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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Data processing for GPS precise point positioning = GPS 精密点定位的数据处理Hu, Cong-Wei (胡叢瑋); Chen, Wu (陳武); Gao, Shan (高山); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利)
2003GPS/重力边值问题的求解及应用 = On solution and application of GPS/gravity boundary value problemLi, Fei (李斐); Chen, Wu (陳武); Yue, Jianli (岳建利)
2005Ionospheric correction method for precise positioning with GPS active network = 高精度GPS定位的精密電離層模型Gao, Shan (高山); Chen, Wu (陳武); Hu, Cong-Wei (胡叢偉); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利)
27-Oct-2010Method and device for displaying navigation circuit = 导航线路显示方法及导航线路显示装置Li, Zhilin (李志林); Chen, Wu (陳武); Xu, Zhu (徐柱); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇); Cheung, Yik Kong (張奕港)
2003SAR motion information sensor based on GNSS/SINS = GNSS/SINS组合SAR运动信息传感器Sun, Yong-Rong (孫永榮); Liu, Jian-Ye (劉建業); Chen, Wu (陳武); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇)
2006Vondrak滤波法用于结构振动与GPS多路径信号的分离 = Separation of structural vibrations and GPS multipath signals using Vondrak filterZhong, Ping (鐘萍); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Zheng, Da-Wei (鄭大偉); Chen, Wu (陳武)
Dec-2012冷水机组故障诊断新模型 = New reference models for fault detection and diagnose in water chillersZheng, Chao-yu (鄭超瑜); Xiao, Fu (肖賦); Chen, Wu (陳武)
2012基于实时精密单点定位技术的暴雨短临预报 = Rainstorm nowcasting based on GPS real-time precise point positioning technologyLi, Li (李黎); Kuang, Cui-Lin (匡翠林); Zhu, Jian-Jun (朱建軍); Chen, Wu (陳武); Chen, Yong-qi (陳永奇); Li, Hong-Yu (李洪玉)
2009最小二乘估值均方差计算的矩阵体积法 = Matrix volume method of the mean square deviation computation of least square solutionXue, Shuqiang (薛樹強); Dang, Yamin (党亞民); Chen, Wu (陳武)
2007重力数据分辨率对GPS/重力边值问题的影响研究 = Influence of gravity disturbance resolution on GPSs/gravity boundary value problemZhang, Liming (張利明); Li, Fei (李斐); Chen, Wu (陳武)
2008香港GPS基准站坐标序列特征分析 = Characteristics of daily position time series from the Hong Kong GPS fiducial networkYuan, Lin-Guo (袁林果); Ding, Xiaoli (丁曉利); Chen, Wu (陳武); Kwok, Simon (郭志和); Chan, Siu-Bun (陳少彬); Chau, Kam-tim (周錦添)
2006香港地区重力固体潮和海潮负荷特征研究 = Study of earth’s gravity tide and oceanic loading characteristics in Hong Kong areaSun, He-Ping (孫和平); Hsu, Houtse (許厚澤); Chen, Wu (陳武); Chen, Xiao-Dong (陳曉東); Zhou, Jiang-Cun (周江存); Liu, Ming (劉明); Gao, Shan (高山)