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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2013Captive artists : Chinese University students talk about the internetHerold, David K.
Jun-2009Cultural politics and political culture of web 2.0 in Asia : editorial notesHerold, David K.
2008Development of a civic society online? : Internet vigilantism and state control in Chinese cyberspaceHerold, David K.
Sep-2012Digital natives : discourses of exclusion in an inclusive societyHerold, David K.
Sep-2012Escaping the world : a Chinese perspective on virtual worldsHerold, David K.
5-Jul-2010Imperfect use? ICT provisions and human decisions : an introduction to the special issue on ICT adoption and user choicesHerold, David K.
Sep-2011An inter-nation-al internet : China's contribution to global internet governance?Herold, David K.
Apr-2010Mediating media studies : stimulating critical awareness in a virtual environmentHerold, David K.
2011Nationalism vs. democracy : China’s bloggers and the Western mediaHerold, David K.
2012Proceedings of the SLACTIONS 2011 Research Conference : life, imagination, and work using metaverse platformsHerold, David K.
May-2012Second life and academia : reframing the debate between supporters and criticsHerold, David K.
Mar-2011Supervision for the middleman? : active citizenship as basis for good governance in the P.R. ChinaHerold, David K.
Jun-2013Through the looking glass : twenty years of research into the Chinese internetHerold, David K.
Apr-2009Virtual education : teaching media studies in second lifeHerold, David K.