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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2004《全宋文》所收碑銘之宋初內臣史料初考 = A preliminary study of the source materials of the early Northern Sung eunuchs from the stone inscriptions compiled in the Complete Sung ProseHo, Koon-wan (何冠環)
Jan-2010北宋內臣藍繼宗事蹟考 = A study of Lan Jizong, a senior eunuch in early Northern Song DynastyHo, Koon-wan (何冠環)
1-Nov-2008北宋内臣蓝元震事迹考Ho, Koon-wan (何冠環)
2007北宋外戚將門陳州苑丘符氏考論 = A study of the history of the Fu Clan, an eminent family of military officers and imperial relatives from Chenzhou Prefecture in the Northern Song DynastyHo, Koon-wan (何冠環)
Jul-2012宋初內臣名將秦翰事蹟考 = On the military career of QinHan, a senior eunuch in the early Northern Song DynastyHo, Koon-wan (何冠環)
Dec-2008宋太宗朝外戚名將李繼隆(950-1005) = The military career of Li Jilong, the most distinguished member of the Empress Clan during the reign of Emperor Song TaizongHo, Koon-wan (何冠環)
Mar-2003宋太祖的从龙功臣李处耘 (920—966)Ho, Koon-wan (何冠環)
2003宋遼唐河、徐河之戰新考 = Reappraisal of the Battle of Tang 唐 River (988) and the Battle of Xu 徐 River (989) between Song 宋 and Liao 遼Ho, Koon-wan (何冠環)
Jan-2011現存的三篇宋代內臣墓誌銘 = A study of three extant stone tomb records and inscriptions of Song eunuchsHo, Koon-wan (何冠環)
2010范仲淹麾下大將范恪事蹟考 = The military career of General Fan Ke (1011-1060), a great general who served under Marshal Fan Zhongyan (989-1052)Ho, Koon-wan (何冠環)