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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Development of an interactive robotic mannequin for fashion industryPeng, Sixiang
2013 Development of an in-vitro dendritic cell model for studying dengue virus and host interactionZhang, Jingshu
2007 Development of a noncontact ultrasound indentation system for measuring tissue material properties using water jetLu, Minhua
2006 Development of an optimum printing system for digital ink-jet printingChoi, Pui-shan
Sep-2007 Development of an RFID-based traceability system: experiences and lessons learned from an aircraft engineering companyNgai, W. T. Eric; Cheng, T. C. Edwin; Lai, Kee-hung Mike; Chai, P. Y. F.; Choi, Y. S.; Sin, R. K. Y.
2003 The development of a perspiring fabric manikin for the evaluation of clothing thermal comfortChen, Yisong
2006 Development of a phase-shifted series-resonant converter using robust control and integrated magneticsLu, Yan
Jan-2005 Development of a portable 3D ultrasound imaging system for musculoskeletal tissuesHuang, Qing-Hua; Zheng, Yong-Ping; Lu, Min-Hua; Chi, Zheru George
2007 Development of a portable 3D ultrasound system for imaging and measurement of musculoskeletal body partsHuang, Qinghua
2009 Development of a posture monitoring systemWong, Wai-yin
2009 Development of a silkworm silk fiber-reinforced poly(lactic acid) biocompositeCheung, Hoi-yan Karen
2010 Development of a sweating fabric manikin with sedentary and supine posturesWu, Yuen-shing
2011 Development of a vibro-ultrasound method for muscle stiffness measurement in vivoWang, Congzhi
11-Feb-2003 Development of a web-based system for supporting sales in a mineral water manufacturing firm: A case studyNgai, W. T. Eric; Cheng, T. C. Edwin; Lee, C. M. Y.
2010 Development of calcium phosphate bioceramic composites for load-bearing applicationMeng, Yanhua
2008 Development of CNT-reinforced polymer compositeWong, Ka-keung
2010 Development of computational model for total knee arthroplasty designWong, Wai-chi Duo
2013 Development of continuous-flow polymerase chain reaction microchip with integrated electrolytic pumpYiu, Chun Ying
2011 Development of cosmetic textiles for body care with biological benefitsCheng, Shuk-yan
2012 Development of DICOM-based computer-aided system and conformity index for evaluation of intensity modulated radiation therapy plans for head-and-neck cancerCheung, Wai Kwan Fion
2013 Development of driver and color control system for high-power RGB LEDNg, Sau Kin Nick
2006 Development of driving cycles for characterizing vehicular emission factorsLee, Chi-pang
2009 Development of electric vehicle with advanced lighting system and all electric driveChan, C. K.; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Ho, Siu-lau; Fung, T. M.
2013 Development of electromagnetic metamaterials for microwave applicationsYong, Zehui
2001 Development of experimental design and chromatographic techniques to optimise the chemical analysis of ginseng, ginkgo biloba and other Chinese medicinesNg, Kin-man
2003 Development of fibre grating lasers with tunable wavelength and single polarization mode output for dense wavelength division multiplexing fibre-optic systemsChung, Wenghong
2001 The development of flexible business process reengineering in PCB manufacturingChan, Ting-hong
2008 Development of gallium nitride-based ultraviolet detectorsLui, Hsian-fei Hardy
2001 The development of garments for child patients of different ages in a hospital environmentWong, Wing-kam Michelle
2010 Development of geographic image cognition approach for land degradation assessment with hyperion imagesWang, Jing
2005 Development of high-throughput biosensors for multi-sample determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) based on optical detection of oxygenKwok, Nga-yan
2004 The development of human recombinant arginase as a novel agent in the treatment of human cancerTsui, Sam-mui
2008 Development of hybrid constrained genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimisation algorithm for load flowTing, Tiew-on
1999 Development of image analysis methods for analyses of chromatographic and electrophoretic patterns from chemical and biochemical studiesChan, Tsz-pun Benny
2004 Development of intelligent rapid batteries chargerCheng, K. W. Eric; Choi, W. F.
2006 Development of knowledge-based criteria for designing foot orthosesCheung, Tak-man Jason
2009 Development of lead-free piezoelectric ceramic resonators for high-frequency oscillator applicationsWong, Ho-yan
2008 Development of lead-free ultrasonic wirebonding transducers for microelectronic packaging applicationsLee, Tact
2000 Development of luminescence-based oxygen and pH optodes for toxicity and process monitoringChan, Chun-man
2013 Development of microencapsulation systems for both oral and topical drug deliveriesLam, Pik Ling
2006 Development of microplate-based biosensors for high-throughput measurementsPang, Hei-leung
2002 Development of multiple output operation based on single stage switched-capacitor resonant convertersCheng, K. W. Eric; Law, Ka-kuen; Yeung, Yiu Pun Benny; Sutanto, Danny; Cheng, Ki-wai David
2001 Development of multiresolution time domain method for electromagnetic communication applicationsCao, Qunsheng
2008 Development of new chiral chelating ferrocenyl ligands for transition metal catalyzed asymmetric carbon-carbon bond formations : a modular approach for ligand design and synthesisCheung, Hong-yee
2004 Development of nickel-free barrier coating for the electroplating industrySiu, Cho-lung
2010 Development of novel biodegradable core-shell nanoparticles as carriers for gene deliveryHetti, Mimi
2012 Development of novel crossflow ultrafiltration module integrated with ultrasonic transducers for herbal extracts purificationWang, San Ju
2013 Development of novel front contact silver pastes for crystalline silicon solar cells based on nanomaterialsChe, Quande
2012 Development of novel imaging systems and techniques for micro-ultrasoundQiu, Weibao
2011 Development of novel low-temperature selective hydrogen gas sensors made of palladium/oxide or nitride capped Mg-transition metal hydride filmsTang, Yu Ming
2011 Development of novel T-shirt designs for ventilationHo, Chu Po
2002 Development of operation and maintenance strategy for hospitality engineering systemsLee, Ho-kwan Ringo
2006 Development of packaging and electrical interfacing for electrical vehiclesChan, C. K.; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Ho, Siu-lau
2007 The development of parametric shape grammars integrated with an interactive evolutionary system for supporting product design explorationLee, Ho-cheong
2011 Development of plant structured knitted fabricsChen, Qing
2013 Development of price index models for architectural and environmental quality for residential developments in Hong KongFung, Yee Wa
1999 Development of process-based model for dynamic interaction process in spatio-temporal GISPang, Yick-cheung
2006 The development of programmatic algorithms for on-demand map editing for Internet users with GML and SVGCheung, Kai-ling
2006 Development of recombinant human augmenter of liver regeneration (ALR) for treatment of liver diseasesChan, Chi-leong
2005 Development of renewable energy in open electricity marketsNgan, H. W.; Engriwan, W.
2007 Development of selection evaluation and system intelligence analytic models for the intelligent building control systemsWong, Kwok-wai Johnny
2005 Development of sliding mode controllers for DC-DC convertersTan, Siew-chong
2010 Development of surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) and electrodeposition process for generating nanostructured materials and study of their tensile propertiesChan, Hoi-lam
2012 The development of textiles for paraplegic and quadriplegic patients in paediatric hospitalsKwok, Hoi Ni
2003 Development of the indoor air quality index for commercial buildings in Hong KongLaw, Anthony K. Y
2010 Development of the quantified relationship between chemical compositions and antioxidant activity of Radix et Rhizoma Salviae Miltiorrhizae, Radix Puerariae Lobatae and the herbal formula of Danshengegen Tang (DGT) using liquid chromatography and chemometric techniquesChan, Hoi-yan
2009 Development of titania nanotube films for degradation of the recalcitrant organic pollutants in waterLiang, Haichao
2006 The development of visual chunking skills in perception of Chinese characters of Hong Kong children with different levels of literacyPak, Keng-hong
2012 Development of water treatment technology for taste and odour removal in potable waterLaw, Man Chung
29-Jul-2009 Device and method for measuring fabric infrared radiation characteristic = 用于测量织物的红外辐射属性的装置和方法Li, Yi (李毅); Hu, Jun Yan (胡軍岩); Wang, Shuxiao (王樹曉); Yeung, Philip K. W. (楊國榮)
2010 Device and process for ultrasonic thin-die bondingWong, Sui Yin
4-May-2005 Device for reduction and fixation of hip bone fracture = 腕骨骨折复位和固定装置Guo, Xia (郭霞); Liu, Muqing (劉沐青); Man, H. C. (文効忠)
May-2012 A diachronic study of epistemic kongpa in Mandarin discourseYang, Ying; Wong, Tak-sum; Yap, Foong Ha
2012 Diagnosis and robust control of complex building central chilling systems for enhanced energy performanceGao, Diance
2011 A diagnostic imaging technique for identification of structural damage using hybrid features of Lamb wave signalsZhou, Chao
Oct-2010 Dicarboxylic acids, ketocarboxylic acids, ∝-dicarbonyls, fatty acids, and benzoic acid in urban aerosols collected during the 2006 campaign of air quality research in Beijing (CAREBeijing-2006)Ho, K. F.; Lee, Shun-cheng; Ho, Steven Sai Hang; Kawamura, Kimitaka; Tachibana, Eri; Cheng, Y.; Zhu, Tong
2011 DICOM-based computer-aided evaluation of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) treatment plansCheung, Wai-kwan Fion; Law, Yuen-yee Maria
2004 Dielectric and electrooptic properties of PMN-PT single crystals and thin filmsCheng, Kei-chun
1-Aug-2009 Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of K₀.₅ Na₀.₅ NbO₃-AgSbO₃lead-free ceramicsLin, Dunmin; Kwok, Kin-wing; Chan, Helen L. W.
4-Oct-2007 Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of (K[sub 0.5]Na[sub 0.5])NbO₃-Ba(Zr[sub 0.05]Ti[sub 0.95])O₃ lead-free ceramicsLin, Dunmin; Kwok, Kin-wing; Chan, Helen L. W.
Showing results 1286 to 1365 of 6319
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