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2014Optical fibre sensors for flow and pressure measurement in harsh environmentCho, Lok Hin
2014Largazole, a novel potent histone deacetylase inhibitor, inhibits liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma both in vitro and in vivoWang, Zhuo
2014Evaluation of a computer-assisted errorless learning-based memory training programme for patients with early dementiaLee, Yuet Ying Grace
2014Study of nitrous acid (HONO) formation mechanism and its impact on photochemistry in Hong KongWu, Jueqi
2014Characterization of drought development through remote sensing : a case study in Central Yunnan, ChinaAbbas, Sawaid; Nichol, Janet E.; Qamer, Faisal M.; Xu, Jianchu
2014Coseismic slip inversion based on InSAR arc measurementsWang, C; Ding, Xiaoli; Li, Q.
2014Investigating the impact of random and systematic errors on gps precise point positioning ambiguity resolutionHan, Joong-hee; Liu, Zhizhao; Kwon, Jay Hyoun
2014Perceptions of older people among social work students in Hong KongSo, Ka Man
2014遗传算法支持下土地利用空间分形特征尺度域的识别 = Scale domain recognition for land use spatial fractal feature based on genetic algorithmWu, Hao (吳浩); Li, Yan (李巖); Shi, Wenzhong (史文中); Chen, Xiaoling (陳曉玲); Fu, Dongjie (付東杰)
2014Vector regression introducedMok, Tik; Iz, H. Bâki
2014Study of atmospheric plasma treatment on the pigment application to cotton fabricMan, Wai Shan
2014Electrospun carbon nanofibers/nanotubes for Li-based batteriesChen, Yuming
2014An investment model with mean-field targetHou, Danlin
2014Palladium-catalyzed functionalization of C(sp)-H and C(sp2)-H bondsChoy, Pui Ying
2014Pedestrian level wind and thermal environment around buildings : wind tunnel investigationsXia, Qian
2014Study of organic solar cells based on functional materialsLiu, Zhike
2014Complex network analysis of time seriesXiang, Ruoxi
2014Spherical tε-design and approximation on the sphere : theory and algorithmsZhou, Yang
2014Residents' perceptions of non-casino gaming in urban communities : a comparative study between Hong Kong and GuangzhouLuo, Jiaqi
2014When migrant factory women return home : their life experiences in fast growing China's hinterlandHan, Yuchen
2014A method of interpreting Chinese traditional everyday artefacts in the context of sustainable product designZheng, Yawei
2014Statistical approach for activity-based model calibration based on plate scanning and traffic counts dataSiripirote, Treerapot
2014Hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns under static and cyclic loadingZhang, Bing
2014A study of radiation-induced carotid atherosclerosis in patients treated with radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinomaYuan, Chuang
2014Protein subcellular localization : gene ontology based machine learning approachesWan, Shibiao
2014A case-based study on public-private-partnership projects in the urban water supply sectorSheng, Nan
2014Small town multinational : CSR and the institutionalization of diversity as an organizational value at Cummins Inc.Reed, Heidi Annelies
2014Heuristic-engineering-statistical approach for chiller optimizationMak, Cheuk Wai
2014An empirical study of partners' collaboration in construction joint venture (CJV) projects and its impacts on project performance in Hong KongHong, Yuming
2014Biomechanics of hallux valgus and evaluation of interventionsWong, Wai Chi
2014Seismic performance of reinforced concrete beam-column joints strengthened by ferrocement jacketsLi, Bo
2014The use of storytelling as transfer of knowledgeLeung, Ka Lam Jodith
2014Aging effect on egocentric and allocentric frames of reference in visual attention : an event-related potential (ERP) studyAu, Kai-ming Brian
2014Early functional changes in human diabetic retina : a multifocal electroretinogram studyLung, Chun Yee Jenny
2014The effects of treadmill training intensities on rehabilitation outcomes in subacute stroke : a focal ischemic rat modelSun, Jing
2014Local-measure-based landslide morphological analysis using airborne LiDAR dataDeng, Susu
2014Selected topics in capacity and sustainability investments from the perspectives of pricing and carbon emissionDong, Ciwei
2014Two essays on the role of institutional investors in IPOLi, Gao
2014Lower-order penalty methods for nonlinear optimization and complementarity problemsTian, Boshi
2014A study of ductile fracture prediction in microforming process : constitutive modeling, numerical simulation and experimental verificationRan, Jiaqi
2014Identifying influential users by their postings in social networksSun, Beiming
2014Brain mechanism underlying Iowa gambling task : an fMRI studyMa, Shuangye
2014Investigation of atmospheric pressure plasma treatment for cotton fabrics preparationLam, Chui Fung
2014Optical sensors and devices based on highly birefringent micro/nanofibersJin, Wa
2014The cytoprotective role of autophagy in podocytesKang, Yulin
2014Image-processing techniques for robust face recognitionJian, Muwei
2014Mathematical studies on some models arising in chemotaxis and magnetohydrodynamic turbulenceJin, Haiyang
2014InSAR coherence estimation and applications to earth observationJiang, Mi
2014i*Chameleon : an MVC-based middleware framework for the support of multimodal application developmentLo, Wai Kwan
2014Modelling and optimization of material purchasing process in apparel supply chainLi, Zhi
2014Design and fabrication of optical tunable filtersLam, Man Ying
2014Behavior of FRP-confined self-compacting concreteFang, Xiaoliang
2014Study on the overall energy performance of amorphous silicon based solar photovoltaic double-skin facadePeng, Jinqing
2014Novel metal/core-shell polymer composite particles : synthesis, characterization and potential applicationsTan, Noel Peter Bengzon
2014Assessment and treatment of biomechanical properties of foot and mobility disorder in elderly with type 2 diabetesNg, Ka Wai Thomas
2014Modelling and experimental investigation of tool wear in ultra-precision raster millingZhang, Guoqing
2014Exploration and development of carbazole-based phosphine ligands towards Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling and Buchwald-Hartwig aminationTo, Sheung Chun
2014Biofunctionalized nanoporous membrane/nanoparticles-based rapid and ultrasensitive sensing platform for biomolecule detectionYe, Weiwei
2014Essays in transport economics and policy : policy evaluations in the aviation and maritime sectorsWang, Kun
2014Accurate iris recognition at-a-distance and under less constrained environmentsTan, Chun Wei
2014Improved earthquake slip distribution inversion with geodetic constraintsWang, Chisheng
2014Study of communication network performance from a complex network perspectiveWu, Jiajing
2014Development of plantar pressure relieving orthotic insoles for people with diabetesLo, Wai Ting
2014Improving the robustness and accuracy of GPS software receiver under ionospheric scintillation conditionsXu, Rui
2014Land development in urban villages in China : constraints and evolution from an institutional perspectiveLai, Yani
2014Cross-lingual sentiment lexicon learningGao, Dehong
2014Functional and structural reorganization in relation to functional outcomes after stroke : insights from magnetic resonance imagingWong, Wan Wa
2014Development of new inhibitors for the bacterial glycosyltransferase : computational docking, synthesis and bioassaysWang, Yong
2014Measurement and estimation of labor productivity in Hong Kong public rental housing projectsJiang, Chen
2014Testing serial correlation in partially linear additive modelsYang, Jin
2014Recyclable nanosorbents for water and wastewater treatment using vibratory shearing enhanced process (V-SEP) membrane filtration systemFan, Chi Ho
2014Development of decision making tools for street planning in high density citiesNg, Wai Yin
2014Degradation of refractory contaminants in water by chemical-free radicals generated by ultrasound and UV irradiationXu, Lijie
2014Active control of a turbulent round jet based on unsteady microjetsZhang, Pei
2014The flow structure around an Ahmed vehicle model and its active controlZhang, Bingfu
2014Multi-view, high-resolution face image analysisLi, Dong
2014Structural condition assessment with incomplete noisy acceleration measurementsLiu, Kun
2014Computational study of hydrogen-bonding interactions in shape memory polymersZhang, Cuili
2014Study on the coupled flow, heat and mass transfer processes in a liquid desiccant dehumidifierLuo, Yimo
2014Named entity disambiguation from web textXu, Jian