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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A dynamic frame-skipping video combiner for multipoint video conferencingFung, Kai-tat; Siu, Wan-chi; Chan, Yui-lam
Dec-1997Dynamic image data compression in spatial and temporal domains : theory and algorithmHo, Dino; Feng, D. David; Chen, Kewei
Dec-1998Dynamic imaging and tracer kinetic modeling for emission tomography using rotating detectorsLau, Chi-hoi; Feng, D. David; Hutton, Brian F.; Lun, Pak-kong Daniel; Siu, Wan-chi
Feb-2005Dynamic lot size problems with one-way product substitutionHsu, Vernon Ning; Li, Chung-Lun; Xiao, Wen-Qiang
22-Oct-2008Dynamic luminescent sticks = 动力发光拐杖Luk, Anny (陸嘉莉); Chan, Wai-keung (陳惠強); Hui, Sau-yee (許秀儀); Yu, Kin-mau (余建謀); Yim, Po-yee (嚴寶儀); Yau, Pui-man Candy (游佩雯)
1-Apr-2012Dynamic magnetoelastic properties of epoxy-bonded Sm₀. ₈₈Nd₀.₁₂Fe₁.₉₃ pseudo-1-3 negative magnetostrictive particulate compositeYang, Fang; Leung, Chung Ming; Or, Derek Siu-wing; Liu, Wei; Zhang, Zhidong; Duan, Yuanfeng
16-May-2005Dynamic magnetomechanical properties of Terfenol-D/epoxy pseudo 1-3 compositesOr, Derek Siu-wing; Li, Tongle; Chan, Helen L. W.
3-Sep-2012Dynamic measurement of pennation angle of gastrocnemius muscles during contractions based on ultrasound imagingZhou, Yongjin; Li, Ji-Zhou; Zhou, Guangquan; Zheng, Yong-Ping
2011A dynamic model for assessing the effectiveness of construction and demolition waste managementYuan, Hongping
2001Dynamic model for landsliding monitoring under rigid body assumptionZhu, Jian-Jun; Ding, Xiaoli; Chen, Yong-qi
2012Dynamic modeling of spindle vibration and surface generation in ultra-precision machiningZhang, Shaojian
2008Dynamic monitoring of forearm muscles using one-dimensional sonomyography systemGuo, Jing-Yi; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Huang, Qing-Hua; Chen, Xin
1-Apr-2011Dynamic performance analysis of permanent magnet contactor with a flux-weakening control strategyWang, Xianbing; Lin, Heyun; Fang, Shuhua; Jin, Ping; Wang, Junhua; Ho, Siu-lau
Aug-2007Dynamic phasor modelling of TCR based FACTS devices for high speed power system fast transients simulationE, Zhijun; Chan, K. W. Kevin; Fang, Dazhong
1-Sep-2003Dynamic process of domain switching in ferroelectric filmsWang, Biao; Xia, R.; Fan, H.; Woo, Chung-ho
Dec-2011Dynamic response analysis of transmission tower under thunderstorm downburstJin, Y. J.; Xu, Y. L.; Xia, Yong; Qu, W. L.
15-Aug-2003Dynamic response of a double barrier system : the effect of contactsAu Yeung, T. C.; Yu, Yabin; Shangguan, W. Z.; Chow, Wan-Ki
15-Dec-2002Dynamic response of a quantum wire structureYu, Yabin; Au Yeung, T. C.; Shangguan, W. Z.
2005Dynamic response sensitivity for structural condition assessmentLu, Zhongrong
Jun-2008Dynamic routing model and solution methods for fleet management with mobile technologiesCheung, Bernard K.-S.; Choy, King-lun; Li, Chung-Lun; Shi, John Wen-zhong; Tang, Jian
2004Dynamic shortest path tree update for multiple link state decrementsXiao, Bin; Cao, Jiannong; Zhuge, Qingfeng; Shao, Zili; Sha, Edwin H.-M.
12-Dec-2013Dynamic source routing strategy for two-level flows on scale-free networksJiang, Zhong-Yuan; Liang, Man-Gui; Wu, Jia-Jing
2011Dynamic substructural condition assessmentLi, Jun
1998Dynamic system for construction project managementFu, Chi-sing Franco
2004Dynamic update of shortest path tree in OSPFXiao, Bin; Cao, Jiannong; Zhuge, Qingfeng; Shao, Zili; Sha, Edwin H.-M.
Dec-2011Dynamic vibration absorbers for vibration control within a frequency bandYang, Cheng; Li, Deyu; Cheng, L.
29-Mar-2012Dynamical modeling of collective behavior from pigeon flight data : flock cohesion and dispersionDieck Kattas, Graciano; Xu, Xiaoke; Small, Michael
Nov-2011The dynamics between freight volatility and fleet size growth in dry bulk shipping marketsXu, Jane Jing; Yip, T. L.; Marlow, Peter B.
Nov-1998Dynamics of an ultrasonic transducer used for wire bondingOr, Derek Siu-wing; Chan, Helen L. W.; Lo, Veng-cheong; Yuen, C. W.
1-Jul-2007Dynamics of gain-guided solitons in an all-normal-dispersion fiber laserZhao, L. M.; Tang, D. Y.; Zhang, H.; Cheng, T. H.; Tam, Hwa-yaw; Lu, Chao
2010The dynamics of shipbuilding in shipping : an econometric analysisXu, Jing Jane
10-Oct-2002Dynamics of the spin-2 Bose condensate driven by external magnetic fieldsZhang, Ping; Chan, Cheong-ki; Li, Xiang-Gui; Xue, Qi-Kun; Zhao, Xian-Geng
14-Mar-2012Dyslexia in Hong Kong : challenges and opportunitiesTsui, Chi-man; Li-Tsang, Wai-ping Cecilia; Lung, Pui-yee
3-Jun-2008E-books : an editor's viewO'Connor, Steve
2002E-commerce application for construction material procurementKong, Chin-wang Stephen
2004E-union : a platform for communicating construction material information between E-commerce systemsHung, Pak-lun
2014Early functional changes in human diabetic retina : a multifocal electroretinogram studyLung, Chun Yee Jenny
Dec-2010Early identification of adolescents with greater psychosocial needs : an evaluation of the Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong KongShek, Daniel T. L.; Ng, Catalina S. M.
2008Earnings quality, analysts, institutional investors and stock price synchronicityZhou, Jing
20-Sep-2005Echo cancellerYiu, Ka-fai Cedric; Huo, Jiaquan; Teo, Kok Lay
2012Eco-functional assessment of grocery shopping bagsMuthu, Subramanian Senthilkannan
2005Ecological mapping in Hong Kong with fine spatial resolution, IKONOS satellite imagesWong, Man-sing
2011Econometric analyses of container shipping market and capacity developmentFan, Lixian
2010Econometric analysis of tourist expendituresWu, Chenguang
Jun-2014Economic analysis of a solid oxide fuel cell cogeneration/trigeneration system for hotels in Hong KongChen, Julia Meng Pei; Ni, Meng
2008Economic and informational consequences of voluntary adoption of international financial reporting standardsShi, Haina
2009Economic assessment on national environmental investments in PRCZhang, Beibei
1-Dec-1996An economical piezoelectric phase modulator for fiber optic sensorsLau, K. S.; Wong, Kin-hung; Chan, T. L.; Yeung, S. K.
Dec-2006EDDS and EDTA-enhanced phytoextraction of metals from artificially contaminated soil and residual effects of chelant compoundsLuo, Chunling; Shen, Zhenguo; Lou, Laiqing; Li, Xiangdong
Apr-2006Edge-based FEM-BEM for wide-band electromagnetic computationYu, H. T.; Ho, Siu-lau; Hu, M. Q.; Wong, Ho-ching Chris
20-Dec-2010Editorial : design, implementation, and evaluation of wireless sensor network systemsLiu, Jiangchuan; Cao, Jiannong; Li, Xiang-Yang; Sun, Limin; Wang, Dan; Ngai, Edith C.-H.
2012Editorial : development of chinese adolescents : assessment, issues, and interventionShek, Daniel T. L.; Sun, Rachel C. F.; Merrick, Joav
2012Editorial : effectiveness of the Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong Kong : evaluation based on different strategies and different studies over timeShek, Daniel T. L.; Ma, Hing Keung; Merrick, Joav
15-Feb-2011Editorial : emerging methods for color image and video quality enhancementZhang, Lei; Battiato, Sebastiano; Wang, Zhou; Schettini, Raimondo; Rap, K. R.
2013Editorial : Energy and environment : challenges and achievements in rapid urbanizationWang, Litao; Yang, Hongxing; Wang, Qunhui; Niranjan, Shrestha
2013Editorial : new strategies and challenges in SHM for aerospace and civil structuresMarzani, Alessandro; Su, Zhongqing; Bartoli, Ivan
2012Editorial : positive youth development constructs : conceptual review and applicationShek, Daniel T. L.; Sun, Rachel C. F.; Merrick, Joav
8-Mar-2009Editorial : Signal processing applications in network intrusion detection systems: editorialHuang, Chin-Tser; Chang, Rocky K. C.; Huang, Polly
Apr-2011Editorial : social work with Chinese characteristicsNg, Guat-tin
2012Editorial : software quality assurance methodologies and techniquesHuang, Chin-Yu; Leung, Hareton; Leung, Wu-Hon Francis; Mizuno, Osamu
Sep-2012Editorial : support for Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong Kong : continuation of positive evaluation evidenceShek, Daniel T. L.; Sun, Rachel C. F.; Merrick, Joav
Dec-2011Editorial : training programs and implementation process of positive youth development programsShek, Daniel T. L.; Sun, Rachel C. F.; Merrick, Joav
Jun-2011Editorial: Advances in adolescent research in the Chinese culture : reflections and future research directionsShek, Daniel T. L.; Sun, Rachel C. F.; Merrick, Joav
2010Editorial: Evaluation of the Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong Kong : are the findings replicable across different populations?Shek, Daniel T. L.; Ma, Hing Keung
Aug-2012Editorial: how to promote holistic development in university students?Shek, Daniel T. L.; Sun, Rachel C. F.; Merrick, Joav
Jul-2012Editorial: Rising tide in China : migrant families, older persons, grassroots NGOs, and social enterprisesNg, Guat-tin
Mar-2010Educating the academic librarian as a blended professional : a review and case studyCorrall, Sheila
2010Education for migrant children in BeijingQi, Ji
2007The effect of a Chinese translated brand name cue on brand associationsFu, Siu-fong Isabel
Mar-2005Effect of a nonlinear photonic crystal fiber on the noise characterization of a distributed Raman amplifierZhao, Chun-liu; Li, Zhaohui; Yang, Xiufeng; Lu, Chao; Jin, Wei; Demokan, Suleyman
2003The effect of a nurse initiated patient/family education strategy on people with schizophrenia in BeijingLi, Zheng
2005The effect of a nurse-led cardiac rehabilitation programme on patients with coronary heart disease in Chengdu, ChinaJiang, Xiaolian
1-Dec-2008The effect of a pre-exercise carbohydrate meal on immune responses to an endurance performance runChen, Ya-jun; Wong, Stephen Heung-sang; Wong, Chun-kwok; Lam, Ching-Wan; Huang, Ya-jun; Siu, Parco M.
2011The effect of a restraint reduction program on physical restraint rates in rehabilitation settings in Hong KongLai, Kam-yuk Claudia; Chow, Susan Ka-yee; Suen, Kwai-ping Lorna; Wong, Ivan Y. C.
2006Effect of acoustic pressure waves on callus innervation and fracture healingLam, Wai-ling
2009Effect of Acu-TENS on airway obstructive diseaseNgai, Pui-ching Shirley
2011Effect of acupressure on women with urodynamic stress incontinenceChang, Ka-pik Katherine
Aug-2006Effect of Al addition on the electronic structure of Hafnia by spatially resolved electron energy loss spectroscopyLi, Quan; Dai, Jiyan; Gong, Xingao
1-Jan-2007Effect of Al addition on the microstructure and electronic structure of HfO₂filmWang, X. F.; Li, Quan; Egerton, R. F.; Lee, Pui-fai; Dai, Jiyan; Hou, Z. F.; Gong, X. G.
1-Oct-2007Effect of alumina on photocatalytic activity of iron oxides for bisphenol A degradationLi, Fang-bai; Li, Xiang-zhong; Liu, Cheng-shuai; Liu, Tong-xu