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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2001Direct self control of induction motor based on neural networkShi, K. L.; Chan, T. F.; Wong, Yiu-kwong; Ho, Siu-lau
23-Jul-2011Direct synthesis of ultrafine tetragonal BaTiO₃ nanoparticles at room temperatureQi, Jianquan; Peng, Tao; Hu, Yongming; Sun, Li; Wang, Yu; Chen, Wanping; Li, Long-tu; Nan, C. W.; Chan, Helen L. W.
2003Direct toolpath generation from pointcloud inputChui, Kam-lun
2008Directional independent component analysis with tensor representationZhang, Lei; Gao, Quanxue; Zhang, David D.
Mar-2011A directional relationship between freight and newbuilding markets : a panel analysisXu, Jane Jing; Yip, T. L.; Liu, Liming
1-May-2013Directional single-mode emission from coupled whispering gallery resonators realized by using ZnS microbeltsZhu, Hai; Yu, S. F.; Wang, Qi Jie; Shan, Chong Xin; Su, S. C.
Jun-2000Directionality of an optical fiber high-frequency acoustic sensor for partial discharge detection and locationZhao, Zhiqiang; MacAlpine, Mark; Demokan, Suleyman
Aug-2012Disaster work in China : tasks and competences for social workersNg, Guat-tin
2008Discourse particles in an intercultural corpus of spoken EnglishLam, Wai-ying Phoenix
2008Discourse processes and products : land surveyors in Hong KongCheng, Winnie; Mok, Esmond
2007Discovering association patterns in large spatio-temporal databasesLee, Ming-ho Eric
2000Discovering clusters in databases using an evolutionary approachChung, Lap-hang Lewis
2012Discovering patterns from drug protein interactions based on their molecular fingerprints and applications in drug designLuo, Weimin
11-Jun-2012Discovering patterns in drug-protein interactions based on their fingerprintsLuo, Weimin; Chan, Keith C. C.
17-Aug-2012Discovery of a natural product-like c-myc G-quadruplex DNA groove-binder by molecular dockingMa, Dik-Lung; Chan, Daniel Shiu-Hin; Fu, Wai-Chung; He, Hong-Zhang; Yang, Hui; Yan, Siu-Cheong; Leung, Chung-Hang
2009Discovery of early serum biomarkers of gastric cancer in a rat modelLam, Wing-kei
2011Discovery of novel inhibitors of the bacterial cell division protein FtsZ by computational drug screening coupled with bioassaysChan, Fung-yi
2000Discrete minimal surfacesWong, Chi-kin
2011Discriminating Astragali Radix from its adulterants using HPLC coupled with chemometric clustering techniquesDong, Wei-Wei; Au, Dawn; Cao, Xin-Wei; Li, Xiao-Bo; Yang, Dajian
Jul-2013Discrimination and stratification tests of cardiovascular disease risk assessment models against ultrasound detection of carotid plaques in type 2 diabeticsChan, Lawrence W. C.; Sun, Yu; Benzie, Iris F. F.
2014A discussion about eco-fashion and its impacts on fashion designPeng, Qingxin; Jiang, Shouxiang
13-Aug-2014Disease-specific target gene expression profiling of molecular imaging probes : database development and clinical validationChan, Lawrence W. C.; Ngo, Connie Hiu-Ching; Wang, Fengfeng; Zhao, Moss Y.; Zhao, Mengying; Law, Helen K. W.; Wong, Sze Chuen Cesar; Yung, Benjamin Yat-ming
2009Disenfranchised women, identity and power : the potential of community arts and cooperativesChan, Fung-yi Pauline
1996Disinfection of municipal wastewater by sensitized photooxidationLi, Xiang-zhong; Zhang, M.; Chua, Hong
2003Dislocation dynamics during thin film depositionLiu, Wing-chung Averil
29-Apr-2002Dislocation jumping over the sound barrier in tungstenLi, Qikai; Shi, San-qiang
2007Disorder behavior in nano- and submicron-structured polymeric composite systems with passive and active dielectric mediaKwan, Kai-cheong
Oct-2003Disordered junction arrays used for Coulomb blockade thermometryYu, Yabin; Chow, Wan-Ki
2004Dispersion of unsorted particle cloud in ambient cross flowGu, Jie
Aug-2011Displacement-based design approach for highway bridges with SMA isolatorsLiu, Jin-long; Zhu, Songye; Xu, Y. L.; Zhang, Yunfeng
6-Jan-2010Distachable platform = 可拆卸平台Chan, Albert P. C. (陳炳泉); Wong, Francis K. W. (黃君華); Yam, Chi-ho Michael (任志浩); Guo, Yongqiang (郭永强); Chan, Daniel W. M. (陳煒明); Lam, W. M. Edmond (林偉明); Cheung, Esther (張泳沁)
2006Distance and product life cycle effects on market orientationWong, Hiu-kan Ada
15-Aug-2012Distinct neural activity associated with focused-attention meditation and loving-kindness meditationLee, Tatia M. C.; Leung, Mei-Kei; Hou, Wai-Kai; Tang, Joey C. Y.; Yin, Jing; So, Kwok-Fai; Lee, Chack-fan; Chan, Chetwyn C. H.
2007Distributed coordination in mobile wireless environmentsWu, Weigang
10-Feb-2014A distributed fiber vibration sensor utilizing dispersion induced walk-off effect in a unidirectional Mach-Zehnder interferometerChen, Qingming; Jin, Chao; Bao, Yuan; Li, Zhaohui; Li, Jianping; Lu, Chao; Yang, Liang; Li, Guifang
2014Distributed optical fibre sensing system based on Brillouin scatteringMao, Yuan
2013A distributed publish-subscribe architecture for XML-based event disseminationYu, Xiaochuan
2012Distributed strain sensor networks for in-construction monitoring and safety evaluation of a high-rise buildingYe, X. W.; Ni, Y. Q.; Xia, Y. X.
Dec-2001Distribution of organochlorine pesticides in a sediment profile of the Pearl River estuaryLi, Xiangdong; Mai, Bixian; Zhang, Gan; Sheng, Guoying; Fu, Jiamo; Pan, S. M.; Wai, Wing-hong Onyx; Li, Yok-sheung
2011Distribution of points on the sphere and spherical designsAn, Congpei
2012Distributionally robust stochastic variational inequalities and applicationsZhang, Yanfang
2012Diversely polarized antenna-array signal processingYuan, Xin
2005Diversity and importance measures for video downscalingFung, Kai-tat; Siu, Wan-chi
26-Mar-2011A DNA pooling-based case-control study of myopia candidate genes COL11A1, COL18A1, FBN1, and PLOD1 in a Chinese populationYip, Shea-ping; Leung, Kim-hung; Fung, Wai Yan; Ng, Po Wah; Sham, Pak Chung; Yap, Keng-hung Maurice
2010DNA repair pathways : effects of SNPs on their functions and their role in drug resistanceLee, Sau-yin
2011Do adolescent developmental issues disappear overnight? Reflections about holistic development in university studentsShek, Daniel T. L.; Wong, Keri K.
2012Do construction workers accept automated monitoring? : a study on the acceptance level and its antecedentsLee, Lap Piu
Nov-2012Do customers and employees enjoy service participation? Synergistic effects of seif- and other-efficacyYim, Chi Kin Bennett; Chan, Kimmy Wa; Lam, Simon S. K.
Jul-2011Do professional drivers suffer from dilemma zone problem while facing amber light?Tse, L. Y.; Sumalee, A.; Hung, Wing-tat
2010Do relationships with multinational buyers improve the marketing capabilities of suppliers in transition economies?Wong, Ada Hiu-kan
2000Document image matching based on component blocksPeng, Hanchuan; Long, Fuhui; Siu, Wan-chi; Chi, Zheru George; Feng, D. David
Mar-1998Documentation in health careTsang, Alice S. M.
2006Does EigenPalm work? A system and evaluation perspectiveCheung, King-hong; Kong, Wai-kin Adams; Zhang, David D.; Kamel, Mohamed; You, Jane
2011Does knowledge empower? : an examination of knowledge seeking behavior in multinational corporationsChen, Liwei
Jul-2010Doing academic assignments : whether to use a wiki or an alternative platformHodgson, Paula; Gui, Dean; Wong, Dora Ling Fung
27-Apr-2005Domain structure and evolution in (PbMg[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔]O₃)[sub 0.75](PbTiO₃)[sub 0.25] single crystal studied by temperature-dependent piezoresponse force microscopyZhao, X.; Dai, Jiyan; Wang, Jie; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong; Wan, X. M.; Luo, Haosu
3-Oct-2011Domain structures of ferroelectric thin film controlled by oxidizing atmosphereMa, D.; Zheng, Yue; Wang, Biao; Woo, Chung-ho
5-Aug-2009Double active species catalyst and its application = 双活性物种催化剂及应用Chan, Albert Sun-chi (陳新滋); Yuan, Guoqing (袁國卿)
4-Jun-2007Double hysteresis loop in Cu-doped K[sub 0.5]Na[sub 0.5]NbO₃ lead-free piezoelectric ceramicsLin, Dunmin; Kwok, Kin-wing; Chan, Helen L. W.
15-Aug-2012Double radio frequency scheduling method for quick switching = 一种用于快速切换的双射频接口调度方法Yao, Gang (姚剛); Cao, Jiannong (曹建農); Zhang, Chisheng (章池生); Liu, Chuda (劉楚達)
2004Double vagueness : uncertainty in multi-scale fuzzy assignment of dunenessCheng, Tao; Fisher, Pete; Li, Zhilin
2001Double-byte text compressionCheng, Kwok-shing
Mar-2010Double-diffusive Marangoni convection in a rectangular cavity : onset of convectionChen, Zhi-Wu; Li, Yok-sheung; Zhan, Jie-Min
30-Aug-2011Double-glazed windows with inherent noise attenuationCheng, L.; Li, Deyu; Yu, Ganghua
9-Mar-2010Double-skin tubular structural membersTeng, Jin-guang
5-Apr-2006Dozing detection alarm = 瞌睡检测报警装置He, Jufang (賀菊芳); He, Junfeng (何俊峰); Pan, Guohua (潘國華)
2007Dreaming cultures : cultural representations of Shanghai in tourismTsang, Ka-man
9-Dec-2008Driver for an ultrasonic transducer and an ultrasonic transducerOr, Derek Siu-wing; Yung, Chung-sheung; Chan, Helen L. W.
14-Sep-2011Driver for an ultrasonic transducer and an ultrasonic transducer = 用于超声波换能器的驱动器以及超声波换能器Or, Derek Siu-wing (柯少榮); Yung, Chung-sheung (容中尚); Chan, Helen L. W. (陳王麗華)
Jul-2011The driving force of industrial land development among urban growth: a case study of Zhejiang provinceFei, Jie; Hui, Chi-man Eddie; Wu, Yuzhe
Oct-2008The driving forces of customer loyalty : a study of Internet service providers in Hong KongCheng, T. C. Edwin; Lai, L. C. F.; Yeung, Andy C. L.
10-Jan-2012Driving method for improving luminous efficacy of a light emitting diodeLoo, Ka-hong; Lun, Wai Keung; Lai, Yuk Ming; Tan, Siew-chong; Tse, C. K. Michael
2009Dual closed loop controller of bus stepper motor based on back-EMFLiu, Junfeng; Cheng, K. W. Eric; To, Sandy
2004Dual current-mode control for single-switch two-output switching power convertersWong, Siu-chung; Tse, C. K. Michael; Tang, K. C.
26-Oct-2009Dual polarization fiber grating laser hydrophoneGuan, Bai-ou; Tan, Yan-Nan; Tam, Hwa-yaw
7-Nov-2011Dual transmission filters for enhanced energy in mode-locked fiber lasersLi, Feng; Ding, Edwin; Kutz, J. Nathan; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander
15-May-2011Dual-resonance converse magnetoelectric and voltage step-up effects in laminated composite of long-type 0.71Pb(Mg₁/₃Nb₂/₃)O₃-0.29PbTiO₃piezoelectric single-crystal transformer and Tb₀.₃Dy₀.₇Fe₁.₉₂magnetostrictive alloy barsLeung, Chung Ming; Or, Derek Siu-wing; Wang, Feifei; Ho, Siu-lau
2007Due-date assignment and parallel-machine scheduling with deteriorating jobsCheng, T. C. Edwin; Kang, Liying; Ng, Chi-to Daniel
2004Due-date assignment and single machine scheduling with deteriorating jobsCheng, T. C. Edwin; Kang, Liying; Ng, Chi-to Daniel
1-Dec-2010Duplex drainage standpipe and system = 一种双联排水竖管及系统Chua, Hong (蔡宏); Wong, Siu-wing (黃兆榮)