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19-Jun-2015Generating nonclassical quantum input field states with modulating filtersGough, John E.; Zhang, Guofeng
1-Jun-2015Inverse-free extreme learning machine with optimal information updatingLi, Shuai; You, Zhu-Hong; Guo, Hongliang; Luo, Xin; Zhao, Zhong-Qiu
31-May-2015DECODE : an integrated differential co-expression and differential expression analysis of gene expression dataLui, Thomas W. H.; Tsui, Nancy B. Y.; Chan, Lawerence W. C.; Wong, Sze Chuen Cesar; Siu, Parco M.; Yung, Benjamin Yat-ming
5-May-2015Genetic algorithm supported by graphical processing unit improves the exploration of effective connectivity in functional brain imagingChan, Lawrence W. C.; Pang, Bin; Shyu, Chi-Ren; Chan, Tao; Khong, Pek-Lan
May-2015An empirical survey of the perceived benefits of implementing the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS) in Hong KongChan, Daniel W. M.; Hung, Henry T. W.
1-Mar-2015A corpus study of bank financial analyst reports : semantic fields and metaphorsCheng, Winnie; Ho, Janet
27-Feb-2015Feasibility of multiple micro-particle trapping — a simulation studyYu, Yanyan; Qiu, Weibao; Chiu, Bernard; Sun, Lei
2-Feb-2015PubMed-supported clinical term weighting approach for improving inter-patient similarity measure in diagnosis predictionChan, Lawrence W. C.; Liu, Ying; Chan, Tao; Law, Helen K. W.; Wong, Sze Chuen Cesar; Yeung, Andy P. H.; Lo, K. F.; Yeung, S. W.; Kwok, K. Y.; Chan, William Y. L.; Lau, Thomas Yue-huen; Shyu, Chi-Ren
27-Jan-2015Conceptual issues regarding the development of underground railway laser scanning systemsHung, Raymond; King, Bruce Anthony; Chen, Wu
7-Jan-20152D segment model for a bi-layer electrolyte solid oxide fuel cellShen, Shuanglin; Ni, Meng
2015A study on thermal environmental control, indoor air quality and energy efficiency using task\ambient air conditioning (TAC) systems in sleeping environments in the subtropicsMao, Ning
2015Rational design and engineering of TiO₂ nanotube photonic crystal for dye-sensitized solar cellsGuo, Min
2015Isolation and structural characterization of mushroom polysaccharides in relationship with their antioxidant activitiesSiu, Ka Chai
2015Effects of whole body vibration on spinal proprioception of healthy subjects and patients with low back painLee, Tin Yan
2015Critical analysis of the application of the Safe Working Cycle (SWC) : interview findings from Hong KongChan, Daniel W. M.; Choi, Tracy N. Y.
2015A multimodal study of bank websitesKong, Lingwei
2015Transformation of urban historic districts into tourism and recreational attraction areas : a tale of two case studies in ChinaZhong, Shiyun
2015Design and synthesis of hemilabile heterocyclic phosphine Ligands and their applications in palladium-catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-nitrogen bond-construction processesWong, Shun Man
2015Design and implementaion of an energy-efficient full-color large-area LED display systemLV, Xuecong
2015A study on fire detection systems for supertall buildingsPang, Chi Leung Edgar
2015Problematizing collaboration contexts in innovation management : an empirical study in textile technology developmentKo, Ka Bo Krista
2015Uncertainty analysis, modelling and prognosis for power system operation and planningWan, Can
2015Prevention of disuse bone loss by using implantable micro-electrical stimulators (IMES)Lau, Yuen Chi
2015The impact of disruptive information technology innovations on firm performance : the case of REID adoption and its implications in fashion and textiles industriesLui, Kam Ha
2015Ship investment : ship price-freight rate relationship, option value and strategic behaviourKou, Ying
2015Study of auxetic warp-knitted spacer fabricsWang, Zhengyue
2015Unconsciously implanted memory in the presence of cholecystokinin retrieved in a behaviorally relevant contextZhang, Zicong
2015Channel characterization and signal transmission for digital signal processing based optical communication systemsSui, Qi
2015Gene network exploration of crosstalk between apoptosis and autophagy in chronic myelogenous leukemiaWang, Fengfeng; Cho, William C. S.; Chan, Lawrence W. C.; Wong, Sze Chuen Cesar; Tsui, Nancy B. Y.; Siu, Parco M.; Yung, Benjamin Yat-ming
2015Coexpression pattern analysis of NPM1-associated genes in chronic myelogenous leukemiaWang, Fengfeng; Chan, Lawrence W. C.; Tsui, Nancy B. Y.; Wong, Sze Chuen Cesar; Siu, Parco M.; Yip, Shea-ping; Yung, Benjamin Yat-ming
2015Enhancing value in public construction projects : the Malaysian journeyMohamad Ramly, Zuhaili; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.; Yu, Ann T. W.; Zhari, Rosmawati; Emby, Johari
2015In vitro and in vivo degradation evaluation of Mg-based alloys for biomedical applicationsWong, Sau Shun; Chan, Luen Chow; Lai, Chi Ping; Ip, Wing Yuk; Chau, Lok Hang
2015Vortex dynamics of in-line twin synthetic jets in a laminar boundary layerWen, Xin; Tang, Hui; Duan, Fei
2015The making of competent graphic designers in Hong Kong : the transitional period from academia to professional practiceCheung, Pun Sin Benson
2015Tourists' perceived value of shopping tourism : an investigation on the dimensions of trust on the shopping destinationChoi, Mi Ju
20-Dec-2014Genetic association between germline JAK2 polymorphisms and myeloproliferative neoplasms in Hong Kong Chinese population : a case–control studyKoh, Su Pin; Yip, Shea-ping; Lee, Kwok Kuen; Chan, Chi Chung; Lau, Sze Man; Kho, Chi Shan; Lau, Chi Kuen; Lin, Shek Ying; Lau, Yat Ming; Wong, Lap Gate; Au, Ka Leung; Wong, Kit Fai; Chu, Raymond W; Yu, Pui Hung; Chow, Eudora YD; Leung, Kate FS; Tsoi, Wai Chiu; Yung, Benjamin Y. M.
Dec-2014Maritime Insight, Volume 2, Issue 4, Winter 2014-
Dec-2014Risk factors for retinopathy of prematurity in extremely preterm Chinese infantsYau, Gordon S. K.; Lee, Jacky W. Y.; Tam, Victor T. Y.; Liu, Catherine C. L.; Wong, Ian Y. H.
Dec-2014Predictors of success in selective laser trabeculoplasty for normal tension glaucomaLee, Jacky W. Y.; Liu, Catherine C. L.; Chan, Jonathan C. H.; Lai, Jimmy S. M.
23-Oct-2014Differences in risk factors for retinopathy of prematurity development in paired twins : a Chinese population studyYau, Gordon S. K.; Lee, Jacky W. Y.; Tam, Victor T. Y.; Yip, Stan; Cheng, Edith; Liu, Catherine C. L.; Chu, Benjamin C. Y.; Yuen, Can Y. F.
Oct-2014Maritime Insight, Volume 2, Issue 3, Autumn 2014-
9-Sep-2014Predictors of success in selective laser trabeculoplasty for primary open angle glaucoma in ChineseLee, Jacky W. Y.; Liu, Catherine C. L.; Chan, Jonathan C. H.; Wong, Raymond L. M.; Wong, Ian Y. H.; Lai, Jimmy S. M.
Sep-2014Expertise dissimilarity and creativity : the contingent roles of tacit and explicit knowledge sharingHuang, Xu; Hsieh, J.J. Po-an; He, Wei Joy
Sep-2014香港長者長期護理研究文集Lai, Kam-yuk Claudia (賴錦玉); Yip, Lousie (葉少盈)
Sep-2014Microfluidic reactors for visible-light photocatalytic water purification assisted with thermolysisWang, Ning; Tan, Furui; Wan, Li; Wu, Mengchun; Zhang, Xuming
13-Aug-2014Disease-specific target gene expression profiling of molecular imaging probes : database development and clinical validationChan, Lawrence W. C.; Ngo, Connie Hiu-Ching; Wang, Fengfeng; Zhao, Moss Y.; Zhao, Mengying; Law, Helen K. W.; Wong, Sze Chuen Cesar; Yung, Benjamin Yat-ming
Aug-2014Developing a fuzzy risk assessment model for guaranteed maximum price and target cost contracts in South AustraliaChan, Daniel W. M.; Chan, Joseph H. L.; Ma, Tony
29-Jul-2014High performance relaxor-based ferroelectric single crystals for ultrasonic transducer applicationsChen, Yan; Lam, Kwok-Ho; Zhou, Dan; Yue, Qingwen; Yu, Yanxiong; Wu, Jinchuan; Qiu, Weibao; Sun, Lei; Zhang, Chao; Luo, Haosu; Chan, Helen L. W.; Dai, Jiyan
24-Jul-2014A digital multigate doppler method for high frequency ultrasoundQiu, Weibao; Ye, Zongying; Yu, Yanyan; Chen, Yan; Chi, Liyang; Mu, Peitian; Li, Guofeng; Wang, Congzhi; Xiao, Yang; Dai, Jiyan; Sun, Lei; Zheng, Hairong
8-Jul-2014Optimal work pattern for construction workers in hot weather : a case study in Hong KongYi, Wen; Chan, Albert P. C.
Jul-2014Critical review of the research on the management of prefabricated constructionLi, Zhengdao; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.; Xue, Xiaolong
Jul-2014Parallel discrete differential dynamic programming for multireservoirCheng, Chuntian; Wang, Sen; Chau, Kwok-wing; Wu, Xinyu
7-Jun-2014"Did Obamacare encourage business to hire more people?" - an analysis of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s use of rhetorical questions in the 2012 US presidential election campaignWong, Steven Ming Chiu; Yap, Foong Ha
Jun-2014Economic analysis of a solid oxide fuel cell cogeneration/trigeneration system for hotels in Hong KongChen, Julia Meng Pei; Ni, Meng
Jun-2014Categorization and intensity of Chinese emotion wordsLin, Jingxia; Yao, Yao
Jun-2014Visual metaphors and the construction of political identities : an analysis of the 2012 Hong Kong Legislative Council ElectionYap, Foong Ha; Chan, Ariel Shuk-ling
Jun-2014Maritime Insight, Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer 2014-
Jun-2014Structural damage detection using auto/cross-correlation functions under multiple unknown excitationsNi, Pinghe; Xia, Yong; Law, Siu-Seong; Zhu, Songye
29-May-2014Clause-medial particles and stance-marking in CantoneseYap, Foong Ha; Wong, Tak-sum; Chor, Winnie
21-May-2014Investigating the causal relationships between causes of and vulnerabilities to corruption in the Chinese Public Construction SectorLe, Yun; Shan, Ming; Chan, Albert P. C.; Hu, Yi
19-May-2014Overview of corruption research in constructionLe, Yun; Shan, Ming; Chan, Albert P. C.; Hu, Yi
May-2014Valence-changing phenomena and stance marking in Chinese : on the development of 共 in Classical Chinese and Southern MinWong, Tak-sum; Yap, Foong Ha; Chen, Weirong
May-2014Research trend of joint ventures in construction : a two-decade taxonomic reviewHong, Yuming; Chan, Daniel W. M.
25-Apr-2014Constructing and reinforcing political identities through rhetorical questions - an analysis of Mitt Romney’s campaign speeches in the 2012 US presidential electionWong, Steven Ming Chiu; Yap, Foong Ha
Apr-2014Transient wave-blockage interaction and extended blockage detection in elastic water pipelinesDuan, H. F.; Lee, P. J.; Ghidaoui, M. S.; Tuck, J.
Apr-2014Auricular diagnosis in chronic illnessesSune, Kwai-ping Lorna; Yeh, Chao Hsing
27-Mar-2014Critical success factors for value management workshop in MalaysiaMohamad Ramly, Zuhaili; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.; Yu, Ann T. W.
19-Mar-2014Further developments in rapidly decelerating turbulent pipe flow modelingMeniconi, S.; Duan, H. F.; Brunone, B.; Ghidaoui, M. S.; Lee, P. J.; Ferrante, M.
12-Mar-2014Application of auricular therapy for cancer-related pain in nursing careYeh, C. H.; Chien, L. C.; Suen, Kwai-ping Lorna
Mar-2014The credibility crisis in IS : a global stakeholder perspectiveLooney, Clayton Arlen; Firth, David; Koch, Hope; Cecez-Kecmanovic, Dubravka; Hsieh, J.J. Po-an; Soh, Christina; Valacich, Joseph S.; Whitley, Edgar A.
Mar-2014Maritime Insight, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2014-
Mar-2014A generic decision model for developing concentrated rural settlement in post-disaster reconstruction : a China studyPeng, Yi; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.; Shen, Liyin; Lu, Chen; Yuan, Z.
10-Feb-2014Flattop pulse generation based on the combined action of active mode locking and nonlinear polarization rotationFang, Xiaohui; Wai, Ping-kong Alexander; Lu, Chao; Chen, Jinhua
10-Feb-2014Polarization converters in highly birefringent microfibersXuan, Haifeng; Ma, Jun; Jin, Wa; Jin, Wei
10-Feb-2014A distributed fiber vibration sensor utilizing dispersion induced walk-off effect in a unidirectional Mach-Zehnder interferometerChen, Qingming; Jin, Chao; Bao, Yuan; Li, Zhaohui; Li, Jianping; Lu, Chao; Yang, Liang; Li, Guifang
1-Feb-2014Channel selection for multispectral color imaging using binary differential evolutionShen, Hui-Liang; Yao, Jian-Fan; Li, Chunguang; Du, Xin; Shao, Sijie; Xin, John Haozhong
Feb-2014Hybrid reliability analysis of structures with multi-source uncertaintiesWang, Lei; Wang, Xiaojun; Xia, Yong
Feb-2014Clinical roundup : selected treatment options for depression - auriculotherapySuen, Kwai-ping Lorna
9-Jan-2014Which environmental indicator is better able to predict the effects of heat stress on construction workers?Yi, Wen; Chan, Albert P. C.
9-Jan-2014Framework for stakeholder management in construction projectsYang, Rebecca J.; Shen, Geoffrey Q. P.