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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2008An assessment of combining tourism demand forecasts over different time horizonsShen, Shujie; Li, Gang; Song, Haiyan
2005Collaborative web application for flood control system of reservoirsCheng, Chuntian; Chau, Kwok-wing; Li, Gang; Li, Xiang-yang
Dec-2009Effect of seasonality treatment on the forecasting performance of tourism demand modelsShen, Shujie; Li, Gang; Song, Haiyan
1-Nov-2004Modeling tourism demand : a dynamic linear AIDS approachLi, Gang; Song, Haiyan; Witt, Stephen F.
2006Multiple criteria data envelopment analysis for full ranking units associated to environment impact assessmentZhao, Ming-yan; Cheng, Chuntian; Chau, Kwok-wing; Li, Gang
2007New forecasting modelsLi, Gang; Song, Haiyan
2014Polydioxanone weft-knitted stents with drug delivery fuction for the treatment of colorectal cancerLi, Gang
1-Aug-2005Recent developments in econometric modeling and forecastingLi, Gang; Song, Haiyan; Witt, Stephen F.
Jan-2006Time varying parameter and fixed parameter linear AIDS : an application to tourism demand forecastingLi, Gang; Song, Haiyan; Witt, Stephen F.
1-Nov-2006Tourism demand forecasting : a time varying parameter error correction modelLi, Gang; Wong, Kevin K. F.; Song, Haiyan; Witt, Stephen F.
Apr-2008Tourism demand modelling and forecasting : a review of recent researchSong, Haiyan; Li, Gang
Mar-2010Tourism demand modelling and forecasting : how should demand be measured?Song, Haiyan; Li, Gang; Witt, Stephen F.; Fei, Baogang