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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2004Critical success factors of web-based supply-chain management systems : an exploratory studyNgai, W. T. Eric; Cheng, T. C. Edwin; Ho, S. S. M.
21-Aug-2006Critical thickness for dislocation generation during ferroelectric transition in thin film on a compliant substrateZheng, Yue; Wang, Biao; Woo, Chung-ho
2008Critical thinking in Hong Kong secondary school English language classrooms : the case of five teachersMok, Fung-yee
Apr-2004Cross cultural validation : the Chinese version of the Clinical Dementia Rating scaleLai, Kam-yuk Claudia; Lau, Liam K. P.; Ng, Louise; Faulkner, Lawrence W.; Chung, Ching-ching Jenny; Wong, Thomas K. S.
2011Cross-layer optimization of wireless networksFeng, Wei
2014Cross-lingual sentiment lexicon learningGao, Dehong
2014Cross-modal vibration energy method for dynamic force identificationMao, Chen
Nov-2009Crossing the river stone by stone : developing an expanded school mental health network in post-quake SichuanSim, Boon Wee Timothy
15-Apr-2010Crossover from a nearly constant loss to a superlinear power-law behavior in Mn-doped Bi(Mg₁/₂Ti₁/₂)O₃-PbTiO₃ferroelectricsKe, Shanming; Huang, Haitao; Yu, Shuhui; Zhou, Limin
Oct-2013Crossover to surface flow in supercooled unentangled polymer filmsLam, Chi-hang; Tsui, Ophelia K. C.
2014Crosswind effects on road vehicles moving on ground and long-span bridgesWang, Bin
Oct-2006Cryptanalysis of an image encryption schemeLi, Shujun; Li, Chengqing; Lo, Kwok-tung; Chen, Guanrong
14-Apr-2013Crystallite size-modulated exciton emission in SnO₂ nanocrystalline films grown by sputteringPan, Shusheng; Yu, S. F.; Zhang, Yun Xia; Luo, Yuan Yuan; Wang, Shuan; Xu, Jun Min; Li, Guang Hai
1997Crystallographic texture in pulse current electroforming of nickelChan, K. C.; Qu, N. S.; Zhu, D.
Oct-2013Cultural planning university towns : an emerging pattern language in ChinaHasdell, Peter
Jun-2009Cultural politics and political culture of web 2.0 in Asia : editorial notesHerold, David K.
2009The cultural shift of the construction industry of Hong Kong under the influence of sustainable developmentYip, Chi-po Robin
7-Oct-2010Culture effects on vessel detentionBao, Lingyan Stella; Yip, T. L.
2006Culture, product category and advertising situation : a comparative study of advertising appeals in web automobile advertisements between the People's Republic of China and the United States of AmericaChung, Mei-king
Dec-2012Curbing aggregate member flow burstiness to bound end-to-end delay in networks of TDMA crossbar real-time switchesWang, Qixin; Wang, Yufei; Zheng, Rong; Liu, Xue
15-Apr-2005Curie temperature and critical thickness of ferroelectric thin filmsWang, Biao; Woo, Chung-ho
15-Aug-2006Curie-Weiss law in thin-film ferroelectricsWang, Biao; Woo, Chung-ho
11-Sep-2013Current approaches to treatments for schizophrenia spectrum disorders, part I : an overview and medical treatmentsChien, Wai-Tong; Yip, Annie L. K.
25-Sep-2013Current approaches to treatments for schizophrenia spectrum disorders, part II : psychosocial interventions and patient-focused perspectives in psychiatric careChien, Wai-Tong; Leung, Sau-fong; Yeung, Frederick K. K.; Wong, Wai-kit
2005Current equalizing for a multi-modular current source converterJun, Li; Xu, Dehong; Cheng, K. W. Eric
2014Current market development of energy performance contracting : a comparative study between Hong Kong and TaiwanLee, Pan; Lam, Tsun-ip Patrick; Dzeng, Ren Jye
1-Apr-2008Current-induced magnetization dynamics in Co/Cu/Co nanopillarsMa, X. Q.; Xiao, Z. H.; Wu, P. P.; Zhang, J. X.; Shi, San-qiang; Chen, L. Q.
2008Customer heterogeneity in operational e-service design attributes : an empirical investigation of service qualitySousa, Rui; Yeung, Andy C. L.; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
Oct-2007Customer order scheduling to minimize total weighted completion timeWang, Guoqing; Cheng, T. C. Edwin
2012Customer satisfaction and bid-ask spreads in stock marketsLam, Lap Pun Francis
2014Customer satisfaction, stock price informativeness, and corporate investmentZhao, Xuezhou
2008Customer-to-customer interaction : impact on cruise experience and overall vacation satisfactionHuang, Jue
2014Customer-to-customer interaction and service satisfaction : an affective approachHeijink, Marloes
2005CVVF方法用于GPS多路径效应的研究 = Study of GPS multipath effects with method of CVVFZhong, Ping (鐘萍); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Zheng, Da-wei (鄭大偉)
Feb-1992A cyclic correlated structure for the realization of the discrete cosine transformChan, Yuk-hee; Siu, Wan-chi
2013Cyclometallated gold(III) complexes for organic synthesis and bioconjugationKung, Ka Yan Karen
2014The cytoprotective role of autophagy in podocytesKang, Yulin
2001Daily load forecasting with a fuzzy-input-neural network in an intelligent homeLing, S. H.; Leung, Frank H. F.; Tam, Peter K. S.
2005Damage analysis of particulate biocomposites using finite element techniqueFan, Jianping
2010Damage detection and reliability assessment of building structures using stochastic approachesZhang, Juan
Dec-2011Damage detection for structures under ambient vibration via consistent regularizationLi, Xueyan; Wang, Lixin; Law, Siu-seong
Dec-2011Damage detection in a bridge structure under traffic loadsLaw, Siu-seong; Li, Jun
2008Damage identification from wavelet-based acceleration response sensitivityLi, Xueyan
Dec-2011Damage location identification for bolt looseness at flange joints of leg members in high-rise steel tubular tower structuresQu, W. L.; He, Zhongshan; Qin, Wenke; Xu, Y. L.; Pi, Yong-Lin
2012Damping controller designs to suppress inter-area oscillations in power systems by using novel eigenstructure-based indexesKe, Deping
Dec-2011Damping device through autoparametric effectHui, C. K.; Ng, C. F.
Apr-2007Data consistency for cooperative caching in mobile environmentsCao, Jiannong; Zhang, Yang; Cao, Guohong; Xie, Li
2010Data dissemination and sharing in mobile computing environmentsFan, Xiaopeng
Dec-2012Data fusion-based structural damage detection under varying temperature conditionsBao, Yue-quan; Xia, Yong; Li, Hui; Xu, Y. L.; Zhang, Peng
Oct-2009Data mining in biomedicine : current applications and further directions for researchTing, S. L.; Shum, C. C.; Kwok, Siu Keung; Tsang, Albert H. C.; Lee, W. B.
2003A data model for complex road network for vehicle navigation systemsHo, Sau-man Berlina
2005Data processing for GPS precise point positioning = GPS 精密点定位的数据处理Hu, Cong-Wei; Chen, Wu; Gao, Shan; Chen, Yong-qi; Ding, Xiaoli
14-Sep-2010Data structure and system for IP address lookup and IP address lookup systemLuk, Robert W. P.; Wong, Wai Tak
1999Data warehousing support for mobile environmentLee, Chi-keung Ken
Dec-2010Data-driven models for monthly streamflow time series predictionWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing
13-Dec-2005Database and method for storing a searchable set of keywordsLuk, Robert W. P.; Yip, Wai Chung
2006Daylighting performance assessment methods for high-rise residential buildings in a dense urban environmentCheung, Hiu-dan
17-Mar-2006dc bias-induced dielectric anomalies in <111>-oriented 0.9Pb(Mg[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔]O₃)-0.1PbTiO₃ single crystalsWang, Jie; Jia, Yanmin; Zheng, R. K.; Chan, Helen L. W.; Zhao, X.; Luo, Haosu
2006DC electrical distribution systems in bulidingsPang, Huey; Lo, Edward; Pong, Bryan M. H.
1-May-2010dc magnetoelectric sensor based on direct coupling of Lorentz force effect in aluminum strip with transverse piezoelectric effect in 0.7Pb(Mg₁/₃ Nb₂/₃)O₃-0.3PbTiO₃single-crystal plateLeung, Chung Ming; Or, Derek Siu-wing; Ho, Siu-lau
8-Feb-2005DC to DC converterCheng, K. W. Eric; Yeung, Yiu Pun Benny
1-May-2010dc- and ac-magnetic field-induced strain effects in ferromagnetic shape memory composites of Ni–Mn–Ga single crystal and polyurethane polymerZeng, Min; Or, Derek Siu-wing; Chan, Helen L. W.
2009A dc-dc converter used as a light dimmer for compact fluorescent lampsWong, Dillian T. P.; Chow, Martin H. L.; Li, Chi-kwong
Feb-2006DCT-based video downscaling transcoder using split and merge techniqueFung, Kai-tat; Siu, Wan-chi
2003DCT-based video frame-skipping transcoderFung, Kai-tat; Siu, Wan-chi
2005Debonding failures in RC beams and slabs strengthened with FRP platesYao, Jian
2010Debt maturity and conservatismZhu, Xindong
2001Decentralized artificial intelligent traffic controlHeung, Tsan-hing
2001Decision maker for robot soccerLam, H. K.; Lee, Tat-hoi; Leung, Frank H. F.; Tam, Peter K. S.
2001Decision making of triage nurses in determination of patients' level of urgency in accident & emergency departments in Hong KongLau, Ping-fat
2013Decision model for developing concentrated rural settlement in post-disaster reconstruction : a study in ChinaPeng, Yi
2004A decision rule-based forecasting model for tourism demand : an application and comparisonGoh, Ka-leng Carey
2011Decision support queries on graph data : answering which-pair queriesLuk, Ming-hay
31-May-2015DECODE : an integrated differential co-expression and differential expression analysis of gene expression dataLui, Thomas W. H.; Tsui, Nancy B. Y.; Chan, Lawerence W. C.; Wong, Sze Chuen Cesar; Siu, Parco M.; Yung, Benjamin Yat-ming
1996Decolorization and biodegradability of dyeing wastewater treated by a TiO₂-sensitized photo-oxidation processLi, Xiang-zhong; Zhang, M.
2011A decomposition approach for computing elementary flux modes in genome-scale metabolic networksChan, Siu-hung Joshua
2001Deconstructing Hong Kong fashion system : globalisation and cultural identity of fashion in Hong KongLing, W. S. Wessie
Feb-2012Defining relational contracting from the Wittgenstein family-resemblance philosophyYeung, Fai-yip; Chan, Albert P. C.; Chan, Daniel W. M.
Dec-2011The definition and measurement of the probability density function in lamb wave damage detection based on data fusionYu, Long; Su, Zhongqing; Liu, Xiping
7-Oct-2008Deflection routing address method for all-optical packet-switched networks with arbitrary topologiesWai, Ping-kong Alexander; Li, On-Kwok Victor; Li, Chun Yin; Yuan, Xiaochun