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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001 3D numerical model for Pearl River estuaryChau, Kwok-wing; Jiang, Y. W.
Aug-2005 4D dynamic construction management and visualization software: 1. DevelopmentChau, Kwok-wing; Anson, M.; Zhang, J. P.
Aug-2005 4D dynamic construction management and visualization software: 2. site trialChau, Kwok-wing; Anson, M.; De Saram, D. D.
Sep-2004 4D dynamic management for construction planning and resource utilizationWang, H. J.; Zhang, J. P.; Chau, Kwok-wing; Anson, M.
2004 AI-based teaching package for open channel flow on InternetChau, Kwok-wing; Sze, Yiuhung
2005 Algal bloom prediction with particle swarm optimization algorithmChau, Kwok-wing
Aug-2007 Application of a PSO-based neural network in analysis of outcomes of construction claimsChau, Kwok-wing
Mar-2003 Application of data warehouse and Decision Support System in construction managementChau, Kwok-wing; Cao, Ying; Anson, M.; Zhang, Jianping
2005 Application of PGA on optimization of distribution of shopping centersYu, Bin; Cheng, Chuntian; Yang, Zhong-Zheng; Chau, Kwok-wing
Dec-2012 Artificial neural network simulation of hourly groundwater levels in a coastal aquifer system of the Venice lagoonTaormina, Riccardo; Chau, Kwok-wing; Sethi, Rajandrea
2005 Characterization of transboundary POP contamination in aquatic ecosystems of Pearl River deltaChau, Kwok-wing
2005 Collaborative web application for flood control system of reservoirsCheng, Chuntian; Chau, Kwok-wing; Li, Gang; Li, Xiang-yang
Nov-2002 Combining a fuzzy optimal model with a genetic algorithm to solve multi-objective rainfall–runoff model calibrationCheng, Chuntian; Ou, Chunping; Chau, Kwok-wing
15-Aug-2009 A comparison of performance of several artificial intelligence methods for forecasting monthly discharge time seriesWang, Wen-chuan; Chau, Kwok-wing; Cheng, Chuntian; Qiu, Lin
Nov-2005 Comparison of several flood forecasting models in Yangtze RiverChau, Kwok-wing; Wu, C. L.; Li, Y. S.
Sep-2003 A coupled knowledge-based expert system for design of liquid-retaining structuresChau, Kwok-wing; Albermani, F.
Dec-2010 Data-driven models for monthly streamflow time series predictionWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing
2006 Development of an integrated knowledge-based system on flow and water quality in Hong Kong coastal watersChau, Kwok-wing
2006 Evaluation of several algorithms in forecasting floodWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing
Sep-2001 An example of expert system on numerical modelling system in coastal processesChau, Kwok-wing; Chen, W.
Feb-2002 Expert system application on preliminary design of water retaining structuresChau, Kwok-wing; Albermani, F.
Sep-2004 An expert system on design of liquid-retaining structures with blackboard architectureChau, Kwok-wing; Albermani, F.
2006 An expert system on site selection of sanitary landfillChau, Kwok-wing
Oct-2001 A fifth generation numerical modelling system in coastal zoneChau, Kwok-wing; Chen, W.
Dec-2004 Flood control management system for reservoirsCheng, Chuntian; Chau, Kwok-wing
2006 A flood forecasting neural network model with genetic algorithmWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing
Jul-2004 Four-dimensional visualization of construction scheduling and site utilizationChau, Kwok-wing; Anson, M.; Zhang, J. P.
2002 Genetic algorithms for design of liquid retaining structureChau, Kwok-wing; Albermani, F.
2006 A hybrid adaptive time-delay neural network model for multi-step-ahead prediction of sunspot activityXie, Jing-xin; Cheng, Chuntian; Chau, Kwok-wing; Pei, Yong-zhen
2007 A hybrid HMM/ANN based approach for online signature verificationQuan, Zhong-Hua; Huang, De-Shuang; Liu, Kun-Hong; Chau, Kwok-wing
Feb-2003 Hybrid knowledge representation in a blackboard KBS for liquid retaining structure designChau, Kwok-wing; Albermani, F.
2007 Hydrologic uncertainty for Bayesian probabilistic forecasting model based on BP ANNCheng, Chuntian; Chau, Kwok-wing; Li, Xiang-yang
May-2003 Implementation of visualization as planning and scheduling tool in constructionChau, Kwok-wing; Anson, M.; Zhang, J. P.
1-Jul-2007 Incorporation of sustainability concepts into a civil engineering curriculumChau, Kwok-wing
1-Apr-2007 Insight into resolving construction disputes by mediation/adjudication in Hong KongChau, Kwok-wing
Nov-2007 Integrated water quality management in Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong: a case studyChau, Kwok-wing
2005 Intelligence-based educational package on fluid mechanicsChau, Kwok-wing
2002 An intelligent decision support system in construction management by data warehousing techniqueCao, Ying; Chau, Kwok-wing; Anson, M.; Zhang, Jianping
2002 An intelligent knowledge processing system on hydrodynamics and water quality modelingChau, Kwok-wing; Cheng, Chuntian; Li, Yok-sheung; Li, C. W.; Wai, Wing-hong Onyx
2006 Intelligent manipulation and calibration of parameters for hydrological modelsChen, W.; Chau, Kwok-wing
Mar-2004 Intelligent manipulation of calibration parameters in numerical modelingChau, Kwok-wing
2003 Internet-based interactive package for diagnostic assessment on learning of fluid mechanicsChau, Kwok-wing
2002 A knowledge-based system for construction site level facilities layoutChau, Kwok-wing; Anson, M.
Jan-2005 A knowledge-based system for liquid retaining structure design with blackboard architectureChau, Kwok-wing; Albermani, F.
Oct-2003 Knowledge-based system on optimum design of liquid retaining structures with genetic algorithmsChau, Kwok-wing; Albermani, F.
May-2002 Knowledge management system on flow and water quality modelingChau, Kwok-wing; Cheng, Chuntian; Li, C. W.
2004 Knowledge representation on design of storm drainage systemChau, Kwok-wing; Cheung, C. S.
2005 Long-term prediction of discharges in Manwan Hydropower using adaptive-network-based fuzzy inference systems modelsCheng, Chuntian; Lin, Jianyi; Sun, Yingguang; Chau, Kwok-wing
2005 Long-term prediction of discharges in Manwan Reservoir using artificial neural network modelsCheng, Chuntian; Chau, Kwok-wing; Sun, Yingguang; Lin, Jianyi
Sep-2007 Machine-learning paradigms for selecting ecologically significant input variablesMuttil, Nitin; Chau, Kwok-wing
Mar-2003 Manipulation of numerical coastal flow and water quality modelsChau, Kwok-wing
2006 Mathematical model of water quality rehabilitation with rainwater utilization : A case study at HaigangWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing
15-Jun-2009 Methods to improve neural network performance in daily flows predictionWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing; Li, Y. S.
Feb-2007 Modelling coupled water and heat transport in a soil–mulch–plant–atmosphere continuum (SMPAC) systemWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing; Huang, J. S.
2006 Multiple criteria data envelopment analysis for full ranking units associated to environment impact assessmentZhao, Ming-yan; Cheng, Chuntian; Chau, Kwok-wing; Li, Gang
2006 Neural network and genetic programming for modelling coastal algal bloomsMuttil, Nitin; Chau, Kwok-wing
15-Nov-2008 A new image thresholding method based on Gaussian mixture modelHuang, Zhi-Kai; Chau, Kwok-wing
30-Oct-2008 A new indirect multi-step-ahead prediction model for a long-term hydrologic predictionCheng, Chuntian; Xie, Jing-xin; Chau, Kwok-wing; Layeghifard, Mehdi
Mar-2007 An ontology-based knowledge management system for flow and water quality modelingChau, Kwok-wing
Jun-2012 Operation challenges for fast-growing China’s hydropower systems and respondence to energy saving and emission reductionCheng, Chun-Tian; Shen, Jian-Jian; Wu, Xin-yu; Chau, Kwok-wing
Jul-2008 Optimizing hydropower reservoir operation using hybrid genetic algorithm and chaosCheng, Chuntian; Wang, Wen-chuan; Xu, Dong-mei; Chau, Kwok-wing
15-Nov-2008 Palmprint identification using restricted fusionJia, Wei; Ling, Bin; Chau, Kwok-wing; Heutte, Laurent
Apr-2007 Parallel resource co-allocation for the computational gridLi, Hui-Xian; Cheng, Chuntian; Chau, Kwok-wing
15-Oct-2006 Particle swarm optimization training algorithm for ANNs in stage prediction of Shing Mun RiverChau, Kwok-wing
Aug-2006 Persistent organic pollution characterization of sediments in Pearl River estuaryChau, Kwok-wing
2005 Predicting construction litigation outcome using particle swarm optimizationChau, Kwok-wing
25-Aug-2009 Predicting monthly streamflow using data-driven models coupled with data-preprocessing techniquesWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing; Li, Y. S.
2006 Prediction of construction litigation outcome - A case-based reasoning approachChau, Kwok-wing
2006 Prediction of construction litigation outcome using a split-step PSO algorithmChau, Kwok-wing
28-Jul-2010 Prediction of rainfall time series using modular artificial neural networks coupled with data-preprocessing techniquesWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing; Fan, C.
Mar-2013 Prediction of rainfall time series using modular soft computing methodsWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing
Dec-2005 Prototype expert system for site selection of a sanitary landfillChau, Kwok-wing
2004 Rainfall-runoff correlation with particle swarm optimization algorithmChau, Kwok-wing
18-Mar-2011 Rainfall–runoff modeling using artificial neural network coupled with singular spectrum analysisWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing
Mar-2007 Reliability and performance-based design by artificial neural networkChau, Kwok-wing
Jul-2006 A review on integration of artificial intelligence into water quality modellingChau, Kwok-wing
Jul-2006 A review on the integration of artificial intelligence into coastal modelingChau, Kwok-wing
2004 River stage forecasting with particle swarm optimizationChau, Kwok-wing
30-Aug-2008 River stage prediction based on a distributed support vector regressionWu, C. L.; Chau, Kwok-wing; Li, Y. S.
2004 Selection and calibration of numerical modeling in flow and water qualityChau, Kwok-wing
Showing results 1 to 80 of 97
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