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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20072維線元不確定性ε[sub σ]模型誤差帶幾何特征的代數研究 = Algebraic research on geometrical characteristic of error band for 2D linear segment uncertainty ε [sub σ] modelZhu, Chang-Qing (朱長青); Zhang, Guo-qin (張國芹); Shi, Wenzhong (史文中)
Sep-2013Comparisons between Modal-Parameter-Based and Flexibility-Based Damage Identification MethodsWang, X. J.; Zhou, X. Q.; Xia, Yong; Weng, S.
2004Double vagueness : uncertainty in multi-scale fuzzy assignment of dunenessCheng, Tao; Fisher, Pete; Li, Zhilin
2008Fuzzy clustering validity for spatial dataHu, Chunchun; Meng, Lingkui; Shi, Wenzhong
2000GIS中一般曲线的不确定性模型 = An approach for modeling error of generic curve features in GISShi, Wenzhong (史文中); Tong, Xiaohua (童小華); Liu, Dajie (劉大杰)
2005Relationship of uncertainty between polygon segment and line segment for spatial data in GISLiu, Chun; Tong, Xiaohua
2003Robust filtering by fictitious noisesZhang, Huanshui; Zhang, David D.; Wang, Wei; Xie, Lihua
May-2013Sensor placement for structural damage detection considering measurement uncertaintiesZhou, Xiao-Qing; Xia, Yong; Hao, Hong
2006多粒度的GIS數據不確定性粗集表達 = Rough-set representation of GIS data uncertainties with multiple granularitiesDeng, Min (鄧敏); Li, Zhilin (李志林); Cheng, Tao (程濤)
2007空间目标不确定性的表达方法及其在GIS中的应用分析 = Representation methods of spatial objects with uncertainty and their application in GISCheng, Tao (程濤); Deng, Min (鄧敏); Li, Zhilin (李志林)