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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jan-2015Conceptual issues regarding the development of underground railway laser scanning systemsHung, Raymond; King, Bruce Anthony; Chen, Wu
Jul-2009Contributions of thermal expansion of monuments and nearby bedrock to observed GPS height changesYan, Haoming; Chen, Wu; Zhu, Yaozhong; Zhang, Weimin; Zhong, Min
2005Data processing for GPS precise point positioning = GPS 精密点定位的数据处理Hu, Cong-Wei; Chen, Wu; Gao, Shan; Chen, Yong-qi; Ding, Xiaoli
Dec-2009Deformation analysis of the unified lunar control networksIz, H. Bâki; Chen, Yong-qi; King, Bruce Anthony; Ding, Xiaoli; Chen, Wu
May-2005Effects of sensor errors on the performance of map matchingChen, Wu; Li, Zhilin; Yu, Meng; Chen, Yong-qi
Aug-2011Equatorial ionospheric zonal drift by monitoring local GPS reference networksJi, Shengyue; Chen, Wu; Ding, Xiaoli; Zhao, Chunmei
2005Ionospheric correction method for precise positioning with GPS active network = 高精度GPS定位的精密電離層模型Gao, Shan; Chen, Wu; Hu, Cong-Wei; Chen, Yong-qi; Ding, Xiaoli
2005Modeling and control of a direct expansion (DX) variable-air-volume (VAV) air conditioning (A/C) systemChen, Wu
Dec-2010Photogrammetric DEMs from Chang’E1 imageryChen, Yong-qi; Ding, Xiaoli; Chen, Wu; Iz, H. Bâki; King, Bruce Anthony; Guo, J.; Ning, X. G.
Oct-2010Potential benefits of GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO integration in an urban canyon – Hong KongJi, Shengyue; Chen, Wu; Ding, Xiaoli; Chen, Yong-qi
2003SAR motion information sensor based on GNSS/SINS = GNSS/SINS组合SAR运动信息传感器Sun, Yong-Rong; Liu, Jian-ye; Chen, Wu; Chen, Yong-qi