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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A 200kW wind turbine power chainChang, Tantai; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Lin, Jiongkang
Apr-2006A 3-D study of eddy current field and temperature rises in a compact bus duct systemHo, Siu-lau; Li, Y.; Lin, X.; Wong, Ho-ching Chris; Cheng, K. W. Eric
2009An accurate Vehicle Gasohol delivery systemWang, Hongwei; Che, Yanbo; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Yang, Zhangang
1999Adaptive B-spline network control for three-phase PWM AC-DC voltage source converterCheng, K. W. Eric; Wang, H. Y.; Sutanto, Danny
2006Adaptive passivity-based control of extended-period quasi-resonant convertersHo, Ho-fai James; Cheng, K. W. Eric
2009Analysis of Nordex N43/600 wind turbineLi, Dong; Che, Yanbo; Cheng, K. W. Eric
2004Application of ASK modulation for DC/DC converters control in DC distribution power systemCheung, T. K.; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Sutanto, Danny; Lee, Y. S.; Ho, Y. L.
2009Application of ForceControl in the vehicle gasohol delivery systemLi, Dong; Che, Yanbo; Cheng, K. W. Eric
Mar-2004An auto-tuning algorithm for the IRBF network of brushless DC motorHo, Siu-lau; Fei, Minrui; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Wong, Ho-ching Chris
2009Automobile hybrid air conditioning technologyYeung, Yiu Pun Benny; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Chan, W. W.; Lam, C. Y.; Choi, W. F.; Ng, T. W.
2009Battery management system and control strategy for hybrid and electric vehicleDivakar, B. P.; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Wu, H. J.; Xu, J.; Ma, H. B.; Ting, William; Ding, Kai; Choi, W. F.; Huang, B. F.; Leung, C. H.
Jun-2008Calculation of eddy current field in the ascending flange for the bushings and tank wall of a large power transformerHo, Siu-lau; Li, Y.; Tang, R. Y.; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Yang, Shiyou
2006Calculations of eddy current, fluid and thermal fields in an air insulated bus duct systemHo, Siu-lau; Li, Y.; Lin, X.; Lo, Edward; Yang, Shiyou; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Wong, K. F.
Apr-2007Calculations of eddy current, fluid, and thermal fields in an air insulated bus duct systemHo, Siu-lau; Li, Y.; Lin, X.; Lo, Edward; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Wong, K. F.
Sep-2004Closure on "Simulation of switched reluctance motor drives using two-dimensional bicubic spline"Xue, Xiangdang; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Ho, Siu-lau
2006Comparison and design analysis of pulse transformer for HID ballastsDong, Ping; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Wang, D. H.; Ho, Siu-lau; Kwok, K. F.; Xue, Xiangdang
2009Compensation and lamp life model of HID lampDong, Ping; Cheng, K. W. Eric
Jul-2000Computation of the ac resistance of multistranded conductor inductors with multilayers for high frequency switching convertersCheng, K. W. Eric
2009Computation of the in-wheel switched reluctance motor inductance using finite element methodNg, T. W.; Cheng, K. W. Eric; Xue, Xiangdang
2009Construction, operation and control of a laboratory-scale MicrogridChe, Yanbo; Yang, Zhangang; Cheng, K. W. Eric