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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Experimental and simulation study of spatial distribution of human respiratory droplets under typical indoor air distribution patternsLi, Xiaoping
2013 Study of organic-inorganic hybrid solar cellsLo, Shing Chung
2013 Game strategy indexing, learning and optimization in real time strategy (RTS) games using soft computing techniquesNg, Hiu Fung
2013 Optimizing NAND flash memory management in resource-constrained embedded systemsQin, Zhiwei
2013 Functional thin-film transistors based on hybrid materialsSun, Zhenhua
2013 The impact of shadow enhancement algorithms on remotely sensed images of complex urban environmentsWan, Cheuk Yan
2013 Light absorption broadening and exciton diffusion length enhancement for organic solar cellsWang, Jingchuan
2013 Digital tongue color imaging and analyzing for Traditional Chinese medicine applicationsWang, Xingzheng
2013 A smart temperature responsive polymeric system for textile materialsYang, Hengrui
2013 Optimization of energy efficiency of air-cooled chillers using water mist pre-coolingYang, Jia
2013 Multi-sensing and multi-scale monitoring of long-span suspension bridgesZhang, Xiao-hua
2013 Bragg grating formation in PMMA fibers doped with trans-4-stilbenemethanolZhang, Zhifeng
2013 Analysing the factors affecting online travellers' attitude and intention to use consumer-generated media for travel planningAyeh, Julian Kwabena
2013 Modeling, analyzing and improving the performance of BitTorrent swarming systemsCai, Qingchao
2013 MnO₂-based nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage applicationsCao, Feng
2013 Digital camera identification for forensics applicationsChan, Lit Hung
2013 Wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networksDong, Tian
2013 Adaptive radiation therapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma using megavoltage computed tomography in helical tomotherapyFung, Wing Ki
2013 Investigation and remediation of False Topographic Perception Phenomena observed on lunar orbital imageryGao, Yang
2013 Resonant optical tunneling effect for refractive index sensor applicationsJian, Aoqun
2013 Measurement methods of residual stresses of high strength structural compositesJiang, Hao
2013 Application of Near-infrared Spectroscopy in the quality control and chemical analysis of Chinese herbal medicinesLau, Ching Ching
2013 A phenomenological inquiry into the experience of "having a design concept"Ma, Jin
2013 A meta-analysis of international tourism demand elasticities and forecasting accuracyPeng, Bo
2013 Speciality polymer optical fibres for sensing applicationsPun, Chi Fung
2013 Development and evaluation of phototherapy device made of luminous polymer optical fiber fabricsShen, Jing
2013 Gas and vapor transport through nano- and micro- fibrous materialsShou, Dahua
2013 Magnetoelectric effect as a function of lattice coupling and microstructure in ferroelectric/magnetostrictive compositesSun, Li
2013 Housing settlement for migrant workers in China : a case study of ShenzhenTao, Li
2013 Effects of load carriage and high-heeled shoes on spinal motor controlWang, Chao
2013 Group-based techniques for identifying top-k degrees in hidden bipartite graphsWang, Jianguo
2013 A study of appearance-based feature extraction for face recognitionWang, Jinghua
2013 A spin-lattice dynamics study of effects of magnon excitations on physical properties of BCC ironWen, Haohua
2013 Development of electromagnetic metamaterials for microwave applicationsYong, Zehui
2013 Preparation and characterization of sodium potassium niobate-based electro-optic ceramicsChan, Man Ting
2013 A study of facial beauty and fashionChau, Kwok Pui
2013 Analytical study on the mergers and acquisitions of Chinese real estate developersJin, Zhi Gang
2013 Development of microencapsulation systems for both oral and topical drug deliveriesLam, Pik Ling
2013 Modeling and design of current driving circuits for light-emitting diodesMok, Kwan Tat
2013 The effect of perchlorate and dodecyl sulfate on the electrochemical generation of ruthenium (IV) oxo speciesSo, Ming Him
2013 Brain-computer interface (BCI) for stroke rehabilitation : effects of optimal electrode channel selection and tactile feedback in chronic stroke patientsTam, Wing Kin
2013 New coding technologies for videosWang, Li Li
2013 H₂sensors made of Pd films on micro-structured templates and supersonic cluster beam deposited oxide filmsZhao, Meng
2013 An efficient method for accurate human model customisation based on two-view monocular photosZhu, Shuaiyin
2013 Complex event detection in RFID and Wireless Sensor NetworksZhu, Weiping
2013 An ethnographic study of the role of frontline nurses in fostering a positive practice environment in hospitalsChoi, Pin Pin Sandy
2013 Thermodynamic development of a novel integrated air-conditioning system with DOAS using liquid desiccantCui, Mingxian
2013 LiDAR intensity correction and its study on wetland classificationDing, Qiong
2013 Managing interruptions in virtual collaboration : an empirical study in the textile businessFang, Siyan
2013 A model of output specifications for public-private partnership projectsJaved, Arshad Ali
2013 An empirical study into categorisation and cause of omission in simultaneous interpretingLi, Jing
2013 Coverage and data aggregation for object tracking in wireless sensor networksLi, Jingjing
2013 Two essays on managing inventory and production systems with poisson demandLi, Qingying
2013 An investigation of design preferences and interrelationship between aesthetics and fitting concerns in Hong Kong menswear fashionLi, Wang Hei
2013 Environmental and economical analysis in electricity market planning and managementLi, Xuran Ivan
2013 Identification and characterization of novel oncogenes located in a homogeneously staining region (HSR) of human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC)Liu, Di Christina
2013 A GIS-based framework for supporting sustainable land use planning in urban renewal projectsWang, Hao
2013 Applying an assessment use argument to investigate a college-level English language test in Universities in Xi'anLiu, Min
2013 Development of a computational model of knee-ankle-foot complex for foot support designLiu, Xuan
2013 Comparative proteomic study on paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTS) producing dinoflagellatesMak, Yun Lam
2013 Protoberberine derivatives as potent inhibitors of the bacterial cell division protein FtsZSun, Ning
2013 An approach for the perishable product logistics based on real-time monitoring with radio frequency identification (RFID)Wang, Lixing
2013 The effects of monetary policies on real estate development financing in ChinaWei, Yigang
2013 Critical behavior of the random-bond clock modelWu, Pak Hong Raymond
2013 A policy framework for sustainable electricity market developmentWu, Yang
2013 Design for the public : public design in outdoor privately owned public space (POPS) in Hong Kong shopping centresXing, Na
2013 Vibroacoustic analysis and design of cavity-backed microperforated panel absorbers for environmental noise abatementYang, Cheng
2013 Development of a mass customization system for shoe last designZhang, Yifan
2013 Development of an industry maturity framework for facilities managementBanyani, Maulidi Abdallah
2013 The analysis of invariant repetitive patterns in images and videosCai, Yunliang
2013 The effects of Tai Chi training on the cardiovascular health and postural control of older adults : a mind-body perspectiveLu, Xi
2013 Liver fibrosis assessment using transient elastography guided with real-time B-mode ultrasound imaging : a feasibility studyMak, Tak-man
2013 Centrifugal microfluidic flow and mixing with applications in cell culture and cell lysingRen, Yong
2013 Fabrication of bioactive titanium oxide coating on nickel-titanium using plasma electrolytic oxidationSiu, Hin Ting
2013 A study on the hypermethylation of tumor suppressor genes in nasopharyngeal carcinomaTian, Fangyun
2013 Simultaneous information-and-power transfer for broadband downlink sytemsHuang, Kaibin; Larsson, Erik G.
2013 Adoption of a personal learning environment & network (PLE&N) to support peer- based lifelong learningTsui, Miriam L. N.; Tsui, Eric; See-To, Eric W. K.
2013 A study on the reading strategies of CSL adult learnersKe, Sihui
2013 Cyclometallated gold(III) complexes for organic synthesis and bioconjugationKung, Ka Yan Karen
2013 Immobilization-free electrochemical detection of isothermal primer generation-rolling circle amplification for simple and sensitive DNA analysisLee, Chun Derek
Showing results 161 to 240 of 6319
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