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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2008 An asymptotic approximation scheme for the concave cost bin packing problemLeung, Joseph Y.-T.; Li, Chung-Lun
2011 Constraint programming based column generation heuristics for a ship routing and berthing time assignment problemPang, Anthony; Li, Chung-Lun
Sep-2007 Coordinated scheduling of customer orders with decentralized machine locationsLi, Chung-Lun; Ou, Jinwen
Feb-2007 Coordinating production and distribution of jobs with bundling operationsLi, Chung-Lun; Vairaktarakis, George
Feb-2005 Dynamic lot size problems with one-way product substitutionHsu, Vernon Ning; Li, Chung-Lun; Xiao, Wen-Qiang
Jun-2008 Dynamic routing model and solution methods for fleet management with mobile technologiesCheung, Bernard K.-S.; Choy, King-lun; Li, Chung-Lun; Shi, John Wen-zhong; Tang, Jian
Nov-2008 An efficient algorithm for minimizing earliness, tardiness, and due-date costs for equal-sized jobsLi, Chung-Lun; Mosheiov, Gur; Yovel, Uri
Jul-2009 Fully polynomial-time approximation schemes for time–cost tradeoff problems in series–parallel project networksHalman, Nir; Li, Chung-Lun; Simchi-Levi, David
Aug-2005 Improved algorithm for maximizing service of carousel storageLi, Chung-Lun; Wan, Guohua
Apr-2004 Loading and unloading operations in container terminalsLi, Chung-Lun; Vairaktarakis, George
1-Jul-2005 Machine scheduling with deliveries to multiple customer locationsLi, Chung-Lun; Vairaktarakis, George; Lee, Chung-Yee
Jul-2003 Mixed truck delivery systems with both hub-and-spoke and direct shipmentLiu, Jiyin; Li, Chung-Lun; Chan, Chun-Yan
16-Aug-2009 A new solution method for the finite-horizon discrete-time EOQ problemLi, Chung-Lun
Jan-2008 Quantifying supply chain ineffectiveness under uncoordinated pricing decisionsLi, Chung-Lun
1-Feb-2010 Scheduling parallel machines with inclusive processing set restrictions and job release timesLi, Chung-Lun; Wang, Xiuli
16-Oct-2006 Scheduling unit-length jobs with machine eligibility restrictionsLi, Chung-Lun
Dec-2008 Scheduling with processing set restrictions: A surveyLeung, Joseph Y.-T.; Li, Chung-Lun
Dec-2008 Scheduling with subcontracting optionsChen, Zhi-Long; Li, Chung-Lun
Jul-2004 Two-echelon spare parts inventory system subject to a service constraintCaglar, Deniz; Li, Chung-Lun; Simchi-Levi, David
Dec-2008 Viewpoint on “A note on unrelated parallel machine scheduling with time-dependent processing times”Li, Chung-Lun
Showing results 1 to 20 of 20


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