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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Design of a 1kVA intelligent voltage sag compensator for semiconductor industrySo, Hon-chee
2006 Design of a 1 kW PFC power supply based on reduced redundant power processing principleCheung, Martin Kin-ho; Chow, Martin H. L.; Tse, C. K. Michael
2004 Design of active power-factor-correction converters for environmentally green energy management systemsWen, Wei
2009 Design of advanced HID headlamp system, auto light beam level control and glaring preventionChan, Chik-kee
1-Dec-2002 Design of a fiber-optic quasi-distributed strain sensors ring network based on a white-light interferometric multiplexing techniqueYuan, Libo; Zhou, Limin; Jin, Wei; Yang, Jun
1999 Design of a fuzzy controller for stabilizing a ball-and-beam systemLam, H. K.; Leung, Frank H. F.; Tam, Peter K. S.
2002 The design of an enterprise information system using Hierarchical Design Pyramid and Web-based Object Oriented ModelNg, Kit-chong
2007 Design of an intelligent switch for fully integrated power netsWong, Siu-hong
2009 Design of an LED thermal system for automotive systemsKwok, K. F.; Divakar, B. P.; Cheng, K. W. Eric
Jan-2012 Design of an RFID-based inventory control and management system: a case studyTing, S. L.; Tsang, Albert H. C.
2000 Design of application model for geospatial data clearinghouseChan, Ho-chiu Elton
Apr-2004 Design of a switching controller for nonlinear systems with unknown parameters based on a fuzzy logic approachLam, H. K.; Leung, Frank H. F.; Lee, Yim-shu
1995 Design of a switching mode power supply with UPS featuresCheng, D. K. W.; Leung, Frank H. F.
2011 Design of a transcutaneous power regulator for artificial heartsTang, Kam-Cheung
9-Mar-2012 Design of broadband beamformers with low complexityFeng, Zhiguo; Yiu, Cedric Ka Fai; Teo, Kok-Lay; Nordholm, Sven
2009 Design of CAN board circuits based on SJA1000 for vehicle motor drives systemsWang, Shuxiao; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Ding, Kai
2006 Design of current-sharing control interface circuits for hot swappable N + X power modulesChen, Yi
2004 Design of Digital Right Access Management System (DRAMS)Pang, Yu-kei Ivan
2001 Design of dispersion managed soliton systemsKwan, Yuk-ha
2001 Design of dynamic multi-scale maps for land vehicle navigationHo, Tim-yee Angelina
2006 Design of fault tolerant mobile agent systemsYang, Jin
2007 Design of group-oriented protocols and algorithms for wireless mobile networksCheng, Hui
2010 Design of highly efficient catalyst for transition-metal catalyzed cross-coupling processesSo, Chau-ming
2005 Design of high performance mobile communication protocolsZhang, Liang
2002 Design of integrated circuits for switching power supply with power factor correctionLeung, Tak-ming
1-Aug-2010 Design of low-threshold compact Au-nanoparticle lasersLi, X. F.; Yu, S. F.
2003 Design of power supplies for the next generation of CPUsYung, Wai-shun
2011 Design of scalable and efficient information retrieval systemsSun, Xiaocui
Feb-2006 Design of single-polarization single-mode photonic crystal fiber at 1.30 and 1.55 µmJu, Jian; Jin, Wei; Demokan, Suleyman
Aug-2005 Design of symmetrical Class E power amplifiers for very low harmonic-content applicationsWong, Siu-chung; Tse, C. K. Michael
2003 Design of the next generation smart card wallet systemSin, Wai-ming
2009 Design of the temperature and humidity instrument based on 1-wire sensor for electric vehicle motorsWang, Shuxiao; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Ding, Kai
Jul-2010 Design of training programs for a positive youth development program : Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong KongShek, Daniel T. L.; Chak, Yammy L. Y.
2002 Design of unconventional slender steel structures by stability analysisSun, Xun
12-Feb-2012 Design optimization of a damped hybrid vibration absorberCheung, Y. L.; Wong, W. O.; Cheng, L.
2010 Design optimization of switching voltage regulators with power factor correctionCheung, Martin Kin-ho
2007 Design participation tactics : involving people in the design of their built environmentLee, Yanki
2008 Design patterns for cross-cultural computer-supported collaborationSchadewitz, Nicole
2011 A desire based framework for conceptual designFung, Mei-ling
26-Nov-2001 Destabilization of dislocation dipole at high velocityWang, Jian; Woo, Chung-ho; Huang, Hanchen
2008 Destination image building & its influence on destination preference & loyalty of Chinese tourists to AustraliaMao, Yue Iris
2010 A destination in transition : Lhasa after the Qinghai-Tibet railwayFu, Sui-tuen Candace
2007 Detecting and describing pseudo-periodic dynamics from time seriesZhang, Jie
24-Jan-2006 Detecting chaos in pseudoperiodic time series without embeddingZhang, Jie; Luo, X.; Small, Michael
May-2003 Detecting determinism in time series : the method of surrogate dataSmall, Michael; Tse, C. K. Michael
2009 Detecting ground settlement of megacities using InSAR techniquesDamoah-Afari, Peter
2012 Detecting optic disc on Asians by multiscale Gaussian filteringZhang, Bob; You, Jane; Karray, Fakhri
17-Apr-2008 Detecting phase synchronization in noisy data from coupled chaotic oscillatorsSun, Junfeng; Zhang, Jie; Zhou, Jin; Xu, Xiaoke; Small, Michael
2-Mar-2009 Detecting pulsing denial-of-service attacks with nondeterministic attack intervalsLuo, Xiapu; Chan, Edmond W. W.; Chang, Rocky K. C.
6-Apr-2011 Detecting system for soft tissues of soles = 足底软组织检测系统Zheng, Yong-Ping (鄭永平); He, Junfeng (何俊峰); Chen, Xin (陳 昕); Cheung, Chung Wai James (張忠偉)
26-Jan-2007 Detecting temporal and spatial correlations in pseudoperiodic time seriesZhang, Jie; Luo, Xiaodong; Nakamura, Tomomichi; Sun, Junfeng; Small, Michael
Jun-2007 Detecting wide lines using isotropic nonlinear filteringLiu, Laura; Zhang, David D.; You, Jane
2008 Detection and biosynthesis of puffer fish toxin from bacterial culture for novel medical applicationYu, Chung-him
2009 Detection and generalization of changes in settlements for automated digital map updatingQi, Huabin
22-Jun-2009 Detection of acoustic pressure with hollow-core photonic bandgap fiberPang, Meng; Jin, Wei
2013 Detection of spatial inconsistencies in land use data updatingXiao, Shengjun
26-Mar-2013 Detection system for assisting a driver when driving a vehicle using a plurality of image capturing devicesFong, Bernard Cheuk Mun; Siu, Wan-chi
8-May-2012 Detection system for assisting a driver when driving a vehicle using a plurality of image capturing devicesFong, Bernard Cheuk Mun; Siu, Wan-chi
2010 Determinants and outcome of career competencies : perspectives of hotel managers in ChinaKong, Haiyan
Apr-2008 Determinants of improvement in walking capacity among individuals with chronic stroke following a multi-dimensional exercise programPang, Marco Y. C.; Eng, Janice J.
2013 The determinants of intention to work in resorts in the maldivesSalih, Ahmed
2005 Determinants of the adoption of technological innovations in organizationsLeung, To March
27-Oct-2011 Determinants of vessel-accident bunker spillageYip, T. L.; Talley, Wayne K.; Jin, Di
1999 Determination of polarisation profiles in P(VDF-TrFE) films with LIMM and LITPPloss, Bernd; Chan, Helen L. W.; Wong, Yuen-wah; Choy, Chung-loong
Feb-2007 Determination of selected antibiotics in the Victoria Harbour and the Pearl River, South China using high-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometryXu, Wei-hai; Zhang, Gan; Zou, Shi-chun; Li, Xiangdong; Liu, Yu-chun
1996 Determination of the polarization distribution in poled ferroelectric polymer by the thermal pulse methodYang, G. W.; Wong, Yuen-wah; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong
5-Jun-2007 Determination of the strain dependence of resistance in La[sub 0.7]Sr[sub 0.3]MnO₃/PMN-PT using the converse piezoelectric effectZheng, R. K.; Wang, Yu; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong; Luo, Haosu
2010 Determination of tidal displacements using the Global Positioning SystemYuan, Linguo
Dec-2012 Determining an optimal recovery time for construction rebar workers after working to exhaustion in a hot and humid environmentChan, Albert P. C.; Yi, Wen; Wong, Del P.; Yam, Chi-ho Michael; Chan, Daniel W. M.
26-Jul-2012 Determining safety climate factors in the repair, maintenance, minor alteration, and addition sector of Hong KongHon, Ka Hung; Chan, Albert P. C.; Yam, Chi-ho Michael
Sep-2012 Determining the appropriate proportion of owner-provided design in design-build contracts: content analysis approachXia, Bo; Chan, Albert P. C.; Molenaar, Keith; Skitmore, Martin
1999 Detrapping behavior of trapped space charges in ferroelectric copolymers of vinylidene fluoride with trifluoroethyleneZhang, Xingyuan; Peng, Zhi; Chan, Helen L. W.; Choy, Chung-loong
2006 Develop a web tool for electrical engineering coursesCheng, K. M. Carman; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Chan, K. W. Kevin
Jun-2013 Developing a benchmarking model for construction projects in Hong KongYeung, Fai-yip; Chan, Albert P. C.; Chan, Daniel W. M.; Chiang, Yat-hung; Yang, Huan
Dec-2011 Developing a fuzzy multicriteria decision-making model for selecting design-build operational variationsXia, Bo; Chan, Albert P. C.; Yeung, Fai-yip
Feb-2011 Developing a fuzzy risk assessment model for guaranteed maximum price and target cost contracts in constructionChan, Joseph H. L.; Chan, Daniel W. M.; Chan, Albert P. C.; Lam, Tsun-ip Patrick; Yeung, Fai-yip
2011 Developing a fuzzy risk assessment model for target cost and guaranteed maximum price contracts in the construction industry of Hong KongChan, Hing-lun Joseph
2007 Developing and implementing an empirical system for scoring buildability of designs in the Hong Kong construction industryWong, Wing-hei
2002 Developing and validating the entrepreneurial career success scale and testing its antecedents and consequences in the context of Southeast Asian valuesLau, P. Victor
Dec-2007 Developing an e-logistics system : A case studyGunasekaran, A.; Ngai, W. T. Eric; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
Showing results 1126 to 1205 of 6319
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