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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Segmentation of brain structures using PET-CT imagesXia, Yong; Wen, Lingfeng; Eberl, Stefan; Fulham, Michael J.; Feng, D. David
2008Segmentation of dual modality brain PET/CT images using the MAP-MRF modelXia, Yong; Wen, Lingfeng; Eberl, Stefan; Fulham, Michael J.; Feng, D. David
May-2013Sensor placement for structural damage detection considering measurement uncertaintiesZhou, Xiao-Qing; Xia, Yong; Hao, Hong
Oct-2012SHM benchmark for high-rise structures : a reduced-order finite element model and field measurement dataNi, Y. Q.; Xia, Yong; Lin, W.; Chen, W. H.; Ko, Jan-ming
Dec-2011SHM-based bridge rating system for long-span cable-supported bridgeXu, Y. L.; Zheng, Y.; Li, Q.; Wong, K. Y.; Xia, Yong; Guo, A. X.
Dec-2011Statistical structural damage detection with consideration of temperature variationXia, Yong; Bao, Yue-quan; Li, Hui; Xu, Y. L.
Oct-2011Stress development of a supertall structure during construction : field monitoring and numerical analysisXia, Yong; Ni, Y. Q.; Zhang, Peng; Liao, Wei-yang; Ko, Jan-ming
Jun-2014Structural damage detection using auto/cross-correlation functions under multiple unknown excitationsNi, Pinghe; Xia, Yong; Law, Siu-Seong; Zhu, Songye
May-2011Substructure based approach to finite element model updatingWeng, Shun; Xia, Yong; Xu, Y. L.; Zhu, Hong-Ping
Feb-2013Substructuring approach to the calculation of higher-order eigensensitivityWeng, Shun; Zhu, Hong-Ping; Xia, Yong; Zhou, Xiao-Qing; Mao, Ling
May-2012Temperature effect on vibration properties of civil structures : a literature review and case studiesXia, Yong; Chen, Bo; Weng, Shun; Ni, Y. Q.; Xu, Y. L.
2006Texture discrimination by local morphological multifractal signaturesXia, Yong; Zhao, Rongchun; Zhang, Yanning; Feng, D. David; Sun, Jian
Dec-2011Two-step detection method of compressed member instability damage of transmission towersQu, W. L.; Jiang, Zhicai; Xia, Yong; Xu, Y. L.
Jan-2013Two-step method for instability damage detection in tower body of transmission structuresQu, Weilian; Song, Wanjun; Xia, Yong; Xu, Y. L.; Qin, Wenke; Jiang, Zhicai
Jan-2011Variation of structural vibration characteristics versus non-uniform temperature distributionXia, Yong; Xu, Y. L.; Wei, Ze-Long; Zhu, Hong-Ping; Zhou, Xiao-Qing
Jun-2011Verification of a cable element for cable parametric vibration of one-cable-beam system subject to harmonic excitation and random excitationXia, Yong; Wu, Qing-xiong; Xu, Y. L.; Fujino, Yozo; Zhou, Xiao-qing
Jun-2012A videogrammetric technique for measuring the vibration displacement of stay cablesZhou, Xiaoqing; Xia, Yong; Wei, Ze-Long; Wu, Qingxiong