan; Poon, Christina Chui-Wa; Seto, Sai-Wang; Kwan, Yiu-Wa; Yu, Peter H.; Chan, Shun-wan
2012 Evaluation of a positive youth development program based on the repertory grid testShek, Daniel T. L.
2010 Evaluation of a positive youth development program for adolescents with greater psychosocial needs : integrated views of program implementersShek, Daniel T. L.; Ma, Cecilia M. S.; Sun, Rachel C. F.
2006 Evaluation of a prospective randomized controlled exercise program for people recovering from severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)Lau, Mun-cheung Herman
Apr-2003 Evaluation of a pulmonary rehabilitation program in Hong KongMok, Esther; Lee, Irene Sze Man
2012 Evaluation of asphalt concrete pavement service life using 3D nonlinear finite element analysis and nonlinear fatigue damage modelSuo, Zhi
2010 An evaluation of aster images for assessment of causative factors of Hong Kong's urban heat islandKwok, Ka-hei
2013 Evaluation of a transitional care programme for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Guangzhou China : a randomized controlled trialWang, Shao Ling
2012 Evaluation of biomechanical environment of foot within different shoesCong, Yan
Nov-2009 Evaluation of bone-tendon junction healing using water jet ultrasound indentation methodLu, Min-Hua; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Lu, Hong-Bin; Huang, Qing-Hua; Qin, Ling
2002 An evaluation of common standard diagnostic tests for dry eyeKwong, Yee-man
2010 Evaluation of compression garment design factor and prediction of garment pressure on wearerLeung, Wing-yan
2006 Evaluation of dynamic loads for highway bridgesAshebo, Demeke Beyene
2002 Evaluation of environmental initiatives by hotels in Hong Kong with special regard to ISO 14001 certificationChan, Suk-han Angela
2000 Evaluation of fire damage to high performance concretePeng, Gai-fei
Jun-2008 Evaluation of hepatocellular carcinoma with dynamic ¹¹C-acetate PET : a dual-modeling methodChen, Sirong; Feng, D. David
Jun-2006 An evaluation of nursing practice models in the context of the severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic in Hong Kong : a preliminary studyChan, Engle Angela; Chung, Joanne; Wong, Thomas K. S.; Yang, Joseph C. S.
2010 Evaluation of ocean tide models used for Jason-2 altimetry correctionsFok, H. S.; Iz, H. Bâki; Shum, C. K.; Yi, Yuchan; Andersen, Ole; Braun, Alexander; Chao, Yi; Han, Guoqi; Kuo, C. Y.; Matsumoto, Koji; Song, Y. Tony
2006 Evaluation of post-stroke rehabilitation using neuromuscular electrical stimulation and gait training in a rat model of focal cerebral ischemiaLeung, Lai-yee
16-Aug-2011 Evaluation of proteoglycan gene polymorphisms as risk factors in the genetic susceptibility to high myopiaYip, Shea-ping; Leung, Kim-hung; Ng, Po Wah; Fung, Wai Yan; Sham, Pak Chung; Yap, Keng-hung Maurice
2011 Evaluation of real performance of reinforced concrete cantilevered balcony structures using forced-vibration techniqueChu, Yiu-leung Louis
2006 Evaluation of several algorithms in forecasting floodWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing
2007 Evaluation of shape memory fabricsLi, Yuen-kei Susanna
2004 Evaluation of sub-clinical lead poisoning of young children in Hong KongWong, Kar-yan Alice
Jul-1997 Evaluation of the material parameters of piezoelectric materials by various methodsKwok, Kin-wing; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong
2006 An evaluation of the practicality of sliding mode controllers in DC-DC converters and their general design issuesTan, Siew-chong; Lai, Y. M.; Tse, C. K. Michael
2012 Evaluation of the project P.A.T.H.S. based on students' weekly diaries : findings from eight datasetsShek, Daniel T. L.; Sun, Rachel C. F.
2012 Evaluation of the training program of the Project P.A.T.H.S. : findings based on the perspective of the participants from different cohortsShek, Daniel T. L.; Chak, Yammy L. Y.
Nov-2004 An evaluation of TRACE-P emission inventories from China using a regional model and chemical measurementsTan, Q.; Chameides, W. L.; Streets, D.; Wang, Tao; Xu, J.; Bergin, M.; Woo, J.
2005 Evaluation of turbulence models for simulation of fire-induced air flows inside an enclosureMok, Wai-kuen Vic.
15-Jan-2012 Evanescent-wave photoacoustic spectroscopy with optical micro/nano fibersCao, Yingchun; Jin, Wei; Ho, Lut Hoi; Liu, Zhibo
Jun-2013 Evasion strategies in Hong Kong political discourseWai, Brian L. M.; Yap, Foong Ha
2007 The eventual clusterer oracle and its application to consensus in MANETsWu, Weigang; Cao, Jiannong; Raynal, Michel
2007 The eventual leadership in dynamic mobile networking environmentsCao, Jiannong; Raynal, Michel; Travers, Corentin; Wu, Weigang
15-Feb-2002 Evidence of the influence of phonon density on Tm³⁺ upconversion luminescence in tellurite and germanate glassesTsang, W. S.; Yu, W. M.; Mak, Chee-leung; Tsui, Wan-lam; Wong, Kin-hung; Hui, H. K.
May-2012 Evidentiality and the upgrading and downgrading of epistemic strengths in Mandarin conversationsYang, ying; Yap, Foong Ha
2003 An evolutionary approach to adaptive workflow managementNg, Chun-fai
2008 An evolutionary approach to discover composite features for effective text classification of small classesWong, Ka-shing Alex
2011 Evolutionary computation in machine vision for manufacturing and logistics industryWu, Chun-ho
3-Sep-2009 Evolutionary discriminant feature extraction with application to face recognitionZhao, Qijun; Zhang, David D.; Zhang, Lei; Lu, Hongtao
6-Oct-2010 Evolution of global container operator efficiency: a DEA approachYip, T. L.; Sun, Xinyu; Liu, John J.
Sep-2004 Exact analytical bit error rates for multiple access chaos-based communication systemsTam, Wai M.; Lau, Francis Chung-ming; Tse, C. K. Michael; Lawrance, Anthony J.
2000 An exact model and simulation of a permanent magnet synchronous motor system when driving a light load at low speedHo, Ping-kwong
2012 Exact penalty function methods and their applications in search engine advertising problemsMa, Cheng
24-Aug-2005 Exact scaling in competitive growth modelsBraunstein, L. A.; Lam, Chi-hang
14-Oct-2003 Exact soliton solutions for the core of dispersion-managed solitonsXu, Zhiyong; Li, Lu; Li, Zhonghao; Zhou, Guosheng; Nakkeeran, K.
2009 An examination of cognitive schemas of middle managers' roles in organizational changeXu, Hanhua Erica
2004 Examination of H-bridge resonant converter using passivity-based controlLu, Y.; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Ho, Siu-lau; Pan, Jianfei
Sep-2006 Examination of square-wave modulated voltage dip restorer and its harmonics analysisCheng, K. W. Eric; Ho, Siu-lau; Wong, Kit Po; Cheung, T. K.; Ho, Y. L.
2006 Examination of T8-T5 electronic ballast adaptorCheong, C. K.; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Chan, H. L.
2011 Examining structural relationships among cognitive destination image, destination personality and behavioural intentions : the case of BeijingXie, Lijia Karen
Sep-2001 An example of expert system on numerical modelling system in coastal processesChau, Kwok-wing; Chen, W.
2005 Exception handling in distributed workflow systems using mobile agentsCao, Jiannong; Yang, Jin; Chan, Wai-ting; Xu, Chengzhong
1-Oct-2010 Exchange interaction function for spin-lattice coupling in bcc ironWang, Hai; Ma, Pui-wai; Woo, Chung-ho
2002 Excimer laser surface modification of high strength aluminium alloysChan, Chung-pui
2011 Exhibition brand preference in mainland China : the role of relationship quality and destination attractivenessJin, Xin
2011 Expansion and closure : towards a theory of Wh-construals in ChineseHe, Chuansheng
May-2011 Expecting my child to become “dragon” – development of the Chinese parental expectation on child’s future scaleLeung, Janet T. Y.; Shek, Daniel T. L.
2011 Experimental and numerical investigation of air cross-contamination around typical high-rise residential building in Hong KongLiu, Xiaoping
2012 Experimental and numerical investigation of integration of cooled-ceiling, nocturnal sky radiative cooling and MPCM slurry thermal storageZhang, Shuo
2003 Experimental and numerical studies of fluid-structure interaction in flow-induced vibration problemsLau, Yin-lung
2011 Experimental and numerical studies on the macro- and micro-scale metal-deformed product design and developmentChan, Wai-lun
2013 Experimental and numerical study on thermal comfort and energy saving of stratified air distribution systemsCheng, Yuanda
2012 An experimental and numerical study on the thermal environment in an air-conditioned sleeping spacePan, Dongmei
2013 Experimental and simulation study of spatial distribution of human respiratory droplets under typical indoor air distribution patternsLi, Xiaoping
Showing results 1991 to 2070 of 6319
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