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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Design of the temperature and humidity instrument based on 1-wire sensor for electric vehicle motorsWang, Shuxiao; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Ding, Kai
Jul-2010Design of training programs for a positive youth development program : Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong KongShek, Daniel T. L.; Chak, Yammy L. Y.
2002Design of unconventional slender steel structures by stability analysisSun, Xun
12-Feb-2012Design optimization of a damped hybrid vibration absorberCheung, Y. L.; Wong, W. O.; Cheng, L.
2010Design optimization of switching voltage regulators with power factor correctionCheung, Martin Kin-ho
2007Design participation tactics : involving people in the design of their built environmentLee, Yanki
2008Design patterns for cross-cultural computer-supported collaborationSchadewitz, Nicole
Apr-2001Design, construction, and application of a generic visual language generation environmentZhang, Kang; Zhang, Da-Qian; Cao, Jiannong
2014Designing footwear and braces for children with clubfoot deformityGanesan, Balasankar; Luximon, Ameersing; Yip, Yiu Wan
2013Designing one-flat church as small scale community space in densely populated urban environment to perform both sacred and contemporary functionsPoon, Shek Wing Louis
2011A desire based framework for conceptual designFung, Mei-ling
26-Nov-2001Destabilization of dislocation dipole at high velocityWang, Jian; Woo, Chung-ho; Huang, Hanchen
2008Destination image building & its influence on destination preference & loyalty of Chinese tourists to AustraliaMao, Yue Iris
2010A destination in transition : Lhasa after the Qinghai-Tibet railwayFu, Sui-tuen Candace
2007Detecting and describing pseudo-periodic dynamics from time seriesZhang, Jie
24-Jan-2006Detecting chaos in pseudoperiodic time series without embeddingZhang, Jie; Luo, X.; Small, Michael
May-2003Detecting determinism in time series : the method of surrogate dataSmall, Michael; Tse, C. K. Michael
2009Detecting ground settlement of megacities using InSAR techniquesDamoah-Afari, Peter
2008Detecting land subsidence in shanghai by PS-networking SAR interferometryLiu, Guoxiang; Luo, Xiaojun; Chen, Qiang; Huang, Dingfa; Ding, Xiaoli
2012Detecting optic disc on Asians by multiscale Gaussian filteringZhang, Bob; You, Jane; Karray, Fakhri
17-Apr-2008Detecting phase synchronization in noisy data from coupled chaotic oscillatorsSun, Junfeng; Zhang, Jie; Zhou, Jin; Xu, Xiaoke; Small, Michael
2-Mar-2009Detecting pulsing denial-of-service attacks with nondeterministic attack intervalsLuo, Xiapu; Chan, Edmond W. W.; Chang, Rocky K. C.
6-Apr-2011Detecting system for soft tissues of soles = 足底软组织检测系统Zheng, Yong-Ping (鄭永平); He, Junfeng (何俊峰); Chen, Xin (陳 昕); Cheung, Chung Wai James (張忠偉)
26-Jan-2007Detecting temporal and spatial correlations in pseudoperiodic time seriesZhang, Jie; Luo, Xiaodong; Nakamura, Tomomichi; Sun, Junfeng; Small, Michael
Jun-2007Detecting wide lines using isotropic nonlinear filteringLiu, Laura; Zhang, David D.; You, Jane
2008Detection and biosynthesis of puffer fish toxin from bacterial culture for novel medical applicationYu, Chung-him
2009Detection and generalization of changes in settlements for automated digital map updatingQi, Huabin
22-Jun-2009Detection of acoustic pressure with hollow-core photonic bandgap fiberPang, Meng; Jin, Wei
2013Detection of spatial inconsistencies in land use data updatingXiao, Shengjun
26-Mar-2013Detection system for assisting a driver when driving a vehicle using a plurality of image capturing devicesFong, Bernard Cheuk Mun; Siu, Wan-chi
8-May-2012Detection system for assisting a driver when driving a vehicle using a plurality of image capturing devicesFong, Bernard Cheuk Mun; Siu, Wan-chi
2014Determinants and consequences of operations-related disclosuresChen, Wanyu
2010Determinants and outcome of career competencies : perspectives of hotel managers in ChinaKong, Haiyan
Apr-2008Determinants of improvement in walking capacity among individuals with chronic stroke following a multi-dimensional exercise programPang, Marco Y. C.; Eng, Janice J.
2013The determinants of intention to work in resorts in the maldivesSalih, Ahmed
2005Determinants of the adoption of technological innovations in organizationsLeung, To March
27-Oct-2011Determinants of vessel-accident bunker spillageYip, T. L.; Talley, Wayne K.; Jin, Di
1999Determination of polarisation profiles in P(VDF-TrFE) films with LIMM and LITPPloss, Bernd; Chan, Helen L. W.; Wong, Yuen-wah; Choy, Chung-loong
Feb-2007Determination of selected antibiotics in the Victoria Harbour and the Pearl River, South China using high-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometryXu, Wei-hai; Zhang, Gan; Zou, Shi-chun; Li, Xiangdong; Liu, Yu-chun
1996Determination of the polarization distribution in poled ferroelectric polymer by the thermal pulse methodYang, G. W.; Wong, Yuen-wah; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong
5-Jun-2007Determination of the strain dependence of resistance in La[sub 0.7]Sr[sub 0.3]MnO₃/PMN-PT using the converse piezoelectric effectZheng, R. K.; Wang, Yu; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong; Luo, Haosu
2010Determination of tidal displacements using the Global Positioning SystemYuan, Linguo
Dec-2012Determining an optimal recovery time for construction rebar workers after working to exhaustion in a hot and humid environmentChan, Albert P. C.; Yi, Wen; Wong, Del P.; Yam, Chi-ho Michael; Chan, Daniel W. M.
26-Jul-2012Determining safety climate factors in the repair, maintenance, minor alteration, and addition sector of Hong KongHon, Ka Hung; Chan, Albert P. C.; Yam, Chi-ho Michael
Sep-2012Determining the appropriate proportion of owner-provided design in design-build contracts : content analysis approachXia, Bo; Chan, Albert P. C.; Molenaar, Keith; Skitmore, Martin
1999Detrapping behavior of trapped space charges in ferroelectric copolymers of vinylidene fluoride with trifluoroethyleneZhang, Xingyuan; Peng, Zhi; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong
2006Develop a web tool for electrical engineering coursesCheng, K. M. Carman; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Chan, K. W. Kevin
Jun-2013Developing a benchmarking model for construction projects in Hong KongYeung, Fai-yip; Chan, Albert P. C.; Chan, Daniel W. M.; Chiang, Yat-hung; Yang, Huan
Dec-2011Developing a fuzzy multicriteria decision-making model for selecting design-build operational variationsXia, Bo; Chan, Albert P. C.; Yeung, Fai-yip
Feb-2011Developing a fuzzy risk assessment model for guaranteed maximum price and target cost contracts in constructionChan, Joseph H. L.; Chan, Daniel W. M.; Chan, Albert P. C.; Lam, Tsun-ip Patrick; Yeung, Fai-yip
Aug-2014Developing a fuzzy risk assessment model for guaranteed maximum price and target cost contracts in South AustraliaChan, Daniel W. M.; Chan, Joseph H. L.; Ma, Tony
2011Developing a fuzzy risk assessment model for target cost and guaranteed maximum price contracts in the construction industry of Hong KongChan, Hing-lun Joseph
2007Developing a partnering performance index (PPI) for construction projects : a Fuzzy Set Theory approachYeung, Fai-yip
Nov-2012Developing a performance measurement index (PMI) for target cost contracts in construction : a Delphi studyChan, Daniel W. M.; Chan, Joseph H. L.
2009Developing a practical assessment framework for vehicle emissions control measuresLui, Wing-man
2014Developing a program organization framework for the success of construction megaprojects in ChinaHu, Yi
Sep-2007Developing a prototype for a rapid demountable platform (RDP) : stage 2 of construction safety involving working at height for residential building repair and maintenance : draft final report of the CII-HK research projectChan, Albert P. C.; Wong, Francis K. W.; Yam, Chi-ho Michael; Chan, Daniel W. M.; Kwok, Albert W. K.; Siu, Michael K. W.; Liu, Chun-ho; Lam, W. M. Edmond; Wong, Peter C. W.; Lee, Wai-che; Choy, Wing-ki; Lo, Chi-hang; Chung, Tracy Sau-kwai; Cheung, Esther
Apr-2009Developing a prototype for the rapid demountable platform (RDP) : stage II of CII-HK research on "construction safety involving working at height for residential building repair and maintenance" : research summaryChan, Albert P. C.; Wong, Francis K. W.; Chan, Daniel W. M.; Cheung, Esther; Choy, Wing-ki; Chung, Tracy Sau-kwai; Kwok, W. K. Albert; Lam, W. M. Edmond; Lee, Wai-che; Liu, Chun-ho; Lo, Chi-hang; Siu, Kin-wai Michael; Wong, Chi-wai Peter; Yam, Chi-ho Michael
2008Developing a tunnel based model for monitoring vehicle emissionsMak, Kai-long
Sep-2008Developing a Web-based tourism demand forecasting systemSong, Haiyan; Witt, Stephen F.; Zhang, Xinyan
Dec-2007Developing an e-logistics system : a case studyGunasekaran, A.; Ngai, W. T. Eric; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
2010Developing an objective traditional Chinese medicine pulse diagnostic model in essential hypertensionTang, Chui-yan
2007Developing and implementing an empirical system for scoring buildability of designs in the Hong Kong construction industryWong, Wing-hei
2002Developing and validating the entrepreneurial career success scale and testing its antecedents and consequences in the context of Southeast Asian valuesLau, P. Victor
2006Developing bioactive composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringChen, Yun
2011Developing finite element methods for maxwell's equations in a cole-cole dispersive mediumLi, Jichun; Huang, Yunqing; Lin, Y.
2013Developing Ghana's Slave Route Project for cultural tourism : planning and marketing implicationsYankholmes, Aaron Kofi Badu
2012Developing Hong Kong tourist satisfaction index using Bayesian structural equation modeling approachChen, Li
6-Feb-2013Developing longitudinal qualitative designs : lessons learned and recommendations for health services researchCalman, Lynn; Brunton, Lisa; Molassiotis, Alex
2006Developing mass transfer based model for predicting VOCs emission from building materialsLi, Feng
2006Development and applications of long afterglow luminescent materialsWong, Wing-fai
2006Development and characterization of thin-film solid oxide fuel cellsWong, Chun-nam
2010Development and design of light-emitting-diode (LED) lighting power suppliesQu, Xiaohui
2005The development and evaluation of a communication skills training program for registered nurses in cancer care in Beijing, ChinaLiu, Jun-e
2011Development and evaluation of a life review program for Chinese advanced cancer patientsXiao, Huimin
2006Development and evaluation of a novel porcine desiccation-induced dry eye model for investigation of the aetiology and treatment for dry eye : implications for the ageing eyeChoy, Pik-yin Emily
2012Development and evaluation of a positive youth development course for university students in Hong KongShek, Daniel T. L.; Sun, Rachel C. F.; Chui, Yat-hung; Lit, Siu-wai; Yuen, Walter W.; Chung, Yee-ha; Ngai, So-wa
2010Development and evaluation of economical trans-tibial prosthesis for rural areaMan, Hok-sum
Nov-2011Development and evaluation of pH-responsive single-walled carbon nanotube-doxorubicin complexes in cancer cellsGu, Yan-Juan; Cheng, Jinping; Jin, Jiefu; Cheng, Shuk Han; Wong, Wing-tak
2013Development and evaluation of phototherapy device made of luminous polymer optical fiber fabricsShen, Jing