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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2009Allocation and source attribution of lead and cadmium in maize (Zea mays L.) impacted by smelting emissionsBi, Xiangyang; Feng, Xinbin; Yang, Yuangen; Li, Xiangdong; Shin, Grace P. Y.; Li, Feili; Qiu, Guangle; Li, Guanghui; Liu, Taoze; Fu, Zhiyou
2009Alone we fail : an approach to universal print deliverabilityO'Connor, Steve
21-May-2008Altered osmotic swelling behavior of proteoglycan-depleted bovine articular cartilage using high frequency ultrasoundWang, Q.; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Leung, Gina; Lam, Wai Ling; Guo, Xia; Lu, H. B.; Qin, L.; Mak, Arthur F. T.
2013An alternate approach for fit test in identifying respiratory protection by N95 respiratorOr, Pui Lai
22-Sep-2008Alternative drag coefficient in the wake of an isolated bluff bodyAlam, Md. Mahbub; Zhou, Yu
2004Alternative energy resource from electric transportationSutanto, Danny
2005Alternative energy technologies – a review of current applications and meritsChung, T. S.
2012Alternative screening method for potential airborne disease : using severe acute respiratory syndrome data as an exampleTai, Ling Yin Winnie
1-Oct-2004Alternative structures for two-dimensional MEMS optical switches [Invited]Li, On-Kwok Victor; Li, Chun Yin; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander
1998Alternatives for nickel as barrier coating for intermetallic migrationChow, Kam-moon
2011Aluminium nitride nanowires for electronic and photonic applicationsHui, Yeung-yu
12-May-2003Ambient-temperature incorporated hydrogen in Nb:SrTiO₃ single crystalsDai, Jiyan; Chen, W. P.; Pang, Geoffrey Kin-hung; Lee, P. F.; Lam, H. K.; Wu, Wenbin; Chan, Helen L. W.
Jul-2004Ambulatory activity in men with diabetes : relationship between self-reported and real-world performance-based measuresSmith, Douglas G.; Domholdt, Elizabeth; Coleman, Kim L.; Del Aguila, Michael A.; Boone, David Alan
2006American option pricing and penalty methodsZhang, Kai
Oct-1999Ammonium removal from landfill leachate by chemical precipitationLi, Xiang-zhong; Zhao, Q. L.; Hao, X. D.
3-Jun-2003Amphiphilic core-shell latexesLi, Pei Pauline; Zhu, Jun Min; Harris, Frank W
15-Feb-2003Amplification and compression of ultrashort fundamental solitons in an erbium-doped nonlinear amplifying fiber loop mirrorCao, Wen-hua; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander
Aug-2013Amplified spontaneous emission of side-pumped step-index Rh640 perchlorate-dye-doped polymer optical fiberChan, Wing-Kin Edward; Pun, Chi-Fung Jeff; Tse, Vincent; Tam, Hwa-yaw
2006An analog implementation of pulse-width-modulation based sliding mode controller for dc-dc boost convertersTan, Siew-chong; Lai, Y. M.; Tse, C. K. Michael
May-2002Analogue implementation of a neural network controller for UPS inverter applicationsSun, Xiao; Chow, Martin H. L.; Leung, Frank H. F.; Xu, Dehong; Wang, Yousheng; Lee, Yim-shu
May-2003Analyses of three-dimensional eddy current field and thermal problems in an isolated phase busHo, Siu-lau; Li, Y.; Lo, Edward; Xu, J. Y.; Lin, X.
2012The analyses on transportation economics and network modelingHomsombat, Winai
2000Analysing driver comprehension of formats for presenting traffic information on variable message signs : towards stated preference approach for travel behaviour researchLai, Ka-hung
2013Analysing the factors affecting online travellers' attitude and intention to use consumer-generated media for travel planningAyeh, Julian Kwabena
2005Analysis and control of computer cooling fan noiseWong, Kam
2004Analysis and design of switching converters for power factor correction applicationsLu, Dah-chuan Dylan
Mar-2010Analysis and discussion on electronic resource construction and information service of libraries in Mainland ChinaGui, Jun; Yang, Yi; Zhou, Di
2005Analysis and motion estimation strategies for frame and video object codingHui, Ko-cheung
2009Analysis and processing of nonlinear time series : from speech to neurophysiological signalsSun, Junfeng
15-Sep-2005Analysis and synthesis of multicolored objects in a single imageShen, Hui-liang; Xin, John Haozhong
2002An analysis of accessibility measures for school trip in Hong Kong by using geographic information systems (GIS)Ma, Ming-lai
2012Analysis of airborne particulate matter (pm₂.₅) over Hong Kong using remote sensing and GISShi, Wenzhong; Wong, Man Sing; Wang, Jingzhi; Zhao, Yuanling
2004Analysis of bifurcation in switched dynamical systems with periodically moving borders : application to power convertersMa, Yue; Kawakami, Hiroshi; Tse, C. K. Michael
May-2003Analysis of bit error rates for multiple access CSK and DCSK communication systemsTam, Wai M.; Lau, Francis Chung-ming; Tse, C. K. Michael
Oct-2006Analysis of brute-force break-ins of a palmprint authentication systemKong, Wai-kin Adams; Zhang, David D.; Kamel, Mohamed
2005Analysis of cooperative relationships in partnering projects in the construction industry of Hong KongHon, Ka-hung
1-Apr-2012Analysis of dielectric loaded surface plasmon waveguide structures : transfer matrix method for plasmonic devicesHe, Xiao Yong; Wang, Qijie; Yu, Siu Fung
2008Analysis of exponentially decaying pulse signals and weak unsteady signals using statistical approachChan, Chun-man
2013Analysis of heat transfer in a building structure accounting for the realistic effect of thermal radiation heat transferTam, Wai Cheong
Jan-2003Analysis of heavy metal contaminated soilsWong, Coby Sze-chung; Li, Xiangdong
2002Analysis of Hopf bifurcation in parallel-connected boost converters via averaged modelsIu, Herbert Ho-ching; Tse, C. K. Michael; Pjevalica, V.; Lai, Y. M.
Mar-2001Analysis of indirect temperature-rise tests of induction machines using time stepping finite element methodHo, Siu-lau; Fu, Weinong
2013The analysis of invariant repetitive patterns in images and videosCai, Yunliang
20-Jan-2010Analysis of Kerr effect in resonator fiber optic gyros with triangular wave phase modulationYing, Diqing; Demokan, Suleyman; Zhang, X.; Jin, Wei
2003Analysis of moment invariants and its uses for the retrieval of trademark imagesLau, Ka-lai
2009Analysis of Nordex N43/600 wind turbineLi, Dong; Che, Yanbo; Cheng, K. W. Eric
Oct-2008Analysis of postponement strategy by EPQ-based models with planned backordersLi, Jian; Wang, Shouyang; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
May-2007Analysis of postponement strategy for perishable items by EOQ-based modelsLi, Jian; Cheng, T. C. Edwin; Wang, Shouyang
19-Jan-2013Analysis of prevalence of PTSD and its influencing factors among college students after the Wenchuan earthquakeFu, Yan; Chen, Yongshun; Wang, Jin; Tang, Xiaohui; Ho, Kit-wan; Jiao, Miaorui; Yu, Chunhua; You, Guiying; Li, Junying
2005Analysis of SAW filters using finite-difference time-domain methodWong, King-yuen
Jan-2013Analysis of selection criteria for design-builders through the analysis of requests for proposalXia, Bo; Chan, Albert P. C.; Zuo, Jian; Molenaar, Keith
28-Feb-2011Analysis of signed chromatic dispersion monitoring by waveform asymmetry for differentially-coherent phase-modulated systemsLau, Alan Pak Tao; Li, Zhaohui; Khan, F. N.; Lu, Chao; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander
1998Analysis of single-phase single-stage power-factor-corrected switching convertersVenkata, Murali S
1994Analysis of switching dc-dc converters using a grid-point approachLeung, Frank H. F.; Tam, Peter K. S.; Kwok, D. P.; Cheung, C. Y.
2007An analysis of the Chinese group tourists' dining-out experiences while holidaying in Australia and its contribution to their visit satisfactionChang, Ching-yu Richard
2004Analysis of the container port industry using efficiency measurement : a comparison of China with its international counterpartsWang, Tengfei
2011Analysis of the crust deformations before and after the 2008 Wenchuan Ms8.0 earthquake based on GPS measurementsWu, Jicang; Liu, Renzhao; Chen, Yong-qi; Tang, Hong-wai Conrad; Meng, Guojie; Dang, Yaming
2003Analysis of the electricity demand trend in HKSAR in relation to energy efficiency of commercial buildingsLee, Sung-kong
2004An analysis of the gap in the perceptions of hotel marketing managers and business travelers regarding information technology facilities in hotel guestrooms in Hong KongChan, Eric
2009Analysis of the global textile and clothing trade : an empirical approachChan, Man-hin Eve
2002Analysis of the resonance modes of PZT/epoxy 1-3 composite ringsChong, Chi-po; Chan, Helen L. W.; Chan, M. H.; Liu, P. C. K.
Nov-2013An analysis of the use of rhetorical questions in the 2012 Legislative Council election debates in Hong KongWong, Steven Ming Chiu; Yap, Foong Ha
2007Analysis of time- and space-domain sampling for probe vehicle-based traffic information systemHong, Jun; Zhang, Xuedan; Chen, Jianshu; Wei, Zhongya; Cao, Jiannong; Ren, Yong
2007Analysis of vibration and squeal noise of a brake rotor using a simplified modelZhang, Fang
1-Aug-2009Analysis on steady-state characteristics of widely tunable SG-DBR laser with residual facet reflectivity modelHe, Xiaoying; Yu, Yonglin; Huang, Dexiu; Jiang, Shan; Liu, Wen; Wang, Dongning
1998An analysis on the development of bulk pharmaceutical industry in China Mainland and TaiwanLiu, Wen-ching
2005Analysis on the fire safety aspects for tunnels in Hong Kong with mathematical modelsLi, Shuk-man Jojo
2008Analysis, design and control of a transcutaneous power regulator for artificial heartChen, Qianhong; Wong, Siu-chung; Tse, C. K. Michael; Ruan, Xinbo
2008Analysis, modelling and robust control of automotive HID headlight systemsDong, Ping
Nov-2007Analysis-oriented stress-strain models for FRP-confined concreteJiang, T.; Teng, Jin-guang
Sep-2012An analytic criterion for generalized synchronization in unidirectionally coupled systems based on the auxiliary system approachWong, W. K. Calvin; Zhen, Bin; Xu, Jian; Wang, Zhijie
1-Aug-1999Analytic reconstruction of Compton scattering tomographyWang, Jiajun; Chi, Zheru George; Wang, Yuanmei
1-Apr-2012Analytical analysis and implementation of a low-speed high-torque permanent magnet vernier in-wheel motor for electric vehicleLi, Jiangui; Wang, Junhua; Zhao, Zhigang; Yan, Weili
Jul-2011Analytical blowup solutions to the 2-dimensional isothermal Euler-Poisson equations of gaseous stars IIYuen, Manwai
1-Nov-2004Analytical design of densely dispersion-managed optical fiber transmission systems with Gaussian and raised cosine return-to-zero AnsätzeNakkeeran, K.; Kwan, Yuk-ha; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander; Labruyère, A.; Dinda, P. Tchofo; Moubissi, A. B.
Apr-2013An analytical framework for multicell cooperation via stochastic geometry and large deviationsHuang, Kaibin; Andrews, Jeffrey G.
28-Apr-2008Analytical method for band structure calculation of photonic crystal fibers filled with liquid crystalHu, Juan Juan; Ren, Guobin; Shum, Ping; Yu, Xia; Wang, Guanghui; Lu, Chao
1-Apr-2004Analytical method for designing grating-compensated dispersion-managed soliton systemsKwan, Yuk-ha; Nakkeeran, K.; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander
Dec-1999Analytical prediction of armature-reaction field in disc-type permanent magnet generatorsZhang, Y. J.; Ho, Siu-lau; Wong, Ho-ching Chris; Xie, G. D.
2005An analytical review of briefing practice in the Hong Kong construction industryYu, Ann T. W.; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.; Chan, Edwin H. W.