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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Application and evaluation of a GPS multi-antenna system for dam deformation monitoringHe, Xiufeng; Yang, Guang; Ding, Xiaoli; Chen, Yong-qi
2008Atmospheric effects on InSAR measurements and their mitigationDing, Xiaoli; Li, Zhi-wei; Zhu, Jian-jun; Feng, GuangCai; Long, Jiang-ping
2001Bundle adjustment for data processing of theodolite industrial surveying systemZou, Zheng Rong; Ding, Xiaoli; Zeng, Zhuo Qiao; He, Ping Zong
Jul-2011Coherence and the look number-based deformation gradient function model of INSARJiang, M.; Ding, Xiaoli; Li, Z. W.
May-2012Correcting atmospheric effects on InSAR with MERIS water vapour data and elevation-dependent interpolation modelLi, Z. W.; Xu, W. B.; Feng, G. C.; Hu, J.; Wang, C. C.; Ding, Xiaoli; Zhu, J. J.
Jan-2010Coseismic fault slip of the 2008 M[sub w] 7.9 Wenchuan earthquake estimated from InSAR and GPS measurementsFeng, GuangCai; Hetland, Eric A.; Ding, Xiaoli; Li, ZhiWei; Zhang, Lei
2014Coseismic slip inversion based on InSAR arc measurementsWang, C; Ding, Xiaoli; Li, Q.
2005Data processing for GPS precise point positioning = GPS 精密点定位的数据处理Hu, Cong-Wei; Chen, Wu; Gao, Shan; Chen, Yong-qi; Ding, Xiaoli
Dec-2009Deformation analysis of the unified lunar control networksIz, H. Bâki; Chen, Yong-qi; King, Bruce Anthony; Ding, Xiaoli; Chen, Wu
2013Derivation of 3-D coseismic surface displacement fields for the 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake from InSAR and GPS measurementsHu, J.; Li, Z. W.; Ding, Xiaoli; Zhu, J. J.; Sun, Q.
2008Detecting land subsidence in shanghai by PS-networking SAR interferometryLiu, Guoxiang; Luo, Xiaojun; Chen, Qiang; Huang, Dingfa; Ding, Xiaoli
2001Dynamic model for landsliding monitoring under rigid body assumptionZhu, Jian-Jun; Ding, Xiaoli; Chen, Yong-qi
Aug-2011Equatorial ionospheric zonal drift by monitoring local GPS reference networksJi, Shengyue; Chen, Wu; Ding, Xiaoli; Zhao, Chunmei
2013Global sea level trends in the presence of variable sea level velocities, and variable accelerationsIz, H. Bâki; Ding, Xiaoli; Shum, C. K.
2009Improvement of the Accuracy of InSAR Image Co-Registration Based On Tie Points – A ReviewZou, Weibao; Li, Yan; Li, Zhilin; Ding, Xiaoli
Dec-2011Integration of GPS and tiltmeters for structure monitoringYang, Wentao; Ding, Xiaoli; Xu, Y. L.
2005Ionospheric correction method for precise positioning with GPS active network = 高精度GPS定位的精密電離層模型Gao, Shan; Chen, Wu; Hu, Cong-Wei; Chen, Yong-qi; Ding, Xiaoli
1-Jun-2004Low-coherence Michelson interferometric fiber-optic multiplexed strain sensor array : a minimum configurationYuan, Libo; Yang, Jun; Zhou, Limin; Jin, Wei; Ding, Xiaoli
1-Feb-2010Magnitude and extent of six years of land subsidence in Shanghai revealed by JERS-1 SAR China dataDamoah-Afari, Peter; Ding, Xiaoli; Lu, Zhong; Li, Zhiwei; Omura, Makoto
2011Orientation of the geometrically best fitting triaxial lunar ellipsoid with respect to the mean earth/polar axis reference frameIz, H. Bâki; Shum, C. K.; Ding, Xiaoli; Dai, C. L.