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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Achieving bounded delay on message delivery in publish/subscribe systemsWang, Jinling; Cao, Jiannong; Li, Jing; Wu, Jie
Mar-2004Actively deployable mobile services for adaptive web accessChuang, Siu-nam; Chan, Alvin T. S.; Cao, Jiannong; Cheung, Ronnie
2007Analysis of time- and space-domain sampling for probe vehicle-based traffic information systemHong, Jun; Zhang, Xuedan; Chen, Jianshu; Wei, Zhongya; Cao, Jiannong; Ren, Yong
2004An approach to achieve message efficient early-stopping uniform consensus protocolsWang, Xianbing; Cao, Jiannong; Teo, Yong Meng
2004Approximation algorithms design for disk partial covering problemXiao, Bin; Cao, Jiannong; Zhuge, Qingfeng; He, Yi; Sha, Edwin H.-M.
Nov-2007Business-to-consumer mobile agent-based internet commerce system (MAGICS)Chen, Hui; Lam, Perry P. Y.; Chan, Henry; Dillon, Tharam S.; Cao, Jiannong; Lee, Raymond S. T.
2006Checkpoint placement algorithms for mobile agent systemYang, Jin; Cao, Jiannong; Wu, Weigang
2004Checkpointing in hybrid distributed systemsCao, Jiannong; Chen, Yifeng; Zhang, Kang; He, Yanxiang
2006CIC : an integrated approach to checkpointing in mobile agent systemsYang, Jin; Cao, Jiannong; Wu, Weigang
2005Connected k-hop clustering in ad hoc networksYang, Shuhui; Wu, Jie; Cao, Jiannong
2006Construction of optimal data aggregation trees for wireless sensor networksLi, Deying; Cao, Jiannong; Liu, Ming; Zheng, Yuan
2008ContinuStreaming : achieving high playback continuity of gossip-based peer-to-peer streamingLi, Zhenhua; Cao, Jiannong; Chen, Guihai
2007Coordinated workload scheduling in hierarchical sensor networks for data fusion applicationsLi, Xiaolin; Kang, Hui; Cao, Jiannong
Apr-2007Data consistency for cooperative caching in mobile environmentsCao, Jiannong; Zhang, Yang; Cao, Guohong; Xie, Li
2006Delay-bounded range queries in DHT-based peer-to-peer systemsLi, Dongsheng; Cao, Jiannong; Lu, Xicheng; Chan, Keith C. C.; Wang, Baosheng; Su, Jinshu; Leong, Hong-va; Chan, Alvin T. S.
2004Design and performance evaluation of an improved mobile IP protocolCao, Jiannong; Zhang, Liang; Chan, Henry; Das, Sajal K.
Apr-2001Design, construction, and application of a generic visual language generation environmentZhang, Kang; Zhang, Da-Qian; Cao, Jiannong
2004Dynamic shortest path tree update for multiple link state decrementsXiao, Bin; Cao, Jiannong; Zhuge, Qingfeng; Shao, Zili; Sha, Edwin H.-M.
2004Dynamic update of shortest path tree in OSPFXiao, Bin; Cao, Jiannong; Zhuge, Qingfeng; Shao, Zili; Sha, Edwin H.-M.
20-Dec-2010Editorial : design, implementation, and evaluation of wireless sensor network systemsLiu, Jiangchuan; Cao, Jiannong; Li, Xiang-Yang; Sun, Limin; Wang, Dan; Ngai, Edith C.-H.