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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2010Air quality during the 2008 Beijing Olympics : secondary pollutants and regional impactWang, Tao; Nie, Wei; Gao, Jian; Xue, Likun; Gao, Xiaomei; Wang, XinFeng; Qiu, J.; Poon, Steven C. N.; Meinardi, Simone; Blake, Donald Ray; Wang, Shulan; Ding, Aijun; Chai, Fahe; Zhang, Qingzhu; Wang, Wenxing
Dec-2004Asian emissions of CO and Noₓ : constraints from aircraft and Chinese station dataWang, Yuxuan X.; McElroy, Michael B.; Wang, Tao; Palmer, Paul I.
20-Oct-2012Bulk regeneration of optical fiber Bragg gratingsShao, Liyang; Wang, Tao; Canning, John; Cook, Kevin; Tam, Hwa-Yaw
Oct-2003Chemical characterization of the boundary layer outflow of air pollution to Hong Kong during February–April 2001Wang, Tao; Ding, A. J.; Blake, D. R.; Zahorowski, W.; Poon, C. N.; Li, Yok-sheung
Nov-2010Cloud and the corresponding precipitation chemistry in south China : water-soluble components and pollution transportSun, Minghu; Wang, Yan; Wang, Tao; Fan, Shaojia; Wang, Wenxing; Li, Penghui; Guo, Jia; Li, Yuhua
2-Oct-2009Concurrent observations of air pollutants at two sites in the Pearl River Delta and the implication of regional transportGuo, Hai; Jiang, F.; Cheng, H. R.; Simpson, I. J.; Wang, X. M.; Ding, A. J.; Wang, T. J.; Saunders, S. M.; Wang, Tao; Lam, S. H. M.; Blake, D. R.; Zhang, Y. L.; Xie, M.
Nov-2003Evaluating regional emission estimates using the TRACE-P observationsCarmichael, G. R.; Tang, Y.; Kurata, G.; Uno, I.; Streets, D. G.; Thongboonchoo, N.; Woo, J.-H.; Guttikunda, S.; White, A.; Wang, Tao; Blake, D. R.; Atlas, E.; Fried, A.; Potter, B.; Avery, M. A.; Sachse, G. W.; Sandholm, S. T.; Kondo, Y.; Talbot, R. W.; Bandy, A.; Thorton, D.; Clarke, A. D.
Nov-2004An evaluation of TRACE-P emission inventories from China using a regional model and chemical measurementsTan, Q.; Chameides, W. L.; Streets, D.; Wang, Tao; Xu, J.; Bergin, M.; Woo, J.
Jan-2007Heavy metals and Pb isotopic composition of aerosols in urban and suburban areas of Hong Kong and Guangzhou, South China - Evidence of the long-range transport of air contaminantsLee, Celine Siu-lan; Li, Xiangdong; Zhang, Gan; Li, Jun; Ding, Aijun; Wang, Tao
31-Aug-2009Increasing surface ozone concentrations in the background atmosphere of southern China, 1994-2007Wang, Tao; Wei, X. L.; Ding, A. J.; Poon, Steven C. N.; Lam, Ka-se; Li, Yok-sheung; Chan, L. Y.; Anson, Michael
Feb-2006Influence of stratosphere-to-troposphere exchange on the seasonal cycle of surface ozone at Mount Waliguan in western ChinaDing, Aijun; Wang, Tao
Nov-2003Influences of biomass burning during the Transport and Chemical Evolution Over the Pacific (TRACE-P) experiment identified by the regional chemical transport modelTang, Youhua; Carmichael, Gregory R.; Woo, Jung-Hun; Thongboonchoo, Narisara; Kurata, Gakuji; Uno, Itsushi; Streets, David G.; Blake, Donald R.; Weber, Rodney J.; Talbot, Robert W.; Kondo, Yutaka; Singh, Hanwant B.; Wang, Tao
31-Oct-2013Intense atmospheric pollution modifies weather : a case of mixed biomass burning with fossil fuel combustion pollution in eastern ChinaDing, A. J.; Fu, C. B.; Yang, X. Q.; Sun, J. N.; Petäjä, T.; Kerminen, V. M.; Wang, Tao; Xie, Y.; Herrmann, E.; Zheng, L. F.; Nie, W.; Liu, Q.; Wei, X. L.; Kulmala, M.
19-May-2008Long-term trend of surface ozone at a regional background station in eastern China 1991–2006 : enhanced variabilityXu, X.; Lin, W.; Wang, Tao; Yan, P.; Tang, J.; Meng, Z.; Wang, Y.
18-Dec-2008Mass concentrations of black carbon measured by four instruments in the middle of Central East China in June 2006Kanaya, Y.; Komazaki, Y.; Pochanart, P.; Liu, Y.; Akimoto, H.; Gao, Jian; Wang, Tao; Wang, Z.
Apr-2006On the origin of surface ozone and reactive nitrogen observed at a remote mountain site in the northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, western ChinaWang, Tao; Wong, H. L. A.; Tang, J.; Ding, Aijun; Wu, W. S.; Zhang, X. C.
22-Aug-2013Overview of the Mount Tai Experiment (MTX2006) in central East China in June 2006 : studies of significant regional air pollutionKanaya, Y.; Akimoto, H.; Wang, Z. F.; Pochanart, P.; Kawamura, K.; Liu, Y.; Li, J.; Komazaki, Y.; Irie, H.; Pan, X. L.; Taketani, F.; Yamaji, K.; Tanimoto, H.; Inomata, S.; Kato, S.; Suthawaree, J.; Okuzawa, K.; Wang, G.; Aggarwal, S. G.; Fu, P. Q.; Wang, Tao; Gao, Jian; Wang, Y.; Zhuang, G.
Jun-2001Ozone and related gaseous pollutants in the boundary layer of eastern China : overview of the recent measurements at a rural siteWang, Tao; Cheung, Vincent T. F.; Anson, Michael; Li, Yok-sheung
20-Jan-2007Ozone production and hydrocarbon reactivity in Hong Kong, Southern ChinaZhang, J.; Wang, Tao; Chameides, W. L.; Cardelino, C.; Kwok, J.; Blake, D. R.; Ding, Aijun; So, K. L.
Aug-2004Relationships of trace gases and aerosols and the emission characteristics at Lin'an, a rural site in eastern China, during spring 2001Wang, Tao; Wong, C. H.; Cheung, T. F.; Blake, D. R.; Arimoto, R.; Baumann, K.; Tang, J.; Ding, G. A.; Yu, X. M.; Li, Yok-sheung; Streets, D. G.; Simpson, I. J.
15-Oct-2007Slow relaxation of piezoelectric response in CdZnTe ferroelectric semiconductor single crystalsKe, Shanming; Huang, Haitao; Wang, Tao; Fan, Huiqing; Jie, Waiqi; Chan, Helen L. W.
28-Aug-2008Source characteristics of volatile organic compounds during high ozone episodes in Hong Kong, Southern ChinaZhang, J.; Wang, Tao; Chameides, W. L.; Cardelino, C.; Blake, D. R.; Streets, D. G.
Apr-2011Source of surface ozone and reactive nitrogen speciation at Mount Waliguan in western China : new insights from the 2006 summer studyXue, Likun; Wang, Tao; Zhang, J. M.; Zhang, X. C.; Deliger; Poon, C. N.; Ding, A. J.; Zhou, X. H.; Wu, W. S.; Tang, J.; Zhang, Q. Z.; Wang, W. X.
Jun-2009Source origins, modeled profiles, and apportionments of halogenated hydrocarbons in the greater Pearl River Delta region, southern China  Guo, Hai; Ding, A. J.; Wang, Tao; Simpson, I. J.; Blake, D. R.; Barletta, B.; Meinardi, S.; Rowland, F. S.; Saunders, S. M.; Fu, T. M.; Hung, Wing-tat; Li, Yok-sheung
2-Sep-2013Sources and photochemistry of volatile organic compounds in the remote atmosphere of western China : results from the Mt. Waliguan ObservatoryXue, Likun; Wang, Tao; Guo, Hai; Blake, D. R.; Tang, J.; Zhang, X. C.; Saunders, S. M.; Wang, W. X.
Nov-2006Strong ozone production in urban plumes from Beijing, ChinaWang, Tao; Ding, Aijun; Gao, Jian; Wu, W. S.
20-Dec-1997Trace gas measurements in coastal Hong Kong during the PEM‐West B Wang, Tao; Lam, Ka-se; Chan, L. Y.; Lee, A. S. Y.; Carroll, M. A.
Apr-2009Transport of north China air pollution by midlatitude cyclones : case study of aircraft measurements in summer 2007Ding, Aijun; Wang, Tao; Xue, Likun; Gao, Jian; Stohl, Andreas; Lei, Hengchi; Jin, Dezhen; Ren, Yu; Wang, Xuezhong; Wei, X. L.; Qi, Yanbin; Liu, Jian; Zhang, Xiaoqing
4-Jan-2008Tropospheric ozone climatology over Beijing : analysis of aircraft data from the MOZAIC programDing, A. J.; Wang, Tao; Thouret, V.; Cammas, J.-P.; Nédélec, P.
Dec-2004Vertical profile and origin of wintertime tropospheric ozone over China during the PEACE‐A periodChan, C. Y.; Zheng, X. D.; Chan, L. Y.; Cui, H.; Ginn, E. W. L.; Leung, Y. K.; Lam, H. M.; Zheng, Y. G.; Qin, Y.; Zhao, C. S.; Wang, Tao; Blake, D. R.; Li, Yok-sheung