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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2004 Dielectric and pyroelectric properties of lead zirconate titanate/polyurethane compostiesLam, Kai-siu; Wong, Yuen-wah; Tai, Liang-shiang; Poon, Ying-ming; Shin, Franklin G.
25-Apr-2006 Dielectric and tunable properties of K-doped Ba[sub 0.6]Sr[sub 0.4]TiO₃ thin films fabricated by sol-gel methodSun, Xiaohua; Zhu, Bailin; Liu, Tao; Li, Meiya; Zhao, Xingzhong; Wang, Danyang; Sun, Chengliang; Chan, Helen L. W.
28-Apr-2005 Dielectric behavior and microstructure of (Bi[sub ½]Na[sub ½])TiO₃-(Bi[sub ½]K[sub ½])TiO₃-BaTiO₃ lead-free piezoelectric ceramicsWang, X. X.; Choy, Siu-hong; Tang, Xingui; Chan, Helen L. W.
15-Jun-2009 Dielectric behavior and phase transition in perovskite oxide Pb(Fe[sub ½]Nb[sub ½])[sub 1−x]Ti[sub x]O₃ single crystalJia, Yanmin; Luo, Haosu; Or, Derek Siu-wing; Wang, Yu; Chan, Helen L. W.
10-Oct-2006 Dielectric composites and methods of making suchBaba-Kishi, K. Z.; Tai, Cheuk-wai
8-Aug-2008 Dielectric dispersion behavior of Ba(Zr[sub x]Ti[sub 1-x])O₃ solid solutions with a quasiferroelectric stateKe, Shanming; Fan, Huiqing; Huang, Haitao; Chan, Helen L. W.; Yu, Shuhui
17-Jul-2008 Dielectric, ferroelectric properties, and grain growth of Ca[sub x]Ba[sub 1-x]Nb₂O[sub 6] ceramics with tungsten-bronzes structureKe, Shanming; Fan, Huiqing; Huang, Haitao; Chan, Helen L. W.; Yu, Shuhui
Apr-2000 Dielectric permittivity of PCLT/PVDF-TRFE nanocompositesChan, Helen L. W.; Zhang, Qingqi; Ng, W. Y.; Choy, Chung-loong
3-Oct-2006 Dielectric properties and abnormal C-V characteristics of Ba[sub 0.5]Sr[sub 0.5]TiO₃-Bi[sub 1.5]ZnNb[sub 1.5]O[sub 7] composite thin films grown on MgO (001) substrates by pulsed laser depositionTian, Huyong; Wang, Yu; Wang, Danyang; Miao, Jun; Qi, Jianquan; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong
2008 Dielectric properties of barium strontium titanate (BST) thin films and phase shifters based on BST thin filmsZhou, Xiaoyuan
1-Dec-2004 Dielectric properties of barium titanate ceramics doped by B₂O₃ vaporQi, Jianquan; Chen, W. P.; Wang, Yu; Chan, Helen L. W.; Li, Longtu
17-Dec-2007 Dielectric properties of Ba₀.₆Sr₀.₄TiO₃ thin films using Pb₀.₃Sr₀.₇TiO₃buffer layersWang, Sheng-Xiang; Hao, J. H.; Wu, Zhenping; Wang, Dan-Yang; Zhuo, Yue; Zhao, Xingzhong
7-Apr-2005 Dielectric relaxation and electrical properties of 0.94Pb(Fe[sub ½]Nb[sub ½])O₃-0.06PbTiO₃ single crystalsWang, Jie; Tang, Xingui; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong; Luo, Haosu
8-Feb-2008 Dielectric relaxation in polyimide nanofoamed films with low dielectric constantZhang, Yihe; Ke, Shanming; Huang, Haitao; Zhao, Lihang; Yu, Li; Chan, Helen L. W.
1-Jul-2005 Dielectric response of graded composites having general power-law-graded cylindrical inclusionsWei, En-bo; Poon, Ying-ming
1-Oct-2007 Dielectric response of spherically anisotropic graded piezoelectric compositesWei, En-bo; Gu, G. Q.; Poon, Ying-ming; Shin, Franklin G.
1-Dec-2005 Dielectric response of temperature-graded ferroelectric filmsCao, Hai-Xia; Lo, Veng-cheong; Li, Zhen-ya
1-Mar-2008 Dielectric responses of anisotropic graded granular composites having arbitrary inclusion shapesWei, En-bo; Gu, G. Q.; Poon, Ying-ming
9-Aug-2004 Dielectric tunability of (Ba[sub 0.90]Ca[sub 0.10])(Ti[sub 0.75]Zr[sub 0.25])O₃ ceramicsTang, Xingui; Chew, K.-H.; Wang, Jie; Chan, Helen L. W.
Jan-2010 Different characteristics of char and soot in the atmosphere and their ratio as an indicator for source identification in Xi'an, ChinaHan, Y. M.; Cao, J. J.; Lee, Shun-cheng; Ho, K. F.; An, Z. S.
2012 Differential effects of memory encoding : differentiation between perceptual and semantic processingKuo, Chih Chien Michael
Aug-2011 Differential outcomes of psychosocial development among local and mobile children in two school types in Beijing and ShanghaiChan, Charles C.; Lai, Man-kin; Choi, Philemon Y. W.; Tsang, Bill; Ming, Holly
2007 Differential protein expressions in the emmetropization of chick retina by a proteomic approachLam, Chuen
2008 Differential proteome analysis of Pseudomonas syringae maculicola M6 in response to infection into Arabidopsis thalianaButt, Kwok-chu
19-Aug-2005 Diffraction measurement and analysis of slanted holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystalSun, Xiaohong; Tao, Xiaoming; Ye, Tingjin; Szeto, Yau-shan; Cheng, Xiaoyin
1-Jun-1984 Diffusion of aromatic compounds: an investigation on the effects of molecular shape, mass, and dipole momentChan, T. C.
14-Jun-2013 Diffusion of aromatic compounds in nonaqueous solvents : A study of solute, solvent, and temperature dependencesChan, Tze-chung; Tang, Wing-ka
1-Oct-1983 Diffusion of pseudospherical molecules: an investigation on the effects of dipole momentChan, T. C.
2013 Digital camera identification for forensics applicationsChan, Lit Hung
11-Jul-2012 Digital IIR filters design using differential evolution algorithm with a controllable probabilistic population sizeZhu, Wu; Fang, Jian-an; Tang, Yang; Zhang, Wenbing; Du, Wei
Jan-2011 Digital library construction in Jiangxi = 江西数字图书馆建设O'Connor, Steve
Sep-2012 Digital natives : discourses of exclusion in an inclusive societyHerold, David K.
2013 Digital tongue color imaging and analyzing for Traditional Chinese medicine applicationsWang, Xingzheng
2007 Digital video browsing using efficient bitstream switching techniquesIp, Tak-piu
Dec-2004 Digit and command interpretation for electronic book using neural network and genetic algorithmLam, H. K.; Leung, Frank H. F.
8-May-2007 Digitized thermal functional design of textiles and clothingLi, Yi; Newton, Edward; Wang, Burley Zhong
2007 Dilemma of weight loss : a study of body politics in Hong KongLo, Suk-ling Villy
Aug-2010 Dimensionality of the Chinese Positive Youth Development Scale : confirmatory factor analysesShek, Daniel T. L.; Ma, Cecilia M. S.
1-Jul-2003 The diradical (CH₃)₂CHN and its isomeric molecule (CH₃)₂C=HN: generation and characterizationSun, Zheng; Wang, Dong; Ding, Rui; Ge, Maofa; Wang, Dianxun; Chau, Foo-tim; Mok, Daniel K. W.
2006 Direct force measurements of a two-dimensional airfoil undergoing dynamic stallTsang, Kit-ying Kezia
2008 Directional independent component analysis with tensor representationZhang, Lei; Gao, Quanxue; Zhang, David D.
Jun-2000 Directionality of an optical fiber high-frequency acoustic sensor for partial discharge detection and locationZhao, Zhiqiang; MacAlpine, Mark; Demokan, Suleyman
Mar-2011 A directional relationship between freight and newbuilding markets: a panel analysisXu, Jane Jing; Yip, T. L.; Liu, Liming
May-2010 Direct measurement of giant electrocaloric effect in BaTiO₃ multilayer thick film structure beyond theoretical predictionBai, Yang; Zheng, Guangping; Shi, San-qiang
Dec-1999 Direct modeling of the starting process of skewed rotor induction motors using a multi-slice techniqueHo, Siu-lau; Fu, Weinong; Wong, Ho-ching Chris
Feb-2011 Direct observation of B-site cation displacements in Pb-based complex perovskite relaxor oxidesBaba-Kishi, K. Z.
14-Aug-2009 Direct observation of charge order and an orbital glass state in multiferroic LuFe₂O₄Mulders, A. M.; Lawrence, S. M.; Staub, U.; Garcia-Fernandez, M.; Scagnoli, V.; Mazzoli, C.; Pomjakushina, E.; Conder, K.; Wang, Y.
Sep-2001 Direct self control of induction motor based on neural networkShi, K. L.; Chan, T. F.; Wong, Yiu-kwong; Ho, Siu-lau
23-Jul-2011 Direct synthesis of ultrafine tetragonal BaTiO₃ nanoparticles at room temperatureQi, Jianquan; Peng, Tao; Hu, Yongming; Sun, Li; Wang, Yu; Chen, Wanping; Li, Long-tu; Nan, C. W.; Chan, Helen L. W.
2003 Direct toolpath generation from pointcloud inputChui, Kam-lun
Aug-2012 Disaster work in China: tasks and competences for social workersNg, Guat-tin
2008 Discourse particles in an intercultural corpus of spoken EnglishLam, Wai-ying Phoenix
2008 Discourse processes and products : land surveyors in Hong KongCheng, Winnie; Mok, Esmond
2007 Discovering association patterns in large spatio-temporal databasesLee, Ming-ho Eric
2000 Discovering clusters in databases using an evolutionary approachChung, Lap-hang Lewis
2012 Discovering patterns from drug protein interactions based on their molecular fingerprints and applications in drug designLuo, Weimin
11-Jun-2012 Discovering patterns in drug-protein interactions based on their fingerprintsLuo, Weimin; Chan, Keith C. C.
17-Aug-2012 Discovery of a natural product-like c-myc G-quadruplex DNA groove-binder by molecular dockingMa, Dik-Lung; Chan, Daniel Shiu-Hin; Fu, Wai-Chung; He, Hong-Zhang; Yang, Hui; Yan, Siu-Cheong; Leung, Chung-Hang
2009 Discovery of early serum biomarkers of gastric cancer in a rat modelLam, Wing-kei
2011 Discovery of novel inhibitors of the bacterial cell division protein FtsZ by computational drug screening coupled with bioassaysChan, Fung-yi
2000 Discrete minimal surfacesWong, Chi-kin
2011 Discriminating Astragali Radix from its adulterants using HPLC coupled with chemometric clustering techniquesDong, Wei-Wei; Au, Dawn; Cao, Xin-Wei; Li, Xiao-Bo; Yang, Dajian
Jul-2013 Discrimination and stratification tests of cardiovascular disease risk assessment models against ultrasound detection of carotid plaques in type 2 diabeticsChan, Lawrence W. C.; Sun, Yu; Benzie, Iris F. F.
2009 Disenfranchised women, identity and power : the potential of community arts and cooperativesChan, Fung-yi Pauline
1996 Disinfection of municipal wastewater by sensitized photooxidationLi, Xiang-zhong; Zhang, M.; Chua, Hong
2003 Dislocation dynamics during thin film depositionLiu, Wing-chung Averil
29-Apr-2002 Dislocation jumping over the sound barrier in tungstenLi, Qikai; Shi, San-qiang
2007 Disorder behavior in nano- and submicron-structured polymeric composite systems with passive and active dielectric mediaKwan, Kai-cheong
2004 Dispersion of unsorted particle cloud in ambient cross flowGu, Jie
Aug-2011 Displacement-based design approach for highway bridges with SMA isolatorsLiu, Jin-long; Zhu, Songye; Xu, Y. L.; Zhang, Yunfeng
6-Jan-2010 Distachable platform = 可拆卸平台Chan, Albert P. C. (陳炳泉); Wong, Francis K. W. (黃君華); Yam, Chi-ho Michael (任志浩); Guo, Yongqiang (郭永强); Chan, Daniel W. M. (陳煒明); Lam, W. M. Edmond (林偉明); Cheung, Esther (張泳沁)
2006 Distance and product life cycle effects on market orientationWong, Hiu-kan Ada
15-Aug-2012 Distinct neural activity associated with focused-attention meditation and loving-kindness meditationLee, Tatia M. C.; Leung, Mei-Kei; Hou, Wai-Kai; Tang, Joey C. Y.; Yin, Jing; So, Kwok-Fai; Lee, Chack-fan; Chan, Chetwyn C. H.
2007 Distributed coordination in mobile wireless environmentsWu, Weigang
2013 A distributed publish-subscribe architecture for XML-based event disseminationYu, Xiaochuan
2012 Distributed strain sensor networks for in-construction monitoring and safety evaluation of a high-rise buildingYe, X. W.; Ni, Y. Q.; Xia, Y. X.
2012 Distributionally robust stochastic variational inequalities and applicationsZhang, Yanfang
Dec-2001 Distribution of organochlorine pesticides in a sediment profile of the Pearl River estuaryLi, Xiangdong; Mai, Bixian; Zhang, Gan; Sheng, Guoying; Fu, Jiamo; Pan, S. M.; Wai, Wing-hong Onyx; Li, Yok-sheung
2011 Distribution of points on the sphere and spherical designsAn, Congpei
2012 Diversely polarized antenna-array signal processingYuan, Xin
Showing results 1366 to 1445 of 6319
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