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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Analysis of airborne particulate matter (pm₂.₅) over Hong Kong using remote sensing and GISShi, Wenzhong; Wong, Man Sing; Wang, Jingzhi; Zhao, Yuanling
2007Constrained edge dynamic deleting in cd-tin based on influence domain retriangulation of virtual pointWang, Yanbing; Wu, Lixin; Shi, Wenzhong
2001Development of a data mining method for land controlWang, Shuliang; Wang, Xinzhou; Shi, Wenzhong
2000Development of a GIS data model with spatial, temporal and attribute components based on object-oriented approachShi, Wenzhong; Zhang, Minwen; Li, Zhilin
2000Development of a hybrid model for three-dimensional GISShi, Wenzhong
2013Examining the satellite-detected urban land use spatial patterns using multidimensional fractal dimension indicesWu, Hao; Sun, Yurong; Shi, Wenzhong; Chen, Xiaoling; Fu, Dongjie
2008Fuzzy clustering validity for spatial dataHu, Chunchun; Meng, Lingkui; Shi, Wenzhong
2002Geo-rough spaceWang, Shuliang; Li, Deren; Shi, Wenzhong; Wang, Xinzhou
1-Mar-2006Metal contamination in urban, suburban, and country park soils of Hong Kong : a study based on GIS and multivariate statisticsLee, Celine Siu-lan; Li, Xiangdong; Shi, Wenzhong; Cheung, Sharon Ching-nga; Thornton, Iain
2003A proactive approach for mobile GISShi, Wenzhong; Kwan, Kevin Ka-wai; Shea, Geoffrey Y. K.; Cao, Jiannong
2005QTPV data model and algorithm and its application to geological exploration engineeringCheng, Penggen (程朋根); Shi, Wenzhong; Gong, Jianya (龔健雅); Zhou, Guoqing
2013A reliability-based multi-algorithm fusion technique in detecting changes in land coverZhang, Penglin; Shi, Wenzhong; Wong, Man Sing Wong; Chen, Jiangping
May-2004The study of metal contamination in urban soils of Hong Kong using a GIS-based approachLi, Xiangdong; Lee, Siu-lan; Wong, Coby Sze-chung; Shi, Wenzhong; Thornton, Iain