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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1998Anomaly in numerical integrations of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equationLam, Chi-hang; Shi, Franklin G.
15-Oct-2005Beyond the heteroepitaxial quantum dot : self-assembling complex nanostructures controlled by strain and growth kineticsGray, J. L.; Lam, Chi-hang; Hull, R.; Sutter, P.; Means, J.; Floro, J. A.
5-Nov-2002Competing roughening mechanisms in strained heteroepitaxy : a fast kinetic Monte Carlo studyLam, Chi-hang; Lee, Chun-kin; Sander, Leonard M.
Oct-2013Crossover to surface flow in supercooled unentangled polymer filmsLam, Chi-hang; Tsui, Ophelia K. C.
1-Aug-2005Effects of polarization and permittivity gradients and other parameters on the anomalous vertical shift behavior of graded ferroelectric thin filmsZhou, Yan; Chan, H. K.; Lam, Chi-hang; Shin, Franklin G.
24-Aug-2005Exact scaling in competitive growth modelsBraunstein, L. A.; Lam, Chi-hang
Sep-1995Finite-size effects in diffusion-limited aggregationLam, Chi-hang
25-Jun-2004Fluid invasion in porous media : viscous gradient percolationLam, Chi-hang
Sep-1998Formation and dynamics of modules in a dual-tasking multilayer feed-forward neural networkLam, Chi-hang; Shin, Franklin G.
Nov-1998Improved discretization of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equationLam, Chi-hang; Shin, Franklin G.
19-Aug-2005Island, pit, and groove formation in strained heteroepitaxyLung, M. T.; Lam, Chi-hang; Sander, Leonard M.
23-Feb-2010Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of faceted islands in heteroepitaxy using a multistate lattice modelLam, Chi-hang
15-Sep-2010Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of shape transition of strained quantum dotsLam, Chi-hang
15-Jul-2000Landauer-Büttiker formula for time-dependent transport through resonant-tunneling structures : a nonequilibrium Green’s function approachYou, J. Q.; Lam, Chi-hang; Zheng, H. Z.
2-Aug-2010Layer-by-layer nucleation mechanism for quantum dot formation in strained heteroepitaxyXiang, Ruoxi; Lung, M. T.; Lam, Chi-hang
15-Jul-2005Mechanisms of imprint effect on ferroelectric thin filmsZhou, Yan; Chan, H. K.; Lam, Chi-hang; Shin, Franklin G.
7-Aug-2000Pipe network model for scaling of dynamic interfaces in porous mediaLam, Chi-hang; Horváth, Viktor K.
15-Jun-2012Probing the quantum behavior of a nanomechanical resonator coupled to a double quantum dotLi, Zeng-zhao; Ouyang, Shihua; Lam, Chi-hang; You, J. Q.
1-May-2001Superconducting charge qubits : the roles of self and mutual inductancesYou, J. Q.; Lam, Chi-hang; Zheng, H. Z.
1-Mar-2004Time-dependent space-charge-limited conduction as a possible origin of the polarization offsets observed in compositionally graded ferroelectric filmsChan, H. K.; Lam, Chi-hang; Shin, Franklin G.